MVP Precision Putter Challenge

Saturday, May 8, 2021 at Valley Regional in Taylorsville, Utah
Disc golf singles tournament

MVP Precision Putter Challenge graphic


Tournament DirectorChaz Critchfield
Assistant TDBrennin Vanderpoel
Assistant TDJason Ramirez

About this tournament

We will be playing a single putter only event using the putter provided in the players pack. We will be playing a 36 hole modified course layout with most holes ranging from 150' to 250' feet. Each hole will have an "MVP Zone" near the basket, every time a players lands their drive in this area they will receive a raffle ticket. Prizes will be distributed through the raffle at the end of the event.

Each division will receive MVP Zone raffle tickets just for signing up for the event.

Junior - 15 Tickets
Women - 10 Tickets
Novice - 10 Tickets
Intermediate - 5 Tickets
Advanced - 1 Ticket

***If you want to be on a specific card with friends, please send me a message and we will make that happen (up to 4 people per group)

Ace Pot - We will be having a $3 buy in for the ace pot. There will be many short holes ready to be aced! If however the luck is not in our favor we will be distributing the ace pot through the raffle.

CTP - We will be having multiple CTP holes with prizes ranging from gear to cash

Justin Bilodeau Clinic - Justin is Utah's highest rated player and one of MVP's best sponsored players. He will be demonstrating, using the discs in the players packs, many different upshots and situations that he would use these discs for. The clinic will be held after prizes are distributed.

Refund policy

Event Coordinator (TD) is responsible for all cancellations or refund requests.


Valley Regional
Taylorsville, UT   Get Directions

Final Results


Talon Gamble$600.00 for Hole 1 on Main course, Regular tees
Advanced 900+ Rated
Round 1: Valley Regional - MVP Precision Putter Challenge, 36 holes, par 109
1Jared Christopher Lang8787
2Casey Garfield9090
3Dylan J Schimmel9191
3Tommy Sheridan9191
5Vincent Ellsworth9494
6Brian Hansen9797
6Casey H9797
6Dave Jessop9797
9Lando Savage101101
9Tony Litizzette101101
11Peter Messina103103
12Michael Wilkinson104104
12Tanner G Black104104
14Colton Davis108108
14Ollie Tanner108108
16Peter Duke110110
17Jaron Robbins121121
18Devin Miller-0
18Ethan Walker-0
Intermediate 800 - 900 Rated
Round 1: Valley Regional - MVP Precision Putter Challenge, 36 holes, par 109
1Jonathan Buckley9696
1Nathan Huff9696
3Mike Buckley9797
4James “Smitty” Smith9898
4Rob Hansen9898
4Todd Hummel9898
4Zeke Wray9898
8Aaron Parkinson9999
8Josh Longoria9999
8Justin W Holmes9999
11Brian Barrow101101
11Camron Buhler101101
11John Paulson101101
11Tim Parker101101
15Brett Parkinson102102
15Mike Nay102102
15Phillip White102102
18Kevin Pina103103
19Camber Weiss104104
19Will Sinclair104104
19Zach Polak104104
22Asa Grace105105
22Jacob Smith105105
22Joshua Lindeman105105
22Kieran Buhler105105
26Jake Smithwick106106
26Tanner Michelsen106106
28Corey Robison107107
28Joseph Guanajuato107107
28Marcus Martinez107107
28Riley Thurgood107107
32Benjanin Menchaca108108
32Cody West108108
32Jimmy Staggs108108
32Kade Edward Anderson108108
32Travis Blake108108
32Tucker Gamble108108
38Connor Brown109109
39Dominic Erhart110110
39Laif Erickson110110
39Raymond Baca110110
39Shad Adamson110110
43Aloysius Dean111111
43Andy Pyper111111
43Dan Messina111111
43Shaun Bagley111111
47Jaron Gold112112
47Phil Swink112112
49Ben Beagley113113
49Talon Gamble113113
51Christian Phelps114114
51Jeffrey Holcomb114114
51Reverend Delahunty114114
54Gerrad Lemon115115
55Jeff Gardner116116
55Savid Acuna116116
57Aaron Pendleton118118
57Austin Hammer118118
57Garrett Marshall118118
57Jay Shelton118118
61Austin Nielsen119119
61Benjamin Housley119119
63Sean Barnes123123
64Edward Rixe-0
64Joe M-0
64Mark Trujillo-0
64Nat Evans-0
64Tegan Jenkins-0
Junior <16
Round 1: Valley Regional - MVP Precision Putter Challenge, 36 holes, par 109
1Benjamin Lemon9999
2Jason Wu114114
3Rowan Conner116116
4Sierra Wu130130
5Gideon Lemon135135
6Seth Lemon141141
7Lyla Swink145145
8Henry Barrow182182
9Hallie Azera-0
Novice <800 Rated - First Event
Round 1: Valley Regional - MVP Precision Putter Challenge, 36 holes, par 109
1Jason Re9898
2James Cianfrocca9999
3Dean Williams100100
3Philip Dangerfield100100
5Dylan Kamauoha101101
6David Gheen102102
7Houston Turner103103
7Jayce Lowder103103
7Steve Rowley103103
10Brian Burgfechtel104104
11Caleb Dayley105105
11Joe Henry105105
13Byron McMurtrey107107
13Jack Lowder107107
13Lance Turner107107
16Austin Debban108108
16Chad Jarmon108108
16Malachi Vazquez108108
19Matt Jessop109109
20Reid Blythe110110
21Brian Cocanour111111
21Mark Roberts111111
23Daniel Lukic112112
23Uriel Landa112112
25Michuel Palfy116116
25Tyler Hartman116116
27Collin McCormick117117
27Steven Schmelzer117117
29Brad Turpin118118
29Logan Holman118118
29MARK Minson118118
29Taygen Esplin118118
33Nathanyl Hall119119
34Sam Mills121121
35Matthew Beagley122122
36Josh Azera123123
37Jordan Allec124124
38Jeremy Hughes126126
39Blake Holle128128
40Trenton Ellsworth131131
41David Aun135135
42Aaron Consentino142142
43Gavin Linville143143
44Andrew Devlin-0
44Austin Becicka-0
Round 1: Valley Regional - MVP Precision Putter Challenge, 36 holes, par 109
1LISA AUN106106
2Savanna Schimmel109109
3Krysta Housley114114
4Alyssa Jannakos128128
5Kailie West133133
6Amber Wimer-0