MADg Dubs

Saturday, July 2, 2022 at McCulloch in Muncie, Indiana
Disc golf doubles tournament

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Added cash $10


Tournament DirectorChris Carroll
Assistant TDKyle Walls

About this tournament

Muncie's first MADg Dubs fundraiser for the Delaware County Open!

2 round of 20 holes best shot doubles at McCulloch, switching basket layouts between rounds.

Half entry goes to payout, half to fund DCO.

Payouts will be via PayPal.

Three pools! This is based on division.

Open: Either or both 935 or over.
Blue: Both under 935
Red: Both under 875

PAY ATTENTION TO WAITLIST: Lets say Blue pool fills up but Red doesn't, if there are any people on blue waitlist they will be added in place of the missing Reds.

Hole A and B will have signs up day of. A is opposite of the gravel lot behind 7's tee, B is north across the street from A's basket.

There will be Ace and CTP funds. If Ace is not hit, we will have a CTP on a Basket everyone can reach from the top of the derby hill.

Hole order will be

1-6, A, B, 7-18

On buy in, mulligans are available. You may buy one PER PERSON, PER ROUND. If you only buy one, you only can only use it yourself the first round.
EXAMPLE: You buy just one mulligan. So if you both miss a 20 foot putt, just you may re-putt. [unless your team mate also bought one]
They are "personal" mulligans.

All divisions will be playing the same layout.

All Day Rules

"The 803.01 rule change sucks"
At any point you may hold your partners hand to clear any debris, sticks, rocks, whatever from your run up.

Round 1 Rules
Mandatory roller off the tee on one hole both players. Team chooses their own hole. Each player must declare "GET WHEELS!" during roll for it to be official.

"I Wanna Hold Your Hand"
(optional) Only once per team you may use your partners foot as the legal lie, never progressing "towards" the basket. You must be holding your partners hand during throw.

Round 2 Rules
"This hole sucks"
(optional) Each team can pick one hole where -they- make their own new tee pad using two discs [5 feet wide] within 30 feet IN ANY DIRECTION NOT CLOSER TO THE BASKET of the tee sign.

"Twice or it's luck"
At any point you you call out your team mates throw to re-throw from their lie. "DO IT AGAIN BUT BETTER!" must be called out before their throw comes to rest. You may only do this once per person.

Refund policy
MADGC is responsible for refunds.

Refund policy

Muncie Area Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.




Saturday, July 2, 2022
- 9:45am
QUICK players meeting at the practice basket to go over rules.
10:00amTee off!

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$60.00 / teamOPENEither Above 935
$60.00 / teamBLUEEither 935 and Below
$60.00 / teamREDEither 875 and Below
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