Luv Dubs 2019

Saturday, April 13, 2019 at Roots DGC in Salt Lake City, Utah
Disc golf doubles tournament



Tournament DirectorNoel Covey
Co-Tournament DirectorAlex Covey

About this tournament

Good news everyone, the world didn't end in 2018! That means we get to do Luv Dubs again!

This is the third year in a row that we've been able to host this event, and it feels real good! Once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, three times is a floincidence. Am I right? That's my word. Don't use it without asking. I'll know.

Cost of Event
Registration cost for each TEAM is $50 (25 per person)

Registration includes 1 round of Putter Olympics and 1 round of Alternate Shot Doubles play. Each player will also receive 1 tournament stamped disc and 1 putter.

Format and Rules

The basic format and rules will be the same this year as in years past. This is a non-sanctioned co-ed doubles event.

A Co-ed Team consists of two players of opposite gender. While we certainly don't want to discriminate against any one, we have set the precedent for this event that "Co-ed Team" means one person who is biologically male and one person who is biologically female. Please observe and respect that precedent.

Alternate Shot Doubles - two players will take turns playing from subsequent lies, starting with the tees-hot and ending with holing-out. A schedule will be in place to determine which member of the team will take the tee-shot for each hole.

Example: Player A is scheduled for the tee-shot. Player B then throws/putts from where the tee-shot landed. If the hole is not finished, Player A takes the next shot. Play continues in this manner until the hole is completed. The person who starts the next hole is determined by the tee-shot schedule.

Putter Olympics - this is a putters-only competition wherein players will play independently on a course consisting of putts and short approaches with the putter received in your players pack. Points will be awarded for players in the following format:

3 points to every player who makes the putt
2 points to every player who hits metal
1 point awarded to the person closest to the pin if no one hits metal or makes the putt

Players with the highest points will be awarded a prize. Prize schedule TBD.


There are 3 divisions available. See below for guidelines to help you choose the division that fits your team. Please use your best judgment and discretion.

Advanced - Both Players Advanced or any combination of Open/Advanced/Intermediate

Intermediate - Both Players Intermediate

Recreational - Both players new to the sport or 1 intermediate player/1 new player.

Payouts and Prizes

The 1st place team in each division will get their very own Luv Dubs Trophy!

Birdcage Disc Golf will be on site to redeem vouchers won by placing teams.

Ace Pot will be paid out to whomever hits an ace during the event (excluding Putter Olympics). If multiple aces are hit, the pot will be divided by the number of aces and paid out accordingly. If no aces are hit, a competition will be organized to determine a winner of the ace pot at the end of the event.

Refund policy

There will be no refunds after Friday April 5th.
Noel Covey is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Roots DGC
Salt Lake City, UT   Get Directions



Saturday, April 13, 2019
- 8:50am
- 9:20am
Players Meeting
- 9:30am
Assign Putter Olympics Cards
- 10:50am
Putter Olympics- 27 Holes
- 11:20am
Snack Break!
- 11:45am
Players Meeting/ Assign Luv Dubs Cards
- 3:00pm
Luv Dubs 18 Holes
- 4:15pm
Awards Ceremony

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

4 Discs
4 Discs
4 Discs