MadMando Trilogy Challenge

Sunday, September 4, 2022 at Elver Park in Madison, Wisconsin
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

The Trilogy Challenge is back again in 2022!

Stop by MadMando Discs, located at 6710 Raymond Rd anytime between 8am and 4pm to pick up your awesome Trilogy Challenge player pack which will include the 3 discs you'll be playing your round with.

The player pack includes the following items
- Latitude 64 Gold Burst Saint
- Westside Discs VIP Ice Tursas
- Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Agent
- Cooling Towel
- Flexible Mini

This will be a flex start event and you must play with one other person competing in the Trilogy Challenge. Your round will be played at Elver with the short tee pads to blue basket layout.

There are a total of 4 divisions to choose from and please sign up for the appropriate division as indicated below. Trilogy Challenge Trophies and Dynamic Disc gift cards will be awarded to the top in each division.
- MA1: mixed division for open or advanced players
- MA3: mixed division for intermediate, recreational, and novice players
- FA1: female division for open or advanced players
- FA3: female division for intermediate, recreational, and novice players

Like last year, if there are 100 players in the event, a Dynamic Discs Marksman basket will go to one lucky person who is competing. We will be adding additional prizes to raffle off to competitors at random.

Please note, division caps are in in place and will be adjusted accordingly as the tournament date draws closer.

Refund policy

MadMando Discs is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Elver Park
Madison, WI   Get Directions

Final Results

1Danny DiMare5252$25
2Nick Moore5353$20
3Matt Swenson5454$10
4Ryan DeSmet5454
4Shaun Falkner5454
4Wes Kaminsky5454
7Brandon Kessenich5555
7Derek Hamersly5555
9Brandon Salzman5656
9Travis Hill5656
11Charlie Thole5858
11Sam Hayles5858
13Joe Turner5959
13Peter Walker5959
15Adam Paulsen6161
15Bruce Witzenburg6161
17Anand K. Verma6262
18Been Davidson6363
19James Vander Zanden6565
20Russell Walters6767
20Taylor DeBroux6767
22Jason Tennyson6868
23Casey McSweeney7070
23Charles Bowen-Braxton7070
1Morgan Jacobson5454$30
2Zachary Jensen5656$25
3Anders Bergsten5656$20
3Josh Nachreiner5656$20
3Michael DeNieu5656$20
6Michael Ramos5656
7Alex Atterbury5757
7Jackson Wolf5757
7Joe Jung5757
7Jon Babiarz5757
11Andy Gardner5858
11Jeremy Hoefle5858
13Armando S Vera5959
13Dave Gilles5959
13Joshua Russow5959
13Nathaniel Doane5959
13Sam Dorfman5959
13William T Schmock5959
13Zach Schuyler5959
20Adam Wisner6060
20Andrew Ford6060
20Ry Thompson6060
23Eric Gierach6161
23Jon Jung6161
23K Thao6161
26Dan Miner6262
26Evan Flink6262
26Phil Van Houten6262
26Sam LaMarche6262
30James Royea6363
30Tyler Heinzmann6363
32Matthew Grondin6464
33Carl Koepke6565
33Chad Voeks6565
33David Fancher6565
33Patrick Dooley6565
37Austin Mitchell6666
37Nick Lamberty6666
37Tim Wellens6666
37Zach Swanson6666
41Dalton O'Connell Zradicka6767
41Josh Tveite6767
41Neil S6767
41Will Sickles6767
45Noah Reeson6868
45Ryan Holleran6868
47Donald Giese7070
48Dennis Trinkle7171
48Tay Lind7171
50Chad Wright7272
50Dave Biefer7272
50Mitch Eberle7272
50Nicholas Miller7272
54Paul Bykowski7373
55Tanner Paulsen7474
56Alex Cue7575
57Isaac Russow7676
57Peter Dukes7676
59Wes Francis7878
60Joshua Siesen8383
61Zander Duerst8484
62Albert Stachowiak8585
62Gabe Wisner8585
62John Kretler8585
Advanced Women
1Jennifer Moore5757$25
2Serena Gilles5959$20
3Taija Lehtinen5959
4Rebecca Vander Zanden6969
5Karen Royea7474
Recreational Women
1Alex Radtke7272$25
2Heidi Umhoefer7373$20
3Rachel Rowlands7474$10
4Kula Yang7676
4Sally Shumaker7676
6Julianna Vander Zanden7878
7Steph McCormick8181
8Megan Ford8383
9Kari Quinlan8484
10Maria DiMare8787
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