Sunday, April 26, 2009 at Rolling Hills County Park in Ypsilanti, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament



Rest In Peace - Club GuardianWilliam Gilbert

About this tournament

2 rounds of 18 holes playing Ript Revenge Best disc Doubles for score

All Divisions $20.00 $2 ace pool
Best Disc doubles, for team score
All payouts will be in plastic.
A PLAYER PACK will be given to the first 48 players signing up for the event containing a deck of Ript Revenge cards to be used in the event. No Ript decks from outside the event will be allowed to be used.
Tie-Breakers will explained at the event..
All rules will be outlined on and day of the event.
No trophies planned.

Pre-registration at
Registration begins at 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
Player meeting at 9:45 AM
Tee off 1st round 10:15 AM

Deal out 3 cards to each player at the beginning of the round. These cards make up each players hand.

Look at the "Play Text" on the card to see when each card can be played.

When a card is played the "Card Action" is carried out. The played card then goes to the bottom of the game deck.

At each hole the CTP winner gets to draw a card from the top of the deck and put it in his/her hand. Also, if someone wins a hole out right, he/she draws a card from the top of the deck and puts it in his/her hand.
This of course would mean an Ace should get 2 cards on a hole, unless there are 2 Aces.

If someone aces a hole, he/she looks through the deck and chooses a card to put in his/her hand.

No one can hold more than 7 cards in his/her hand at any time. If a player has more than 7 cards that player must choose to play or discard down to 7 cards. Discarded cards go to the bottom of the game deck.

All other Disc Golf rules apply. At the end of the round add or subtract any score modifiers provided by cards to determine the winner.