MSDGA Winter glow league final event @ Alcantra DGC

Sunday, April 13, 2014 at Alcantra in Wasilla, Alaska
Disc golf singles tournament


About this tournament

Invite only with a total of 30 spots available.

This is a Invite only winter glow league final event open to the top 25 players from the winter glow league. They will get an automatic invite to this event and then 5 additional spots will be opened to anyone who has played in an MSDGA winter glow league. There will be a total number of 30 players allowed at this event.

Sign ups will start at 9:00am and if by 10:15 the 25 slots are not filled we will allow additional players who have been in at least one MSDGA Winter glow league event to enter.

The entry fee will be 12$ for club members and 14$ for non club members.

We will have Ring of Fire and CTP along with a long drive contest included in the event. We will also have a free BBQ for those who come.


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Final Results

Round 1: Alcantra - Regular tees 2x, 18 holes, par 54
1Greg Roberts5050$28
2Greg Rouse5151$23
3Mike Barnum5151$20
4Tre Jones5555$14
5Dan Brown5555$10
6Luke Monyer5656
6Rod Stepp5656
8Brian Gutzwiller5757
8Joe Schacht5757
10Scott Foster5858
11Ashten Tweet5959
11Jeremy Boyd5959
11Louie Orozco5959
14Brian Cassidy6060
15Dale Williams6161
16Brad Henning6262
17Aaron Merideth6363
18Joel Olmstead6565
18Shiela Foster6565