Micke Grove Mayhem 2023 - Lodi CenCal Series

PDGA logoSaturday, September 16, 2023 at Micke Grove Regional Park in Lodi, California
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament
Part of Cen-Cal Series

Micke Grove Mayhem 2023 - Lodi CenCal Series graphic

About this tournament

LCCDGC brings you Micke Grove Mayhem 2023, a PDGA C Tier, Part of the CenCal Series presented by Legacy Discs.
2 rounds of 20+ holes at Micke Grove.

Menchaca TriTip Lunch $8 at registration ($10 day-of)

Cash/Paypal for Pros.
OTB Scrip for Ams.
Tournament stamped Legacy disc for Ams players pack.

Division and pool caps will be removed Sept 2 at 7pm if not filled. Waitlist is per division and will be used to fill out divisions/cards.


Refund policy

Lodi Chain Crushers is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.
No refunds after 6pm 9/13/23


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/73442


Ryan JonesHole 10 on Main course, CenCal 2023
1Samuel Aldrich5854112$239
2Jeffrey McCormick6354117$132
2Kelly Jew6156117$132
4Travis Simpson6759126$82
5Andrew McGill6661127
5Christopher Summers6562127
7Michael Alsum6167128
8Jeremy Farnsworth6762129
9Christian Bowerman6466130
1Joshua Sappenfield6059119$185
2Ryan Jones6461125$117
3J. Jones6363126$88
4Modesto Urbina6464128
5Brian Schoenfelder6368131
6Joe Avansino7361134
1Kenny Lee5758115$267
2John Oliva6360123$147
2Rich Koski6558123$147
4Eric Galtman6264126$89
5Al Muse6663129
5Chris (CC) Camus6663129
5Gregory Randolph6366129
8Patrick Kenneth Whalen6664130
9Scott Anderson7266138
10Wall Ace6871139
1Kyle Coon5661117$110
2Anthony Miller6359122$75
3Wade Fincher6463127$57
4Matt Walsh6662128$43
5Carl Sagmiller6567132$30
6William Giulieri6867135
7Michael Khinoo7167138
8Benny Ciurdas6973142
1Raymond Rigato6165126$141
2Billy Pierce6465129$104
3David Hurley6665131$76
3Michael Zapata6566131$76
5Will Stevenson6864132$55
6Anthony Beaty6469133$44
7Esteban Aguilar6869137$32
7Keith Nezaam7463137$32
9Thomas Nessen6772139
10Justin Cecil6872140
11Jacob Kelly7170141
12Kevin Evers7072142
12Will Riddle7270142
14Wesley Mulligan7174145
15Justin Utz7675151
16Chris McCuen7973152
1Clay "Dags" Dagler6266128$133
2Peter Ward6365128$92
3Kevin Anderson6565130$69
4Quantreal E Nixon6865133$52
5Ron(Bonehead) Jones6767134$39
6Rodney Cabral7265137
7Michael Williams7073143
8Manny Aguilar7373146
9John Beltz7080150
9Michael Colborn7674150
11Pat McCuen8180161
1Andrew Small7176147$66
2Carter Aasen8272154$39
3Mike Kobane7880158
1Mike Knapp6363126$120
2Ben Elkins6365128$105
2John Misslbeck6860128$105
4Brad Farr6466130$88
4Julio Valenzuela6565130$88
6Michael Babb6866134$76
7Eric Ramirez7065135$59
7Richard Grube7065135$59
7Taylor Rozier7065135$59
10Noah Turnbull7166137$42
11Brian Hortizuela7266138$13
11Garrett Chenault7068138$13
11Nick Galtman6672138$13
14Josh King7072142
14Kelly Williams7468142
14Lee Yang6874142
17Edwin Reyes7172143
17Mack Sant6974143
19Cameron Zalaha7373146
19James Elms7175146
21Matt Jarboe7770147
22Daniel Dare7575150
23Kamron Miller7874152
24Benjamin Hall7679155
1Brad Hoffelt7269141$74
2Spencer McLintock7866144$67
3Sophi Stephenson7373146$60
4Jeff Bier7176147$49
5Kody Madore8168149$42
6Florentino Pano7875153$35
7Carlos A Ceja7678154$23
8Jason Stefani7979158
8Lucas Metcalf8078158
10Michael Ruiz8377160
11Russell Bousfield8083163
12Sonny Razo7985164
13Chris Washington Perry77-77
Round 1: Micke Grove Regional Park - CenCal 2023, 22 holes, par 66
Round 2: Micke Grove Regional Park - CenCal 2023, 22 holes, par 66
1Rebekkah Sidwell7581156
1Kristina Kendrick7778155$84
2Lexi Valenti8972161$56
3Hillary Colborn8483167
4Kimberly Zimmerman8781168
1Dinel Powell7784161$60
2Michelle McCormick8681167$40
3Courtnie Swift9489183
4Jackie Avansino115103218
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