McCurdy Mondays League Kick Off

Saturday, May 4, 2024 at McCurdy Park in Corunna, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament

About this tournament

This is the McCurdy Mondays League Kick Off event.

We will be playing 2 rounds at McCurdy Park (layout to be determined by course conditions) with a short lunch break between rounds.

Partners will be randomly drawn for the first round and then redrawn for the second round.

Payouts will be made on an individual basis using your combined score from both rounds.

All registration will be cash only on the day of the event. Feel free to comment if you plan on attending. Entry fee is $20 per player (NOT $20 per team as listed).
Entry fee break down:
$3-Ace Pool (If there are no Aces then Ace Pool will carry over into the league season)
$2-Cash CTPs

As usual for league rounds we will be meeting at hole 1.


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