MVP VS AXIOM - Presented by TK Disc Golf

Saturday, October 12, 2019 at Monroe Community Park in Monroe, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament

MVP VS AXIOM - Presented by TK Disc Golf graphic

About this tournament

This MVP VS AXIOM event will be one round at Monroe Community park in Monroe, OH. You will use your three player pack discs for the round. We will have a ton of prizes to give away for placement along with mini games after the round. Prizes will include dozens of discs, two Axiom Pro practice baskets and an MVP Rover Bag Cart. We will also grill out after the round is over. The winner of the round will receive a gold metal disc trophey. Top finishers will also receive a prize disc. The larger prizes along with plenty of discs will be up for grabs via random draw, CTP and several mini games after the round is over.


Players packs include 3 Premium Plastic Discs (Choose MVP or Axiom) featuring event exclusive artwork by Skulboy. Packs also include a MVP or Axiom towel, fusion glow stick and MVP or Axiom wristband.

-Putter: Cosmic Electron Atom. Flight Numbers - Speed: 3, Glide 3, Turn: -1, Fade: 1
The Atom is a straight-stable putt and approach disc.
-Midrange: Proton Deflector. Flight Numbers - Speed: 5, Glide: 3.5 Turn: 0, Fade: 4
Deflector is a very overstable midrange.
-Fairway: Neutron Servo. Flight Numbers - Speed: 6.5, Glide: 5, Turn: -1, Fade: 2
The Servo is a straight-stable fairway driver.

-Putter: Cosmic Electron Envy. Flight Numbers - Speed: 3, Glide: 3, Turn: -1, Fade: 2
The Envy is a straight-stable putt and approach disc.
-Midrange: Prism Plasma Pyro. Flight Numbers - Speed 5, Glide 4, Turn: 0, Fade: 2.5
The Pyro is an overstable midrange.
-Fairway: Neutron Crave. Flight Numbers - Speed: 6.5, Glide: 5, Turn: -1, Fade: 1
The Crave is a straight-stable fairway driver.

Refund policy

Event Coordinator (TD) is responsible for all cancellations or refund requests.


Final Results

1Jordan S Ray7070
1Taylor Konkus7070
3Ian Collins7171
4Pete Bovat7272
5Austin Smith7474
5Jay Schroeder7474
5Nicholas Wisman7474
8Dakota Kinnes7575
8Mark Sove7575
10Dennis Huizar7676
10OBDave Emermerson7676
12Brendon Downey7878
12Jacob Moore7878
12Tyler Konkus7878
15Mike Woodruff7979
16Brandon Roehm "BZ"8080
17Aidan Carr-Henderson8181
17Brock Jones8181
17Dan Bankemper8181
17Elliott Smith8181
17Gage Schroeder8181
17Jonathan McElwee8181
17Samuel Wisecup8181
17Tim Williams8181
25Andrew Monroe8282
25Her Xiong8282
27Steven Woodruff8383
28Brad Ledford8484
28George Iracheta8484
28Greg Ewen8484
31Eric Newell8585
32Dusty Dog Holbrook8686
32Nathan Thomas8686
34AJ Hoogland8787
34Chuck Cornish8787
34Ivan Klus8787
37Michael T. Miller Jr.8989
38Justin Conner9191
39Max Liles9393
40Ben Martin9494
40Ebon Mcclure9494
42Ryan Lubansky9797
43Christopher Milesky113113
44Adam Vogel-0
44Alonzo McChuckin'-0
44Barry Adkins-0
44Barry Adkins-0
44Billy McGazi-0
44Colton Vogel-0
44Eric Newell-0
44George Iracheta-0
44Jason Ruthen-0
44Jordan S Ray-0
44Justin Roth-0
44Lilly Ruthen-0
44Nick Pierre-0
44Nikki Ruthen-0
44Tim Williams-0