Lucky Ace Presents The “Are Ya Feeling Lucky” Flex Start #3

PDGA logoWednesday, January 25, 2023 at Stonebridge Church DGC in The Woodlands, Texas
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Lucky Ace Presents The “Are Ya Feeling Lucky” Flex Start #3 graphic

About this tournament

Week 3 of the series is upon us! This Flex will be the last Wednesday Flex of the series. The odds of good weather seem to be in our favor this week. Ace can't wait to see you all out at Stonebridge flexing what you've got!

“Wait a minute. Do I get this right? You’re gonna play this creep’s game?” – Harry Callahan

-Flex start from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Sign up on Disc Golf Scene or in person at the event. Registration will stay open until the last card tees off at 4:05 PM. Each card must have at least 3 players, and no more than 5. The cost is $25 for every division. The access code for PDGA live score will be PUNK3 this week.

Surrounded by water, any fence and beyond, surrounded by concrete and beyond.

-Hole 5 - Short Tee marked with flags. (MA4/All ladies and junior divisions)
-Hole 6 - Short Tee marked with flags. (MA4/All ladies and junior divisions)
-Hole 7 - The double tree mando is in play. All missed mando shots or OB throws will proceed to the flagged drop zone across the pond.
-Hole 8 - All lies within range get a 2-meter relief off of the barbed wire fence.
-Hole 9 - All shots that go OB proceed to the flagged drop zone.

-CASH CTP (Hole #13 for week 3)
-There will be one $5 optional cash CTP every week. Purchase with signup on disc golf scene or in person at the event. PLEASE BRING SMALL BILLS

-All pro division's will be paid via PayPal
-All amateur division's will be paid via Lucky Ace gift card that you can redeem in store, online, or at any popup shop. All gift cards expire 12/31/23.
-Cash CTP and Lucky Ace pot winniners will be contacted for payment.
-(Buy in breakdown) $18 towards payout, $2 PDGA fee, $5 TD fee

-ABR (Amateur Bonus Round)
-The Amateur bonus round is a shortened course par 2 style that is not sanctioned and will have TON'S of CTP prizes, Raffles, and other giveaways!
-The top 30% of each amateur division (across the four round series) will qualify for entry into the ABR. Any amateur player can also qualify regardless of ABR points if 3 of the 4 rated rounds are completed.

-1st place - 5 points
-2nd place - 3 points
-3rd place - 2 points
-All other players that complete their round get 1 point.

Refund policy

Lucky Ace Discs is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Nicolas Gartner4848$45
2Anthony AP Perkins5050$27
3Andrew Jefferson5656
3Hunter Montagne5656
1Michael Elizondo58585.00$18
1Ricky Gonzalez61615.00$18
1Fred Needham54545.00$18
1Jordan Beef Kessner51515.00
2Travis Dillard54543.00
3Extra Mayo55552.00
4Bryan Trahan56561.00
4Stephen Smith56561.00
6Thomas Watkins65651.00
1Josef Hollas52525.00$49
2Stewart Parker V55553.00$37
3Chris Stone58582.00$20
3Synjin Dillard58582.00$20
5Brandon Ramos62621.00
5Scott Davis62621.00
7J Fortner63631.00
1Ian Elijah57575.00$49
2Alex Moore59593.00$35
3Chris Fennell61612.00$12
3Daniel Hubert61612.00$12
5Joseph Johnson65651.00
6Terry Dillard68681.00
1Tammy Coffey72725.00$18
1Maegan Kaminsky60605.00$18
1Megan Springer7272$18
1Isabella Parker72725.00$18
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