LaBenite Flexer

PDGA logoSunday, November 28, 2021 at LaBenite DGC in Sugar Creek, Missouri
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

LaBenite in Suger Creek, MO is one of the newest courses in the area and it needs a little final help to get completed. For this event, we have a goal of $4,000 to help finish installing the short tee pads.

This is a PDGA C Tier Flex Start event and will run from 10a until 1 pm. Flex Start means you can start anytime between 10 am and you must be tee'd off no later than 1 pm. Groups can be anywhere from 3 to 5 players. You are encouraged to find your own group, but if you are unable to, we will do our best to find a group for you once you are onsite.

The event has a $25 entry fee. $12 of each entry fee will be removed from the payout. $2 of the $12, covers the PDGA sanctioning, and the remaining $10 will go to the Course Goal. The remaining $13 will go towards the payout.

You will be playing 1 round of 18 holes at the LeBenite Disc Golf Course in Suger Creek, MO.

Refund policy

Since this is a fundraiser, any cancellations for any reason prior to the day of the event will receive a partial refund. $10 will be held and donated to the Course Goal and the remaining $15 will be refunded.

Any day of cancellations or no-call no-shows will have 100% of their entry donated to the Course Goal.

UnderPar DiscGolf Promotions is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


LaBenite DGC
Sugar Creek, MO   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Michael Babbitt5858$50
2Ashton Kroenlein6060$40
3Mark Krueger6161$30
4Jacob Berger6262$20
5Brett Lance6363$15
6Jayme Padilla6565
7Jared Finley6767
8Daniel Thayer6868
8Mark Komoroski6868
10Brad Link6969
11Cody Davidson7070
12Christian O Ramirez7373
13Mario Ortiz7575
Pro 40+
1Jose Ossa5757$55
2Derek Metcalf6262$45
3Danny Knox6363$30
3Dick Parker6363$30
5Christian Eikermann6666$20
5Duane CD Steiner6666$20
7Travis Trober6868$10
8Mark Schmitz6868
9Carl Aufner6969
10Cliff Bennett7070
10Mike Stumfoll7070
10Paul Hirt7070
13Cade Garrelts7171
14Aaron Stevens7373
15Jason Flook7575
16Kevin Weiss7676
17Ryan Englund8080
Pro Women 40+
1Jan Stumfoll9797$13
1Wes Christian6565$40
2RJ LAWSON6868$25
2Robert Clark6868$25
4Broc Dobbs6868
5Matthew Long6969$20
6Randy Kaufmann6969
7Mychael Washam7070$20
8Brett Main7171$10
8Dennis Hall7171$10
8Jayme Wallingford7171$10
8John Cullen7171$10
12Chris Lockard7272
12Ryan Hayes7272
14Josh Egan7373
15Justin Frey7777
15Logan Heer7777
17Anthony Robleado7878
Amateur 40+
1Matt Hirt6666$40
2Mike Keizer6767$30
3Brian Cornelius6969$25
4George Rousis7171$25
5Jason Huckleberry7373$20
5Roman Davis7373$20
7Jeff Ozorkiewicz7474$11
8Brian Palmer7474
9Brad Scott7575
9Rafiq McDaniel7575
11Chad Metcalf7777
12Drew Neitzel7878
13Steven Karpovich7979
14Sean Johnson8282
Amateur 50+
1Shawn Nelson7474$13
1Steve Stansberry7474$13
3Michael Krueger7474
4Joseph Crowther7676
5Jim Armer8888
1Dustin Klein6969$33
1Eric Jacobsen6969$33
1James Norris6969$33
1Kyle Kelley6969$33
1Max Rogman6969$33
1Shaun Maher6969$33
7Michael Rahmberg7171$12
7Pete Bunyar7171$12
9Alex Bruschi7171
10Todd Thurman7272
11Alex Moss7373
12Charlie Main7474
13David Herbert7676
13Jonatan Mejia Jr7676
13Jordan Jennings7676
13Zachary Dennett7676
17Kyle Schluben7878
18Octavio Soto-flores7979
1Zechariah Bunyar6565$50
2Sean Alzatar6969$40
3Justin Becker7171$40
4Randy Smith7272$35
5Dalton Hicks7373$35
6Quinton Schneck7474$25
6Troy Parks7474$25
8Alejandro Olmo-Payton7676$20
9Connor Schluben7777$20
10Tim Kerns7878
11Austin Hatch7979$10
11Danny Johnson7979$10
11Peter Jenkins7979$10
14Evan Dahlor8080
15Brian Nance8181
16Conner Creason8282
16Jimmy Blundell8282
18Jonny Main8383
18Quincy Diggs8383
20Justin Bay8484
21Adam Royer8585
21Chris Kirk8585
23Martin Beeler9191
24Ros Davis9292
25Michael Shinneman9696
26Zach Stevens9999
Intermediate Women
1Kayley Baack9292$13
Recreational Women
1Nena Parrish9494$26
2Marie Main110110
Junior 18
1Dominic Englund8282$13
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