Matter Park Meltdown WIFFS #31

PDGA logoSaturday, March 26, 2022 at Matter Park in Marion, Indiana
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Matter Park Meltdown WIFFS #31 graphic


Tournament Directormike penix
Assit TDGreg Welch

About this tournament

This is stop 31 of 33 of the 2022 WIFFS. We will be playing 24 holes with CTPs on every hole along with both ace and a 50/50 cash CTP pot.
Come see all the hard work the Flying Aces DGC has put into this course. It’ll be a day of GREAT fun.

Refund policy

Cannonball Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Zak Crandall7068138$80
2Andrew Mowry7477151$45
3James DeShane7578153
4Spencer Rudd8076156
5Jacob Lubelski8285167
1Joe Criswell6469133$45
2Kevin Gillon6771138$30
3Jerry Suiter7373146
1Kevin Fodrey6466130
2Reece Samons6565130
3Zach Harrah7164135
4Jaden Phillips7667143
5Caleb Criswell7173144
6Clint Geist7174145
7Aaron Gettys7274146
8Andrew Harshbarger7177148
9Chapman Foster7477151
10Greg Welch7676152
11Austin Hoffheins7677153
12Lance Hoch7678154
13Christian Hedeen7885163
14Ryan Kallenberger8680166
14Simon Ehrenberg8779166
16Braden Russell8483167
1Joe Rutkowski7070140
2Charles Duncan7371144
3mike penix7375148
4Samuel Brown7574149
5Arian Beall7384157
6Jason Crandall7979158
7William Moyer8278160
8Bradley Williams8389172
1Frank Youmans7074144
2Anthony Lowhorn7472146
3David Prather7878156
1John F Brehmer7378151
2Mike Wolfe7877155
3Dane Davenport8681167
4Bill Coughlin8584169
5Chris Rhodenbaugh9194185
6Glenn Bryan9994193
1Roy Mccormick8484168
2Paul Mirante9085175
1Silas DeGeorge6968137
2Caleb Tripp7271143
3Eathan Bowland7674150
4Peyton Garrett7581156
5James Raven7883161
6Dylan Davis8182163
1Dawson Otto6369132
2Brady Otto6869137
3Alex Richman7373146
4Logan Barley7275147
5Richard Hubbard7375148
6Brendhan Russom7874152
6Vaughn Bontrager7379152
8Kyler England7875153
9Eli Travis7678154
10Dakota Raley7879157
10Neil Ayres7978157
12Kyle Porter7781158
13Austin Richman7881159
14Caedmon Foster7981160
15Chris Mettler8081161
15Shawn Williams8180161
17Josh Elkins8280162
17Zac Walters7884162
19Josh Selzer8281163
20Casey Winkler8084164
21Aaron Eckman8580165
21Andrew Travis8085165
23Brandon Henderson8779166
24Carter Hettinger8088168
25Ken Brady8387170
26Andrew Haase8785172
27Evan McKnight8489173
28Ryan Webb8888176
29Dustin McKnight9590185
30Cameron Maurer9399192
31John Wolfe74-74
32Zakk Osburn78-78
33Greyson Betts86-86
34Eli Betts92-92
1JJ Geist7780157
2Stephen Madaris8077157
3George Samons8476160
4Alex Small8581166
5David Laney8186167
6Eric Stockman9080170
7Richard Cornett8492176
8Steve Castillo9191182
9Ethan Ramos82-82
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