Maricopa Innova C-Tier

PDGA logoSaturday, January 22, 2022 at Maricopa Meadows in Maricopa, Arizona
Amateur-only C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Maricopa Innova C-Tier graphic

About this tournament

Maricopa Innova C-Tier
2 Round C-Tier event

Amateur Player's Pack includes an Innova Disc of Player's choice!
($20 Value)

2 Rounds, Shotgun start.

Check-In at The Innova Camper @ 7:00-7:40am
Player's Meeting at 7:45am
Tee off round 1 at 8:00am

Second Round Will Start 1 hour after the last card is turned in.

Once all cards are turned in Payout will occur.

Amateur payout will be done by Callie McMorran with Innova.
CTP Prizes will be available for both rounds!

Must be present for payout or have someone grab your winnings!

As of January 19th, 2022 if you request a refund you will only receive 50% of your entry fee back.

As of January 22nd, 2022 no refunds will be given out.

Refund policy

Callie McMorran Innova Events Across The U.S. is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.

After January 17th only 50% of entry fees will be refunded.

After January 21st no refunds will be issued.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Dj Mcglaughlin5656$224
2Tanner Patoni6059$112
3Daniel Beck6159$56
3Lance P6060$74
5Angelo Gallegos6261$45
6Dustin Wirth6067$37
7Kristopher Buescher6763$28
7Chris Thompson6466$32
9Roman Elizondo6765
9Robert Petrie6468
9Hunter Silvey6270
12Sam Giombetti6766
13Austin Green6867
13Aidan Salado6867
15Jacob Rogers6868
16Greg Kurz6770
Amateur 40+
1Ian Paulow6253$150
2Greg Chance6156$75
3Harold Ida6554$50
4Robert Reynolds6260$37
5Thomas Mulhall6360$30
6Curtis Van Slyke7054
7Michael Vanhemert6660
8Vashone Gibson6760
9Rob Paull7755
Amateur 50+
1Joe Judd5657$127
2Joe Langmeier5959$42
2Chad Miltenberger5662$63
4Rob Knutsen5962$32
5Mark Hall6261
6John Benson II6361
6Stephen Sinatra6361
8Troy Bizzack7059
Amateur 60+
1John Scheinpflug5357$66
2Ted Miller6159$33
3Don Noyes6559
1Aaron Allen6353$226
2Greg Edwards6653$113
3Adam Henriksen6160$59
3Danzig Que6754$59
3Isaac Yeanoplos6556$59
6Logan Missner6656$35
6Spud Webb6557$35
8Ben Yankovich6657$28
9Colin Bahin6957$24
9Todd Quigg6759$24
11Cody Brown6760$19
11Marvin Ochoa7057$19
13Colton Kenney7157
14Brad Pyper6762
15Mark Pablo6565
16Noah Walters6764
17Paul Paliulis7559
18Dan Pignatari7065
19Andrew Froreich7463
20Matt Mecham7366
21Christopher A Robinson7664
22Dalton Smith7468
23Gilbert Butler8263
25Eric Hechel144999
1Eric Taylor5559$106
2Sean Anthony Terrillion5856$212
3James Bedolla6055$51
3Kristofer Jonson5857$51
3Tim Lloyd6055$51
3Cortlan Miller5956$51
7Kyson Kobbe6453$30
8Kelson Allen5959$26
8Ty Langston6157$26
10Jared Blanchard5762$20
10Andrew Munguia5861$20
12Cory Blain6457$18
13Chris Henderson6161$14
13Seth Poling6062$14
15Jason Detrick6657
16Seth Yeanoplos6559
17Andrew Bridges6362
17Ben Hyde6263
19Joshua W Evans6561
20Matt Wilkinson6364
20Christopher Bubba Young6364
22Brian Lucero6465
23Justin Speed6664
24Steve Gilbert6865
24Luis Merancio6766
27Joshua Elliott7472
28Andy Blackledge7276
29William Gibson7774
30Austin D Lunce61999
1Mike Achs5962$88
2Eric Dunton6361$44
3Kevin Reynolds6466$29
4Kelynn Fleischman6665$20
4Nicholas Adam Pennington6863$20
6Elias Benson6965$15
7Michael Hinkley6868
8Jason Woods6675
9John De Paola6874
10Matt Wagner7977
11Levi D Drinville7978
12Carson De Paola8285
Amateur Women 50+
1Paige Judd7570$33
Intermediate Women
1Ingrid Aidee Leija Vallejo7271$28
Recreational Women
1Lorianne Russ6868$61
2Serena Lewis7569$31
3Emma Grigalva7584
4Lizzie Santasiere7786
Junior 12
1Owen Martin8178$40
2Robson Paull8385$29
3Lars Paull117111
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