March Mad Disc

PDGA logoSaturday, March 4, 2023 at East Frankfort Park in Frankfort, Kentucky
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Added cash $750


Tournament DirectorAaron Ashcraft
Tournament DirectorRobert Jordan
TreasurerAnthony Cox

About this tournament

This is a 2 round, B-Tier, Disc Golf Tournament. We will play one round of 24 at East Frankfort Park Disc Golf Course and one round of 18 at West Sixth Farm DGC.

Early registration ($20 fee) opens Monday, January 16th at 8:00 PM and will run until open registration begins on January 30th at 8:00 PM. All registration closes Thursday, March, 2nd at 8:00 PM. There will be no day-of registration. This tournament will be capped at 144 total players (2 pools of 72).

All players will receive their choice of one disc which can be picked up before your first round along with an OB sheet.

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Assigned starting holes will be posted at There will be no player’s meeting. All players will tee off promptly at 8:30 AM at their assigned starting course, on their assigned starting hole. There will be a 1 hour lunch break between rounds while pools switch courses (5 minute drive). The 2nd round start time and new tee assignments will be posted during the break at the above link.

At West Sixth Farm: Players who are starting on holes 6-16 should plan on walking to their holes a minimum of 10-15 minutes before start times. Please familiarize yourself with the course and be ready to use UDisc with GPS for guidance.

POOL A (1st round at East Frankfort Park):
MPO, MP40, MP50, FPO, FP40, FP50, MA50, FA40, FA50, FA1, MA1, MA2.

POOL B (1st round at West Sixth Farm):
MA40, MA3, MA4, FA2, FA3, FA4, MJ18, MJ15, MJ12, MJ10, FJ18, FJ15, FJ12, FJ10.

OPEN $50
All AMs $35
CTP $2 (optional)
ACE $3 (optional)

The top 45% of player will receive payout. The maximum available funds will go to payouts. Payouts will be provided by Bang-A-Chain and will take place shortly after all cards have completed Round 2 and the payout spreadsheet is complete. For store credit, you will need to create an account online at


NOTE: Players must be at their assigned holes and ready to tee off promptly at 8:30 AM.
Players who are late will be penalized (Par plus 4) for every hole missed without exception. Pace of play will be essential. Consider parking near your starting hole. As always, do not congregate before or after your round. Do not handle other players’ equipment and observe all other established COVID guidelines throughout this and all FDGA events.

1st Place Ties: Any 1st place ties will require a tie breaker by playoff. Holes TBD by TD. Players will play alternate tee off until a hole is won.

Two players on each card will need to keep score using their phone’s web browser. Before round start, go to and enter CODE “MMD23”.

Scorecard Basics:

How multiple Scorekeepers works and how to copy and take over scoring:

All players can keep score if they wish to. All that is required is that two cards are submitted with matching scores.
Be sure that all conflicts are resolved and that 2 players have submitted a matching scorecard before leaving the course

Refund policy

Frankfort Disc Golf Association is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Final Results

PDGA results at
1Sam Lee5742$435
2Zach Arlinghaus5350$295
3Michael Holland5648$226
4Mason McLean5749
5Nolan Blessing5950$140
6Drew Cobble5654$101
6Kyle Holt5654$101
8Francis Eble6150$75
9Michael Clark6250
9Jason Elsner6052
9Nathaniel Romans6349
9Keo Sabengsy6349
9Blake Thomas6151
14Glenn Fister6152
15Trey Childress6551
16Noah Gould6552
17Andrew Wood6157
18Eric Lomax6752
19Ben Arlinghaus6757
20Jacob Jackson6958
1Jim Lay5752$145
2Billy Ray Osborn6352$88
3Tommy Flake6254
1Joshua Kirk5452$114
2Jerry Dobbins5556$79
3Ethan Wilborn6251$59
4Isaac Kaufmann6153$45
5Jason McCleery6550$33
6Bradley Bennett6156
6Sean Lucas6453
6Jonathan Mason6057
6Gavin Poynter6552
10Alex Murphy6553
11Nick Welby Jones6456
1Gordon Waldespuhl5860$71
2John Bartram5570$45
3Jarrett Spriggs6463$34
4Bob Henz6565
5Jeremy Miller6467
1Phillip Harmon5751$111
2Tracy Bottom6156$78
3Tom Midkiff6854$60
4Scott Bourne6657$47
5Steve Parker6759$36
6Jerry Reynolds6859$28
7Tommy Rogers7256
8Wes Barber6863
9Bobby Bartholomai7563
9Marc Price7365
11Andy Austin7269
12Nathaniel Godfrey8376
1Robert Ball6050$98
2Aaron Borders6453$83
2Matthew Kaufmann6453$83
2Elijah Reynolds6453$83
5Earl Hollon5861$65
5Jeremy Lutes6257$65
5Daniel Nelson6455$65
8Dylan Gilkey6456$49
8Michael Miller6555$49
10Trevor Bailey6457$42
10Ben Sands6259$42
12Griffin Kendziorski6062$13
12Branden Maue6359$13
14Phoenix Delaney6558
15Jared Cordray6559
15Christopher Hatfield6361
15Taylor Haynes6460
15Brady Jahns6460
19Justin Ady7056
20Ryan Walters6958
21Christopher McCurry6365
22Dillon Bonner6862
22Tyler Hawks6862
24Timothy Huffman7061
25Anthony Cox6967
1Zavier Wu5557$98
2Tony Ross5863$85
2Mathew Shively5566$85
4Jeremy Griffin5766$78
5Theodore Boyle5767$70
5George Phillips5965$70
5Andrew Risinger5470$70
8Ben Downing5869$59
8Jeff Faulkner6364$59
10Tucker Pinkston6267$52
11Chap Foster6268$42
11Adam Roberts6169$42
13Michael Firquin5972$20
13David Highlands6368$20
13David Rempfer6467$20
16Mark French6270
16Tad Miers Jr.5775
18Thomas Gallagher5974
18Ashton Sharp6469
20Billy Counts6074
20Tony Davis6371
22Josh Risinger6273
23Lance Daggs6374
23Joey Roberts6176
23Joshua Ryan Watson6176
26Matthew Bagarus6276
27Bryce Jump6673
28Devin L Hoffer7071
29Charles Farber7081
2TJ Minotti5765$87
3Jonathan Blake McKinney6562$83
4Dylan Kruse5970$76
4Nathan Munster6465$76
6Coty Hatfield6368$70
7Jeffrey Dixon6270$65
8Michael Farney6668$57
8Andy Foster6767$57
8Kevin Meece6866$57
11Thobias Berg6472$29
11Zachary Clemons6670$29
11Selwyn Cox6670$29
11Delbert Mitchell Jr6274$29
11Ben Southworth6571$29
16Steve Collier6473
16Bradford Roberts6374
18Derek Glenn6672
18Thomas Hogue6474
18Kevin Peach6672
21Bill Semones6773
22Paul Taylor6477
23Jeremy D Emmerling6281
24James Hester6977
24Adam Peters7274
24Adam Roberts7373
24Greg Taylor6977
28Allen Reed6978
29Scott Lamb7485
1Angel Tauson6674$54
2Alison N Miller6478$36
3Tara Cohen7075
1Amber Phillips7989$60
2Priscilla Godfrey97115
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