Madness V at NLV presented by Innova

PDGA logoSat-Sun, April 30-May 1, 2022 at North Las Vegas Municipal Golf Course in North Las Vegas, Nevada
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Madness V at NLV presented by Innova graphic

About this tournament

Welcome to the 5th Annual Madness Disc Golf Tournament, MADNESS V AT NLV presented by INNOVA.
This year the Madness will be held at the North Las Vegas Municipal Par 3 and Disc Golf course located at 324 East Brooks Avenue, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030, in conjunction with the City View Park located directly behind the Golf Course.
This will be a 2-day event, with players playing one round per day via tee time.
Players will play a modified 12 hole course inside the Golf Course and up to 8 (TBD) temp holes in the City View Park. The layout will be finalized and posted here by April 1, 2022. Pin positions and temp tees will be marked the week before the event and baskets will be in place to practice the temp layout Friday morning April 29.
This year the event has been moved to NLV to accommodate the demand this event usually sees. The past 4 years have seen the event fill within minutes, so a change of venue was needed. NLV filled that need and we are looking to expand our normal field of 100 to 200!! This is also a B-Tier event and PDGA membership will be required to register for the event! So if you haven't please renew your PDGA!! Live scoring will be the official method for scorekeeping for the event.
I'm looking to fill many divisions that we normally can't have due to the space limitations we used to have. So sign up and get your friends to sign up, because I will need to have at least 4 in a division. (I have wiaved the 4 min. per division) If there are players registered, I will have that division!)
So let's get ready for some Madness!!

(Tournament Director reserves the right to reclassify players to the closest available division if minimum entry caps are not met.)

Refund policy

Las Vegas Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Kaleb Caplin4959108
2Cary Trotter5261113
4Jonathan Fletcher5164115
6Bubba Hall5662118
6Matt Odenwelder5464118
6Maximus Meyer5563118
6Rick Mabbatt5464118
10Steve Berger5860118
11Graham Russell5762119
12Joey Nichols5962121
13Justin Loya5963122
14Glenn Herzog5765122
15Kevin Jones6064124
16Jacob Rombouts5570125
17Dusty Nadeau5868126
17Kyle Even5868126
19Troy Hunter5572127
19Wyatt Merritt6067127
21Hunter Snow6068128
22Thomas Malone6366129
23Edward Utzig6466130
24Leith Norman5775132
25Jason Duncan6370133
26Forrest Hucke6272134
27Ryan Mercurio6174135
28Travis Samuels6578143
29Chris Warfield--0
29Noah Kersenbrock--0
1Joey Madrid4960109
2Chris Russell5358111
2Shadd Wade5160111
4Andrew Scrivo5359112
5Labis Kragaris5362115
6Tim Davis5760117
7Kade Atkinson5464118
8Andy Moering5764121
8Sancho Hernandez5962121
10Michael Bugbee5866124
10Steven Licon6262124
12Timothy McGeorge6267129
13Chad Nash6269131
14Michael Sihler6369132
1Brian Rogers5958117
2Neil Kirkpatrick5964123
3Judd Dague6766133
4Kris Lawless68-68
1Jeff Kennedy6063123
2Jim Choner6266128
1Chelsea Howells6363126
2Stephanie Aikens6870138
3Pamela Madrid7778155
1Dayna Merritt6467131
2Laurie Cloyes-Chupa7073143
1Corey DeMaio5163114
2Trace Grant5859117
2Zach Von Bulin5760117
4Daniel Moriel5563118
5James Willson5762119
5Jeff Karp5861119
7Cory Taylor6258120
7Doug Sayers5565120
9Daniel Ross6061121
9Ethan Moran5962121
9RJ Rogers6061121
12Andrew Reese5963122
13Justin Brown5865123
13Kyle Blanchard5964123
13Thomas Hodge5865123
16Austin Jarrell6163124
16Will Peppard5569124
18Anthony Ross6362125
18Mark C Noesen5966125
18Michael Longtine6164125
21Andrew Aiu6363126
21Ryan Coiner6066126
23Zack Gray6463127
24Garrett Beckman6365128
24Jon Lestat6464128
26Eric Lusch5970129
26Steven ‘Cheatin Lefty’ Massey6366129
29Colton Bugawisan6670136
30Scott Valladares6671137
31Blaine Tingley7168139
32Caleb Stanton7073143
32James Beck7271143
34Kasey Montonini61-61
1Steven Kelso5463117
2Nick Mountain5566121
3Carl Lambert6459123
3Donald Mccormick5964123
3Sam Anderson5865123
6Steve Manley5767124
7Brandon Matice6065125
7Evan Schwartz5867125
9Dustin Tatman6166127
10Brandon Hechter6068128
11Aaron Haenel6762129
11Jerry Hilton6465129
11Rich Ireland5970129
11Ronald Delos Santos6366129
15Erik Haenel6565130
15Mike Cummings6367130
17Michael Bischoff6370133
17Rob Allingham6568133
19Brett Byrns6372135
19Richard Francis Miller6174135
21Sam Coakley6672138
22Matt Baxter6971140
23Kevin Berger7071141
24Daniel Frehner65-65
1James Halvorson5458112
2Randolf Isgriggs5460114
3John Rayburn5465119
4Ron Prebel5963122
5Chad Lacey6165126
5Jeff Bonesteel6264126
7Ryan Mitchell6665131
8Christian Burke6568133
8Lonnie A Kerns6667133
10Manny Urquilla6572137
1John W Katsigenis6376139
2Dennis Swick7278150
1Anthony Bodanza5558113
2Steven Rode5657113
3Trevor Roberts5758115
4Myles Telles5760117
5Logan Waite6058118
6Brennan Grinnell6062122
7Cannedy Pate6163124
8Beau Hassey6560125
9Aaron Morris6660126
9Gino Rivera6066126
9Javier Godinez5769126
9Steven Dickensheets6561126
13Julian Cutolo6265127
14James Schuppel7157128
14Ryan Kokrda6266128
14Vince Okuniewski6464128
17Mike Newman6168129
17Nick Gant6267129
17Robert Schultz6168129
17Ryan O'Neal6069129
21Joshua Lee6862130
22Raymond Morales6566131
23Charles Warden Ellison Jr.6567132
23Daniel Chavez6666132
25Christopher Rosen6271133
25Joe Rourke6667133
27Gregory Daluz6866134
28Matthew Short6372135
29Ryan Erquiaga6672138
30Spencer M Dickensheets6872140
31Eddie Del Grosso7369142
32Daryl Benton6580145
33Brett Ineck7373146
34Joe Spallino69-69
1James Bedolla6064124
2Gabe Grant5966125
3James Castruita6363126
4Brandon Wojciechowski6265127
6Damien Verret6369132
6Nicholas Springston6171132
8Brandon Kreilick6370133
9Daniel H Choi5976135
9Eddie Gomez6570135
9Tyson Taumaoe6768135
12Ruben Martinez7068138
13Erik Harmuth6673139
13Jeromy Olsen6970139
15John Adamske Jr.6872140
16Cherokee Dofa6774141
16Kevin Conant7071141
16Tim King6477141
19Cameron Tullis6676142
19Jose Carrillo6775142
19Todd B Mitchell7270142
19Zachary J Howard6775142
23Matthew Siteman6976145
24Chris O'Neal7277149
24Ian J Smith7574149
26Christian Medina7378151
26David Huffaker7576151
28Jaime Miranda7677153
1Angelina Taumaoe6568133
2Valerie Steinbaum6872140
3Renae Gliddon6972141
4Paige Davis7384157
5Kimberly Worthen7685161
6Kim Atkinson8283165
1EVA WEBER8088168
2Mandy Mountain--0
1Michelle Wade7481155
1Amber Thorum8186167
1Cadence Dickensheets7781158
2Mercedes Kaiser7889167
3Kimberly Discoe9092182
4Anabel Beck92104196
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