Master Splinter City

PDGA logoSaturday, April 17, 2021 at Splinter City DGC in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

"Possess the right thinking. Only then can one receive the gifts of strength, knowledge, and peace." - Master Splinter

Do you have what it takes to master the gold tees at splinter city? Do you have what it takes to be dubbed Master Splinter City? This 2 round 36 hole event is designed to test the will and determination of every athlete.

NOTE MA3 MA60 FA40 FA1 FA2 FA3 will be playing short tees (blue)


Cards will not shuffle between rounds 1 and 2. A final 5 holes will be played by the top 4 finishers in each division, THE FINALS ONLY APPLY TO DIVISIONS GREATER THAN FIVE ATHLETES*

Player Gift/ Payouts/ Trophies

Each registered player will receive a player gift/gifts in the value of $35.00/$40.00
30% of each division will be paid out in Teddy Peddler Doll Hairs.
Pro Player payouts will be 100% and in cash.
Trophies/Medals will be awarded to the top finishers of each division.

More info coming soon!

Refund policy

The Teddy Peddler: Disc Golf Artistry & Events is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

See 1.03 in the competition manual for withdrawal and refund information.

Waitlist Fees are non refundable.


Splinter City DGC
Myrtle Beach, SC   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Anthony Anselmo485414116$200
2Sean Monahan565516127$125
3Chad Sullivan595514128$80
3Nick Strobel565814128$80
5Jacob Stout5857-115
6David Patrick5858-116
6Kevin Truett5759-116
8Derrick Maestas6460-124
9Josh Koehn6463-127
10Robby Hayner6763-130
Pro 40+
1Giancarlo Anselmo615616133$160
2Charles Myers605915134$90
3Aaron Barlow556517137
4John Graham Jr606320143
5Charlie Johnson6470-134
Open Women
1Sandra Frazer6467-131$100
2Darcy Barlow6863-131$50
3Ashley Sullivan7568-143
1Alex Corrado595816133
2Derek Hopper605915134
3Ethan Settlemyer585918135
4Roy Nixon586118137
5Tyler Batchelor6359-122
6Graham Garcia6063-123
6Robert Lee Scribner6261-123
8Richard Michalek6163-124
9Noah Wetzel6263-125
10Jeff Grier6264-126
11Stephen Rullo6365-128
12Christopher G Atkinson6961-130
13Ryan Flynn6566-131
14Martin “Tate” Jones6766-133
Amateur 40+
1Edward Perez596118138
2Seth Stetson606217139
3Scott Battles616618145
4Kirk Yoo606817145
5Ben Hopwood6366-129
5Jason Lee6168-129
7Joshua Sniffen6467-131
8Jeremy Thresher6765-132
8Scott Prince6666-132
10Darell Matthews7270-142
11Christopher Priest7576-151
12Randy Vargason7084-154
Amateur 50+
1David Frazer6764-131
2Bill Venter6666-132
3Christopher Santos7265-137
4Craig Wrenn7367-140
5George Midgley7174-145
Amateur 60+
1Steven Shepherd6566-131
2Gregg Bashor7780-157
1Jeff Murray636014137
2Chad Johnson656015140
3Patrick Rupert586518141
4Shane Hayes636117141
5Nick Spell6065-125
6Brandon Taylor6462-126
6Goose Duncan6363-126
6Strib Crump6759-126
9Logan McHale6562-127
10Tico Mendoza6662-128
11Chris Smith6070-130
11John Huth6367-130
13Will Pollack6567-132
14Derrick Young6568-133
15Justin Perritt6866-134
15Logan Thibodeau6866-134
15Reggie Rhoades6965-134
18Bryant Voss6768-135
19Jack Dworjanyn6870-138
20David Leonard6978-147
20Michael Murray7275-147
20Reese Randall7770-147
23Heath Summerlin6487-151
24Steven Burris7874-152
1Brian Coeburn535819130
2Hayden Byrd575717131
3Chad Heacock575618131
4Josh Matheson605517132
5Craig Hamilton5754-111
6Luke Hammond5956-115
7Jay Rexroad5463-117
8Cam Byrd6157-118
9Alex Wessinger5963-122
9Bart Altman6359-122
9Garett Tamplain6161-122
12Allen Billings6162-123
13Joshua Nugent6365-128
14John Millet6569-134
15Joseph Brown6275-137
Advanced Women
1Jasmine Pollack6160-121
2Logan Canale6765-132
Amateur Women 40+
1Michelle Battles6563-128
Intermediate Women
1Kimbriel Haman6474-138
2Casey Sullivan6870-138
Recreational Women
1Jamie Lee7381-154
2Jennifer Smith8181-162