MVP Circuit Challenge at ICC

Sunday, June 2, 2019 at Indian Camp Creek Park in Foristell, Missouri
Disc golf singles tournament

MVP Circuit Challenge at ICC graphic


Tournament DirectorRick La Porte
Co Tournament DirectorDeziray Johnson

About this tournament

Come out and join us for 1 round of 18 holes at the awesome and challenging ICC (Indian Camp Creek) disc golf course. With you entry fee you will get 3 great MVP disc (only 3 disc used during the event) and some swag. ICC has a good mix of wooded and open bomb shots. We look forward to seeing you out there!!!!

2019 Player’s Pack includes:

MVP Atom in Cosmic Electron Medium Plastic
Speed 3 | Glide 3 | Turn -0.5 | Fade 0
Axiom Pyro in Prism Neutron Plastic
Speed 5 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 2.5
Streamline Trace in Neutron Plastic
Speed 11 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 |Fade 2
MVP Drawstring Bag
MVP Events Scorecard
MVP Pencil
MVP Metal Mini Driver
Fusion Glow Stick
MVP Wristband


Smokin Aces Disc Golf - Check them out at: Bernie Hertweck run the only brick and mortar disc golf store in the St. Louis and St. Charles area. Be sure to stop in and chat them up, they are very knowledgeable and carry all the major bands.

Towch - When you need a towel, but you'd also like it to hold onto the item you're drying, you need a towel that's also a pouch... a Towch®! The first Towch® was created for disc golf and after seeing the success of the disc golf Towch®, the world of Towch® has grown and expanded its reach with more Towchtastic™ products. Check out their products by clicking the link:

Grip6 - Grip6 is donating four Classic series belts each valued at $35 a piece. Grip6 belts are not only fully functional but they are lightweight, attractive and comfortable. The carefully machined edges of the interchangeable aluminum buckles are smooth in your hand, yet substantial enough to provide a durable, low-profile design that will last for decades.

Zanfel - Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac Wash is a safe and effective soap for poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. It is the only product known to remove urushiol, the toxin responsible for the reaction, from the skin ANYTIME after outbreak, enabling the affected area to immediately begin healing. After using Zanfel®, the itching and pain are the first things to be relieved, usually within 30 seconds.

FlighTowel - The FlighTowel™ was created specifically for disc golfers. It's an amazing microfiber towel that allows the golfer to warm-up their arm before they throw. With a built in resistance pocket and fob made from a real disc, there's nothing quite like it! Using a FlighTowel™ to warm-up is simple. Grip the fob like you would a disc, then go through your normal throwing routine. Remember that slow is smooth, so take your time on each reach back. You will feel resistance from the bottom pocket on the towel when your form comes into line.

Refund policy

Event Coordinator (TD) is responsible for all cancellations or refund requests.


Final Results

Round 1: Indian Camp Creek Park - Short Tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Cory Green4747
1Scott Paul4747
1Steven Snider4747
4Don Moellenbeck4848
4Dustin Hellmann4848
4Mark Kane4848
4Phil Rowe4848
8Brett Elam4949
8Jeremy Zottarelle4949
8Steven Brown4949
8Thomas Ostaszewski4949
12Alex Tomaszewski5151
13Cory Madaus5252
13Larr Whaley5252
15Chancey Green5555
16Chuck Arwood5858
17Ethan Compas-0
Round 1: Indian Camp Creek Park - Short Tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Daniel Novack4646
2Adam Wofford4949
2Mark Myers4949
4Kenneth Pike5050
4Michael Stock5050
6Ethan Anderson5151
6John Wilke5151
6Ryan Serfas5151
9Alex Lemley5252
9Jack Serfas5252
9Timothy Gray5252
12Cory Mercurio5353
12Daniel Munnerlyn5353
12James Hurley5353
12Justin Douglas5353
12Robert Kozlowski5353
12Zac Blanton5353
18Alex Adelman5454
18Austin Walters5454
18David Sherman5454
18David Williams5454
18Matt Owens5454
18Phil Shawver5454
18Tom Spencer5454
25Alan B. Clifton5555
25Andrew Billing5555
25Andy Huss5555
25Don Billing5555
25Randy Swaller5555
25Taylor Perkins5555
31Andrew Sutton5656
31Chris Newns5656
31Joe Ilardi5656
31Joe Zoellner5656
31Justin Johnson5656
31Shawn Gorden5656
37Alan Van Zuyen5757
37CJ Novak5757
37Cameron Steele5757
37Carl Gifford5757
37Zack Donaldson5757
42Brad Serfas5858
42Ethan Schmierbach5858
42Jonathan Klott5858
45David Gardiner5959
45Jeffery Davidson5959
45Joey Best5959
48Lynn T Summers6060
48Nick Trippe6060
48Stephanie Wissing6060
52Alex Ebert6161
52Michael Behme6161
52Tyler Adelman6161
55Jennifer Heck6262
55Joshua Gray6262
55Nicole Williams6262
58Andrew Schwan6363
58Stephen Gissenaas6363
58Zach Gifford6363
61Van Ediger6464
62Daniel Powers6565
62Louie Moretti6565
64Heather Hager6666
64Kyle Koch6666
66Kevin Schreiber6868
66Lindsey Fontenot6868
68Hayley Day7070
69James Mendenhall7373
70Rebecca Hellmann7676
71Chase Van Zuyen-0
71Devon Whitsell-0
71Ray Agoras-0