Mac Attack XI Presented by Core & Main

PDGA logoSaturday, May 13, 2023 at MacIntyre Park in Thomasville, Georgia
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Mac Attack XI Presented by Core & Main graphic


Tournament CoordinatorAngela Kiminas
Tournament DirectorPatrick Harrity
Assistant Tournament DirectorGavin Wilson
Assistant Tournament DirectorKeith Raffield

About this tournament

The 11th annual Mac Attack charity disc golf tournament presented by Core & Main, benefits Hands On Thomas County. This is not a trophy-only event - we pay out at least 50% of players in prizes and awards; plus there will be $250 Ace Holes, $250 CTP holes, and an Optional Ace Pool. If the Ace pool isn't hit it will be donated to the charity. All registered players receive a players pack, MAXI disc, breakfast, and lunch compliments of Barberitos.

There will be 2 rounds, both rated. Round 1 will be 26 holes, the 12 holes plus a temp hole, played twice, and round 2 will be 13 holes the 12 holes plus the temp hole.

All ages and levels are welcome! 3 players are required to open a division.

Hands On Thomas County is a non-profit 501(c)3 whose mission is to connect citizens as volunteers to non-profit and community agencies, needs, and service opportunities. Our tax id # is 20-0593260

HOTC is celebrating 20 years! Bring boxes of cake mix and cans of frosting for Birthday Boxes for kids at Vashti and Never Lost!

Refund policy

Red Hills Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. Refunds are subject to PDGA rule 1.03 found here and at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Please request refunds through your Disc Golf Scene registration. Contact the TD via email with any questions. Thank you!


MacIntyre Park
Thomasville, GA   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Tim Vernon6832100$141
2Jamie Kiep6634100$89
3Eli Harrell7034104$66
4Scott Layfield7340113
5Riley Higgins7737114
6Andy Ragsdale8242124
1Shawn Haskin7435109
2David Muntean Jr.7739116
3Marcus Stewart8441125
4Chasen Clark8449133
1Raymond Fuentes7943122
2Gareth Pyle8544129
3James Koepnick9042132
1Lloyd Sawyer8836124
2Len Lagestee8843131
1Bob Rice8842130
2John Sherer9342135
3Ray VanDeWalle8948137
4Glen Harris9850148
1Clayton Cooley8238120
2Noah Christmas8538123
3Tommy Cowart8541126
4Peter Render8844132
5Matthew Baker8945134
6Ezra Yant9545140
1Alex Buchholz8042122
2Peyton Barnes8442126
3James Blackwell8146127
4Patrick Hagen8745132
5Chad Bertrand8648134
5Justin Williams8945134
8Blake Hammaker9844142
9Corey Moore10143144
10Shawn Baker10348151
1Tommy Abbott8240122
2Phillip Brady8145126
3Daniel Connell8740127
4Keith Raffield8345128
5Pearce Fussell8644130
6Gavin Wilson9143134
7Matthew Ramirez9441135
8Timothy R Sherrod9146137
9Bruce Pittman9444138
10Glendon Harris9747144
10Rick Pearson9549144
12Nicholas Kyle Sherrod9650146
13Hunter Pittman9950149
14Noah Hobbs9856154
15Ryan Everett11255167
16Edward Vigil10762169
17Adam Carlson11358171
18Winfred Dowdy11656172
1Lynn Sawyer10750157
2Mary Harris11658174
1Madi Burgess10252154
2Erin Blackwell10254156
3Stephanie Pearson11955174
4Michasia Dowdy11264176
5Emily Hastings11068178
6Tricia Buchholz104-104
1Finn Henderson9345138
2Jacob Yentzer10445149
3Hunter Rentz11558173
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