MVP Space Race @ The Hazy Greens

Saturday, November 12, 2022 at Hazy Greens @ DankHouse Brewing Co. in Newark, Ohio
Ace Race

MVP Space Race @ The Hazy Greens graphic

About this tournament

Each Player will receive (1) Streamline Eclipse Glow Pilot and (1) Axiom Eclipse Glow Hex (Images and Disc information located in the Photos section of this event page).

Each Player will throw both Player Pack discs off of every tee to complete each hole. There is no putting or upshot. Scoring will be points based on where each disc lands from its drive.
Inside 40ft = 1 pt
Inside 20ft = 2 pts
Metal Hit = 3 pts
Ace = 5 pts
The player with the Highest Total of Points at the end will be the Winner

27 holes @ the 9 hole Hazy Greens at the Dankhouse Brewing Company (First 18 holes will be a modified layout consisting of short Aceable holes, the final 9 holes will be worth Double Points playing the Hazy Greens normal layout with holes 4 and 6 shortened.

Refund policy

Dankhouse Disc Club / Dankhouse Brewing Co. is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.
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