Michigan Professional State Championships Sponsored by Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoFri-Sun, September 18-20, 2020 at Tittabawassee Park in Freeland, Michigan
Pro-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Added cash $3,000


Tournament DirectorBrent Faubert
Course HeadTravis Moulton
Course Head AssistantMike Schiller
Course HeadEric Francis
Freeland Player AnnouncerPhil Lyon
Course Head AssistantRob Meyer

About this tournament

* TImes for Beer tent, concerts, flymarts may be updated closer to event date

Welcome to the 1st annual Michigan Professional State Championships

Just so everyone is informed, this year there is NO BERTH REQUIREMENT to register for this event. Berths are only being awarded only for the Amateur Championships. This year since we are hosting Pros separately, we are proud to award both the male and female Amateur State Champions(advanced divisions) free entries into the Michigan Professional State Championships. If the date for AM states is moved to after Pro states due to COVID-19, the 2020 winners along with the 2021 winners will both receive free entry into the 2021 Professional Tournament. This year also, there will be NO SKINS MATCH following the last round. However, there will be a Finals round. Details below

Each pool will be capped at 96 players. If FPO and Pro Masters do not exceed 96 players combined, they will become a combined pool. MPO will be its own pool. Each pool will play courses listed below in this order

Combined FPO/Masters pool
MPO- Sanford, Sanford, Freeland
FPO/Masters- Freeland, Freeland, Midland
Finals for all pools will be at Freeland after Round 3

IF FPO/Masters exceeds 96 players combined
MPO- Midland, Sanford, Freeland
FPO- Sanford, Freeland, Midland
Masters(all divs)- Freeland, Midland, Sanford
Finals for all pools will be at Freeland after Round 3



July 1st 12:01am- Registration opens

August 24th- (All week) All courses will be installed/modified for tournament layout (No Ropes yet)

September 7th 11:59pm- Registration closes

Week of Sept 7th- Caddy books will be emailed to all players (Hard Copies will be given to players at their course, morning of Round 1)

September 15th and 16th- Ropes installed. Player Check in- This will be a remote check in

If you do not check in, you will be assigned to a tee time in the morning/evening as first or last groups. If you want to avoid the early wake up or potentially finishing in less light, please make sure to check in.

September 17th- Assigned Tee times posted to PDGA.com for Round 1 for all divisions
All marketing will be installed (tee signs, elevated baskets)

September 18th- Tee Off (First Group will tee off at 8:00am and last tee time will be est. 3:00pm)

Coverage provided by Crew 42- Feature group will tee off at 12:00pm. There will be no tee times 15 mins before, and 30 mins after, to give Crew 42 the time they need for each hole, with intent of preventing backups. Feature group will include- AM winner, Most Current State Champ in tournament, Highest Rated Player in tournament, Local Area Pro. If AM states has not happened yet, 2nd highest rated player will take last spot.

Round 2 tee times and groups announced on PDGA.com

Beer Tent @ Freeland, opens at 12pm roughly

Flymart @ Freeland, opens at 12pm roughly

Longest Drive Contest @ Freeland- At your convenience, all day separate sign up on discgolfscene.com under Michigan Professional Distance Competition

Putting Contest @ Freeland- At your convenience, all day separate sign up on discgolfscene.com under Michigan Professional Putting Competition

September 19th- Tee Off(First group will tee off at 8:00 am and last est. 3:00pm)
Feature group will be lead card, which will have last tee time.
Following Round 2, MPO field cut to top 48(all ties move on to Semi Finals), Top 39 places will cash based off full field
**Following Round 2, FPO and Masters will also cut to 48 to move on to Semi Finals IF they are separate pools (all ties move on), if Masters and FPO are a combined pool cut to top 36 will advance to Semi Finals(ALL TIES MUST PLAY OFF, this is so we do not have any ghost groups on final day)

Finals for Distance Competition, following completion of last tournament round @ Freeland

Finals for Putting Competition, following completion of last tournament round @ Freeland

Beer Tent @ Freeland, opens at 12 pm roughly

Flymart @ Freeland, opens at 12 pm roughly

Concert @ Freeland, starts at 6 pm roughly, after last card has completed final hole.

September 20th- Shotgun start at 9am for Semi Finals, Feature group will be lead card, starting on Hole 1 with no groups on Hole 2 or on 15-18(given ties)

All ties for positions, qualifying for Finals, will need to be broken at 3rd Round course
Top 8 players from MPO, FPO will advance to Finals
Top 4 players from FP40 and MP40 will advance to Finals
Finals @ Freeland. This will NOT be a skins match. This is continued stroke play. Course will be a designated holes played from the Freeland course. Not specifically in the tournament order.

Award Ceremony. Those competing in Finals will have places announced, those who did not, will silently receive payouts, proceeding all awards.

Refund policy

Freeland Lions Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/45661
1Andrew Marwede5149100$1,220
2Geoff Bennett5251103$930
3Brenden Tetloff5251103$477
4Ian Hamilton5253105$290
5Caine Wiechmann5552107$477
6Nate Wegryn5552107$340
7Matthew Murdock5453107$245
8Tim Barham5454108$477
9Noah Moorehouse5652108$365
10Robert Centala5553108$220
11George Beno5752109$695
12Kyle Williams5455109$477
13Josh Taylor5653109$200
14Daymon Pugh5456110$290
15James Mosier5457111$290
16Matt Clark5556111$200
17Don Cantwell5557112$175
18Nick Greene6151112$95
19Ryan Herzog5755112
20Willie Prince5954113$215
21Adam McPherson5559114$245
22Trevor Balfour5658114
23Peter Deutsch5955114
24Patrick Burke6154115$245
25William Freed5758115$175
26Gregory Hart5857115
27Charlton Craig5858116$175
27Dan Treece5957116$175
29Anthony Meo6353116
30Todd Lewis5958117$95
31Cody Sears5859117
32Jared Stoll5860118
33Nicholas Eastman5959118
34Ted Stoebling5861119$95
35Jayce Masters5663119
36Ziggy Bierekoven6357120
37Michael McGinnis6456120
38Benjamin Zorn6061121
39Wayne Jodway5863121
40Radwyn Sawer6160121
41James Fries6062122
42Kyle Newman6359122
43Joshua Koehn5666122
44Matt DeHaan6260122
45Bob Barker6162123
46Kevin Derrick6558123
47Johnny Cupp5865123
48Derek Evans6459123
49Mike Visger6261123
50Jason Boynton7154125
51Thomas Cupp6362125
52Rex Loveless III6758125
53Benjamin Vansumeren6165126
54Ducky Faulkner5967126
55K.C. Griffin6265127
56Joey Springer6463127
57Hayden Hall6167128
58Mike Martin6860128
59Robert Boyes6567132
60Mark Nosek6765132
61John Nosek6468132
Pro 40+
1Tim Gacioch5255107$610
2Ken Parks5757114$210
3William Montpas5857115$285
4Jeff Bauman6057117$410
5Bret Good5962121
6Jerry Chilson6359122$165
7Andrew Steiner6165126
8Mark Guldner6464128
9Erich Partee6763130
10Tony Riopelle7361134
11Felipe Valdez II6969138
Open Women
1Kaylee Campbell6062122$545
2Sarah DeMar6461125$345
3Tiger Borth6464128$250
4Stacie Hass6663129
5Erin Oakley6665131
6Ashlee Jurski7469143
6Samantha Yanssens7469143
8Jennifer Sawyer7576151
Pro Women 70+
1Nancy Wright10298200$295
2Janny Darling112102214
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