Laurelain Triple Take

PDGA logoSaturday, December 14, 2019 at Laurelain Park in Reading, Pennsylvania
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned teams tournament

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About this tournament

Elevated Disc Golf Events is partnering with Berks Disc Golf Club to bring back the Laurelain Triple Take.

This is a sanctioned best shot TRIPLES tournament which means three times, three times, three times the points. AND eleven times the fun. (might need to have someone check my math on that...)

We'll be playing two rounds of 18 holes at the newly redesigned Laurelain DGC in Reading, PA. Berks Disc Golf Club continues to put in a ton of work here. Come and check out this developing gem.

Pros will be playing for cash, Ams will be playing for trophies and glory. Ams will receive disc of choice as a player's pack. CTP's and side games will round out the prize pool.

Refund policy

Elevated Disc Golf Events is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. All refunds will be handled as per the PDGA Refund Policy found here-



Final Results

PDGA results at
Round 1: Laurelain Park - Triple Take 2019 - RD1, 18 holes, par 58
Round 2: Laurelain Park - Triple Take 2019 - RD2, 18 holes, par 59
1Thomas Smith II42468880.00
2Derek Aggleton44458960.00
3Dylan Horst42489040.00
4Jerry Dyson44479120.00
5Terrance Hummel--080.00$60
6Ryan Kilker--080.00
7Tim Mastin--060.00$25
8Cody Hartzell--060.00
9Alex King--040.00
9Stephen Ansay--040.00
11Adam Fegley--020.00
11Nick Strobel--020.00
Round 1: Laurelain Park - Triple Take 2019 - RD1, 18 holes, par 58
Round 2: Laurelain Park - Triple Take 2019 - RD2, 18 holes, par 59
1Brandon Harman494998280.00
2David Schauers504999260.00
3Patrick Joyce5152103240.00
4Justin Ebersol5153104220.00
5Dan Hornberger5353106200.00
6Joshua LeValley5355108180.00
7Thomas Rice5257109160.00
8William Trippe5159110140.00
9Dave Detzel5560115120.00
10Paul Shiflett5660116100.00
10Robert Kelly5561116100.00
12Ben Stidd576211960.00
13Josh Goheen606312340.00
14Jordan Hostetter636212520.00
15Dustin O'Brien--0280.00
15Josh Heindel--0280.00
17James Mayes--0260.00
17Paul Scarpato--0260.00
19John Borger--0240.00
19Matthew Borger--0240.00
21Leslie Rosenberry--0220.00
21Stanley Ebersol--0220.00
23Jared Quigg--0200.00
23Roy Spuhler--0200.00
25Ben Hammen--0180.00
25Evan Werner--0180.00
27Josh Adams--0160.00
27Ryan Carr--0160.00
29Ben Simons--0140.00
29Craig Scott--0140.00
31Ian Yan Detzel--0120.00
31Steve Detzel--0120.00
33Erin Neal--0100.00
33Frank Summers--0100.00
33Josh Hirneisen--0100.00
33Marc Noble--0100.00
37Chris Troy--060.00
37Derik Kauffman--060.00
39Anthony Fraccica--040.00
39Dan Fraccica--040.00
41Eli Detzel--020.00
41Matt Noel--020.00