Michigan Professional State Championships

PDGA logoFri-Sun, September 17-19, 2021 at Tittabawassee Park in Freeland, Michigan
Pro-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Michigan Professional State Championships graphic
Added cash $3,000


Tournament DirectorChristopher DeRosier
Tournament DirectorEric Gottleber
Asst. Tournament DirectorTim Obertein

About this tournament

Welcome to the 2nd annual Michigan Professional State Championships


Just so everyone is informed, this year there is NO BERTH REQUIREMENT to register for this event. Berths are only being awarded only for the Amateur Championships. We are proud to award both the male and female Amateur State Champions(advanced divisions) free entries into the Michigan Professional State Championships again this year.

MPO, FPO, and Age protected divisions will be split into 2-3 pools depending on the number of registrants. All divisions will play one round at each of the three courses.

Any amateur status player who participates in this event, must accept cash payouts per PDGA rules and guidelines. There are no merchandise payouts in professional divisions at A tier or above.


Tentative to change if we have more than 72 players in the MPO field

MPO- Freeland, Sanford, Wickes.
All others- Sanford, Wickes, Freeland


April 1st 12:01am- Registration opens

August 30th- (All week) All courses will be installed/modified for tournament layout (No Ropes yet)

September 14th 11:59pm- Registration closes

Week of Sept 6th- Caddy books will be emailed to all players
September 15th- Ropes fully installed

Player Check in- This will be a remote check in

----There will be NO CUT----

September 17th- First cards tee at 9:00
Beer Tent @ Freeland, opens at 12pm roughly
Flymart @ Freeland, opens at 12pm roughly
Long drive competition following the round. ($5 entry, top 5 players get paid)
September 18th- First cards tee at 9:00
Beer Tent @ Freeland, opens at 12 pm roughly
Flymart @ Freeland, opens at 12 pm roughly
Putting competition following the round ($5 entry, top 5 players get paid)
Concert @ Freeland, starts at 6 pm roughly, after last card has completed final hole. Free entry for participants of the tournament.

90's Flannel Fest put on by the Veterans Support Base (VSB)! Free entry for participants of the tournament!

The vision of VSB is to unite local veterans with local veteran charities and the benefits, services, and opportunities they provide. It is important to us that the veteran groups featured, all strive for the goal: 100% of each dollar goes towards veterans and 100% of donations are used locally.

Link for more info:
September 19th- First cards tee at 9:00
All ties for positions will be at 3rd round courses

Award Ceremony to follow for final standings.

September 19th- EXHIBITION Final 9 (starts following the final round)
This will be a best shot doubles skins format. Ties will push to the following hole.
Teams will be:
MPO champ + raffle winner
FPO champ + raffle winner
MPO age protected champ + raffle winner
FPO age protected champ + raffle winner

Raffle tickets will be available for $5 each or 5 for $20 during the event.
****Accepting cash only!****

Refund policy

Freeland Lions Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/48126
1Tim Barham47--
2Willie Prince48--
3Ziggy Bierekoven49--
3Mitchell Kloc49--
3Todd Lewis49--
3Andrew Marwede49--
7Robert J Boyes51--
7Josh Taylor51--
9Rex Loveless52--
9Jerald Schriber52--
11Ryan Anderson53--
11Woody Hass53--
11Brenden M Tetloff53--
11Alan Wagner53--
15Joe Deur54--
15Brett Federspiel54--
15Nick Greene54--
15Ian T. Hamilton54--
15Matthew Murdock54--
15Luke Taylor54--
21Jason Boynton55--
21Daniel Roznowski55--
21Jared Stoll55--
21Jacob Witte55--
25Geoff Bennett56--
25George Beno56--
25Don Cantwell56--
25Matt Clark56--
25Hayden Hall56--
25Dw Hass56--
25Steve Krajnik56--
32Michael Coleman57--
32Thomas Cupp57--
32James Fries57--
32Josiah Grant57--
36Jacob Janczyk58--
36Adam Kielpinski58--
36Patrick Nemmer58--
36Cody Sears58--
36Josh Yates58--
41Blake Webber59--
42Jonathan Airbets60--
42Kevin Hahn60--
42Joe Israels60--
42Johnnie Leigh60--
42Zac Oheran60--
42Andrew Savage60--
42Jarrett Wellman60--
42Andrew "Cheddar” Wonch60--
42Hunter Wunderle60--
51Nick Wasyl61--
52Mark Nosek62--
52D TREE62--
54Oscar Gutierrez63--
55Mike Martin64--
55Jerimiah Smith64--
55Mike V64--
58Dillan Foster65--
59William Laur70--
60John Nosek71--
61Joel Coppernoll127--
62Justin "32K" Standish999--
62Caine Wiechmann999--
62Nathan Tarzan Younkin999--
1Daymon Pugh50--
2Jeff Bauman52--
3Dr.Smooth Els53--
4Kevin Sauve54--
5Jerry "Chilly" Chilson55--
5KC Griffin55--
5Andy Steiner55--
5Chris Stone55--
5Tom Swarthout55--
10Mike Forton56--
11Bret Good57--
11Tony Riopelle57--
13Curt McGill59--
13Adam Papaik59--
15Kevin Baldwin60--
15Tim Gacioch60--
15Justin Newman60--
15Ken Parks60--
15Sancho Valdez60--
20Felipe Valdez II62--
21Bob Morton63--
22Dustin Perrault65--
0Kevin Suave---
1Tim Weimer53--
2Mark Guldner56--
1John Bellsmith64--
1Mark Ellis58--
1Cal Benke67--
1Stacie Hass61--
2Jennifer JSaww Sawyer62--
2Christie Weishaar62--
4Sarah DeMar64--
5Claribel Martinez66--
6Ashlee Jurski68--
1Erin Oakley59--
1Nancy Wright94--
2Janny Darling98--
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