Labor Day Doubles

Monday, September 2, 2019 at Elwood DGC in Elwood, Indiana
Disc golf doubles tournament

Labor Day Doubles graphic

About this tournament

We hope everyone had as much fun as we did. What a great day.

First, we capped the event at 100 players. We had to turn away 5 teams total at the event. That's not something we ever want to do but having 6 player cards makes for a very long day and we are unwilling to sacrifice a quality event by over filling it. This is one of the many reasons preregistration is so critical for our sport. Our Sport is growing rapidly and our reach with players is too. Events are going to increasingly fill on Preregistration and to play an event it's going to become increasingly important to sign up early. It also makes the event much easier to operate and smoother for everyone.

On the the fun stuff!

Two aces were hit from the Open/Advanced/Intermediate ace pool.

The first by Team Chubb Disc Golf member Andrew Cornwell on hole B!
The second was hit by Patrick Vitale on hole E!

Those two split the ace pool of $130.00 for $65.00 each.

No ace was hit for the Novice/Rec pool and a throw off resulted in a player which our exhausted CEO forgot to write down walking away with $100.00 in ace funds. I know, I know. Rookie move.

We collected $130.00 for the Open/Advanced/Intermediate 50/50 ctp pools.

$65.00 from that pool will go to directly to Elwood Disc Golf Enthusiasts in the next few days.

The other $65.00 was collected and the CTP card is currently MIA. I will have that information soon.

The Novice/Rec divisions 50/50 CTP pool was $95.00. We rounded up so we didn't have to mess with change and the CTP value was $48.00. That card is also MIA but will be found when we unload the van later today or tomorrow morning.

$48.00 of that will go to the Elwood Disc Golf Enthusiasts club.

The total we contributed from this event to the EDGE will be $113.00

Next year we will likely change the format a little. Here's the thought process. We had limited interest in a Mixed division. We had many wondering about a novice only division. It's a quickly growing division in Indiana. If it continues to grow we need to think about a novice only division. We also had some questions about age protected divisions. That may be something we modify for the 3rd annual.

We still have 363 days to plan, but we like to get ahead of an event so it's a better planned day.

Next year we do away with hole 19 for better flow.

Thank you all for coming and understanding a few errors due to the TD getting to play the event. It's rare, but needed.

Refund policy

Chubb Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

Round 1: Elwood DGC - Main course Labor Day Doubles 25 Hole, 25 holes, par 75
Round 2: Elwood DGC - Main course Labor Day Doubles 25 Hole, 25 holes, par 75
1Jason Smith
Jerry Hurlock
6161122 (-28)$126
2Dlee Stevens
Tony Thomas
6461125 (-25)$104
2Jonathan Harbaugh
Matt Lewis
6065125 (-25)$104
4Dave Dolph
William Vollmer
6365128 (-22)$98
4Dustin Sheline
Robert Mahaney
6464128 (-22)$98
6Dusty Kendall
Jacob Kapper
6565130 (-20)$72
6Eric Hampton
Gretchen Lee
6664130 (-20)$72
8Doug Cramer
Joshua Swift
6665131 (-19)$56
8Melissa Asher
Zachary Smith
6764131 (-19)$56
10Chase Bond
Will Lipscombe
6468132 (-18)$20
10Kyle Clem
Mike Penix
6666132 (-18)$20
12Buk Phillips
Nathan Clanton
6469133 (-17)
13Dalten Hamilton
Tim Hamilton
6668134 (-16)
14Andrew Tucker
Jeramiah Hale
7165136 (-14)
15Adam Basham
Jacob Lease
6969138 (-12)
15Andrew Hammond
Victor Phillips II
6573138 (-12)
17Jude McGuire
Roger Cummins
7168139 (-11)
18Jonathan Fulkerson
Seth Grandidge
7272144 (-6)
19Jeremy Vance
7273145 (-5)
20Jacob Dines
Tim Dines
7475149 (-1)
21Daniel Bahrke
Michael Nice
7579154 (+4)
Round 1: Elwood DGC - Main course Labor Day Doubles 25 Hole, 25 holes, par 75
Round 2: Elwood DGC - Main course Labor Day Doubles 25 Hole, 25 holes, par 75
1Matt Lewis
Randy Boughan
5957116 (-34)$132
2Kyle Cox
Spencer Loscar
6561126 (-24)$99
2Matt Gettys
6363126 (-24)$99
4Chad Chubb
Mitch Johnson
6364127 (-23)$66
5Brian Hannigan
Kodi Jenkins
6366129 (-21)$44
6Dale Sapp
Dave Richardson
6466130 (-20)
7Tim White III
Tim White Jr.
6467131 (-19)
8George Dauenhauer
Jeremy Doom
6765132 (-18)
9Eric Owens
Jason Shaw
6865133 (-17)
10Joel White
Travis Edwards
6670136 (-14)
11John Wick
Rob Harley
6969138 (-12)
Round 1: Elwood DGC - Main course Labor Day Doubles 25 Hole, 25 holes, par 75
Round 2: Elwood DGC - Main course Labor Day Doubles 25 Hole, 25 holes, par 75
1Dustin Schacht
Jeremy Geiger
5758115 (-35)$378
2Joe Patton
Ron Faucett
5857115 (-35)$264
3Andrew C
Cornwell A
5958117 (-33)$189
4Patrick Vitale
Tim Butt
6058118 (-32)$136
5Dustin Ashba
Jimmy Harp
5862120 (-30)$96
5Eric Steg
Jake Williams
6159120 (-30)$96
5Jack Cress
Tony Ray Marzicola
5763120 (-30)$96
5Rob McNeal
Ryan Beavers
6060120 (-30)$96
9Jeremy Luster
Nick Johnson
6259121 (-29)
10Blake Trigg
Norm Ray
6361124 (-26)
10Dakin Updegraff
Jared Bourff
6064124 (-26)
10John Crowe
Trevon Crowe
5965124 (-26)
13Aaron Hill
Sam Ebert
6560125 (-25)
13Cory Brown
Jeff Gonzales
6362125 (-25)
13Derrick Cunningham
Eric Dewitt
6164125 (-25)
13James Collins
Seth Caldwell
6164125 (-25)
17Bryan Gipson
Clinton Watson
6166127 (-23)
18Matt Moreno
Napoleon Gracia
6370133 (-17)