Lucky Ace Double Down Double

PDGA logoSunday, September 25, 2022 at Northside Christian Church in Spring, Texas
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned doubles tournament

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Tournament DirectorBryan Trahan
Occifer MatheJason Mathe
That One GuyJay Almaguer

About this tournament

Lucky Ace Double Down Doubles is a Flex Start BYOP XC-Tier Doubles tournament played in the “Best Shot” format.

Flex Start: You and your partner can find another team and tackle the course whenever is most convenient for you between the hours of 1:00 and 5:30 P.M.

BYOP: Bring Your Own Partner. Anyone at all! Just remember that when choosing a division, the rating of the higher rated player is the decision maker. For example, a 939 rated player and 905 rated player playing doubles together will be expected to play in the Advanced division.

XC-Tier: As defined by the PDGA, “an X-tier event is any event that deviates from ordinary PDGA rules and regulations in a significant enough way to merit a modified Tier designation.” In other words, it’s a doubles tournament, and you and your partner won’t receive a rating for this round.

Best Shot: Both players throw from the tee, then choose the best resulting lie from their two shots. Both players throw from that lie, and continue on in that way until they have successfully completed the hole.

Now for the fun stuff. Amateur teams will be playing for gift cards that can be used to browse and purchase anything from Lucky Ace’s awesome pop-up shop or online store, accessible at

Professional teams will be playing for cash, and as an added bonus, Ace is adding $100 to the pro payout!! (Pros will be paid via PayPal no later than 24 hours after the event ends.)

You are required to sign up here on Disc Golf Scene, but registration won’t close until the last card is sent off!

$60 pro ($46 payouts $10 TD fee $4 PDGA)
$50 AM ($36 payouts $10 TD fee $4 PDGA)

Refund policy

Lucky Ace Discs is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.
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