LDP #1 (Lemmon Drop Practice/Preview Round)

Thursday, October 6, 2022 at Lemmon Drop EB Sponsor in Ski Valley, Arizona
Disc golf event

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About this tournament

Registration for the LDP Day #1 will open up here on 8/4/22 a 3pm on discgolfscene.

The other two dates (Oct 7 and Oct 13th) will be forthcoming.
Here the important details:

The LDP (Lemmon Drop Preview/Practice) can be played different ways by different groups of players. Players may choose to play any of the 18-holes from their Am or Pro positions, allowing for pre-tournament practice rounds, casual rounds, or a chance to play for players not able to make the tournament. LDP Days will also serve as a test to see if we could potentially set up a course multiple weeks or even months before/after future Lemmon Drop.

Each LDP Day will have 20 groups/cards going out, starting at 10:20am, and then each card every 10 minutes after that (10:20, 10:30, 10:40, 10:50, etc). It is anticipated that a round of 18 holes takes roughly 4 hours to complete.

Each time slot can be registered by one person ONLY. The person registering the time slot will be the "card boss" and is responsible for ensuring all players for their card have checked-in with our staff, signed waivers, and are in line to ride the ski lift at their designated time.

The card boss may cancel their registration ahead of time, up to 48 hours prior to 10:30 am of the day of their tee time, with a similar refund schedule as tournaments. Each page will detail out the specific dates, etc.

Each card may have up to AN ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM of four players, including the card boss.

Play format, tee pads used, and the like are entirely up to the card. As this is time-constrained and intended as casual play to preview the course, or an opportunity for folks not competing in the actual tournament to experience the course, we do ask that y'all treat it as a friendly casual game, and let folks play through if your card is holding up others.

The card boss must either be present or have communicated directly with staff if they are going to be late before the card can go up.
If the card boss cannot attend, they must communicate with staff directly to sign a new card boss.

If a player is running late but still expected, they may catch up with their card mates on the slopes when they arrive, after checking in and signing a waiver.

*While LDP Days are NOT PDGA-sanctioned events, we ask that players act responsibly and within the confines of Ski Valley's rules. This is the first opportunity we've had to open the slopes up for play beyond the tournament itself, and we would like to impress upon them the value we add to their space.

As always, any questions or concerns, please reach out to us and let us know.

Refund policy

We understand that life events can sometimes require a reassessment of priorities. Should you need to withdraw from the LDP, the fastest way to get a refund is by using discgolfscene.com. We will be following the refund guidelines of the PDGA. PayPal fees may be non-refundable.
Here are key dates to be aware of:

9/6/22: Last day for full refunds (minus $10 handling fee)

9/7/22-9/22/22: If a tee-time is not filled by a waitlisted card boss in their pool, a 50% cash refund. If the tee-time is filled 100% cash refund (minus $10 handling fee)

9/23/22-10/4/22: If a tee-time is not filled by a waitlisted card boss in their pool, a 25% cash refund. If the tee-time is filled 100% cash refund (minus $10 handling fee)

10/4/22 at 10:20am Arizona time: Waitlist ends and all waitlist players get a full refund (no handling fee). No additional players will be added to the tournament.



The schedule has not been posted yet.

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

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