Micke Grove Mayhem 2022 - Lodi CenCal Series

PDGA logoSaturday, September 24, 2022 at Micke Grove Regional Park in Lodi, California
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Micke Grove Mayhem 2022 - Lodi CenCal Series graphic

About this tournament

Hole assignments https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/62878

LCCDGC brings you Micke Grove Mayhem 2022, a PDGA C Tier, Part of the CenCal Series presented by Legacy Discs.
2 rounds of 22 holes at Micke Grove.
Layout https://i.imgur.com/JFXhaJw.jpg plus 4 temp holes around ball diamond
Cash/Paypal for Pros.
OTB Scrip for Ams.
Tournament stamped Legacy disc for Ams players pack.

Division and pool caps will be removed Sept 7 at 7pm if not filled. Waitlist is per division and will be used to fill out divisions/cards.

Lunch: Josh Menchaca will have tritip sandwhiches and pasta salad available for $8 donation (towards Allison’s tournament adventures).

Refund policy

Lodi Chain Crushers is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.
No refunds after 6pm 9/17/22


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/62878
1Samuel Aldrich5753110
2Ryland Plummer5260112
3Josh Sappenfield5756113
4Danny Corbett5759116
5Travis Simpson5760117
6Logan Riding6157118
6Martin Evans5662118
8Chris Summers6166127
9Niko Givanio7578153
Pro 40+
1Patrick Humphreys5959118
2Louie Guzman6764131
3Sal Carrillo7277149
Pro 50+
1Kenneth P Lee5759116
2Eric Galtman6362125
3Wall Ace6466130
1Austin Thielman5657113
2Kevin Omand5660116
3Matt Walsh5463117
4Kyle Coon6358121
5Chris Barr6861129
6William BO Giulieri6567132
7Michael "ZEE" Zapata6272134
8Jacob Young7065135
8Justin Thomas6570135
10James De La Rosa6969138
Amateur 40+
1Albert Hernandez6064124
2Billy Yee6467131
2William Stevenson6863131
4Keith Nezaam6567132
5Alan Krauth6966135
6Andrew Trejo6770137
7Carlos Hernandez6970139
7Chris McCuen7168139
7Michael Kennedy6772139
10Justin Cecil7567142
10Thomas Nessen7171142
12Eric Jones7570145
13Pat McCuen7181152
14Anthony Giles8780167
Amateur 50+
1Dennis Palmquist5963122
2Michael Lindsay6463127
3Allan Howton6365128
3David Toste6563128
5Carlos Perales6269131
6G Deur6766133
7Daniel Solus6870138
7Stephen Crazy Hey6969138
9Quantreal Nixon7367140
10Kevin Anderson7369142
11Kevin Vinatieri7767144
12Stan Chaves8184165
13Pat Gruenbacher9485179
Amateur 60+
1Ken Contryman6566131
2Andrew Small6469133
3George Alvarado6570135
4Doug Kuehne6871139
5Kelly Williams7074144
1Nyrobi Stewart6161122
2Brad Farr6065125
2Wade Fincher6263125
4Alex Lira6463127
5Alex O'Hara6267129
6Anthony Miller6467131
6Daniel Dare6665131
6Kevin Singh6764131
9Lane Amiot6865133
10John Misslbeck6668134
11Omar Camarena6471135
11Steven Rush6966135
13Alexander P Schaibly6868136
14Brian Hortizuela6475139
14Edwin Reyes6772139
14Manny Sanchez6970139
17Kevin Evers6872140
18Carl Sagmiller6774141
19Matt Ordway7073143
20Jacob Kelly7272144
21Dale Boyd7477151
22Frank Widdifield67-67
23Joey Grace78-78
1Matthew Vislosky6269131
2Sammy Stephenson6275137
3Timothy Tibbetts7069139
4Jacob Chaves7367140
5Stanley Raquel7170141
6Michael Babb6775142
7Chris Washington-Perry7371144
8Arturo Vera7174145
8Mark Davinroy7174145
8Nick Stahl7075145
11Eduardo Martinez7475149
12John Beltz7674150
13Cameron FISHER7975154
14David Lantzy8175156
15Brandon Fisher8275157
16Justin Utz7979158
17Fabian Hernandez8377160
18Christopher Dunleavy7983162
Advanced Women
1Michelle Swan6465129
2Sue Perales6674140
3Allison Menchaca7576151
Intermediate Women
1Courtney Fincher7980159
2Michelle McCormick8279161
3Helen Kostoff8088168
4Wendi Munoz8488172
Recreational Women
1Merryjane Burrell7880158
2Dinel Powell8285167
3Brittney Vaz9292184
4Kimberly Zimmerman9597192
5Levi Toste98103201
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