Donner Ski Ranch Open Driven by Innova

PDGA logoSat-Sun, September 12-13, 2020 at Donner Ski Ranch in Norden, California
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Donner Ski Ranch Open Driven by Innova graphic


Tournament DirectorCraig Getty
Tournament DirectorShawn Shu Shu Stanley
Tournament DirectorJoshua Matzke

About this tournament

Our King of the North is changing to just a one course event. Due to Sierra College not allowing events this year and the complications of running PDGA events during this pandemic, we will be changing the format to one course and changing the name to the Donner Ski Ranch Open Driven by Innova.

I will conduct this event specifically in accordance with any health regulations applicable in my jurisdiction related to the COVID-19 pandemic or any other public health emergency. Participants must follow all social distancing rules or be subject to disqualification.

The format will be one round a day with tee times for both Saturday and Sunday. The waiver must be signed before registration is complete.

Full refunds will be granted as long as a waitlist player accepts the promotion. The tee times will be posted September 9th. At 8:00 pm on 9-8-20 the registration will close and no refunds will be made.

Thank you for your patience!

Refund policy

Tournament Director is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Final Results

PDGA results at
1Alex Lyon464288
2Austin Hoop454994
2Trent Somerville484694
4Maximus Meyer514495
5Michael Arauza504797
5Sean Tapley484997
7Joseph Parker485098
8Kyle Normand524799
9Joey Garcia5150101
10Zach McFarling5349102
11Travis Simpson5053103
12Joshua Matzke5352105
13Ben Slakey5255107
13Jarrett Cox5354107
15Evan Osgood5457111
15Tim Weaver5358111
17Chris Bates5559114
18Corey Kelso5858116
Pro 40+
1Joe Akhavan474491
2Shaun Long484795
3Shane Kimbrel475198
4Eric Stachnick5050100
5Paul Piper5447101
6John Howell5152103
6Keven Krueger5251103
6Patrick Mcnett4954103
9Jaysen McDaniel5252104
10Fats Sonderfan5452106
11Serjio Castaneda5354107
11Travis Price5255107
Pro 50+
1Mike Griffith5248100
1Roger Cansler4852100
3Doc Little5051101
3Donni Tacos5051101
3Ron Skull Brown5150101
6Blake Tresan5052102
6Jonathan Baldwin5052102
8Chris Carpenter5152103
9Derek Johnson5351104
9Skot Meyer5252104
9Steve Lonhart4955104
12K. C. Seymour5355108
12Scott Miller5454108
14Jud Sheffield5752109
15John Oliva5160111
16James Hagen5558113
17Edge Dostal5659115
18Doug Johnson5663119
Pro 60+
1Doug Werner5253105
2Steve Welck5655111
3Jeff Fiedler6053113
Open Women
1Nicole Bradley5055105
2Ashlee Conley5362115
3Sonia McNally6458122
4Amanda Zaccone5964123
4Andrea Roegiers6261123
Pro Women 40+
1Leah Akhavan5957116
2Jenn Morgan5760117
3Lorena Dostal6457121
1Rich Fox4753100
2Jim GIlbert4853101
2Justin Smith5447101
4Dann Turner5251103
4Jack Dinsmore4954103
4Rudy Pulido5548103
7Garrett Hormel5452106
7Josh Wagoner5353106
9Sammy Garcia5255107
10Kris Moffitt5256108
11Wesley Haskell5457111
12Chase Ramirez5854112
13Brian Werner5758115
13Spencer Edwards5659115
15Michael Zee Zapata5660116
16Greg Turner5861119
17Markham Shofner--0
Amateur 40+
1Keith Wolter5152103
2Chris LaFond4957106
3CJ Nakayama5553108
4Tad Thrower5258110
5Tyrell Peters5259111
6David Salazar5658114
6Tony Villar5757114
8Mark J Morton5660116
9Eric Wonhof6160121
10Jeffrey Lane6062122
11Jeff Groller6066126
Amateur 50+
1Scott Webb5453107
1Tullin Valdez5552107
3Michael Lindsay5455109
4Mark Hauser5952111
5Shawn Adams5360113
6Erik Furze5462116
6Jesse Reed5759116
8Shawn Shu Shu Stanley5760117
9Danny Austin5564119
10Johnny Blue6461125
10Steve Hey6461125
12Mark Fulton70-70
Amateur 60+
1Dave Chapman5763120
2George Kimmerlein5962121
3Rich Puente6863131
1Casey Jensen5355108
1Samuel Patton5553108
3Andrew Sitzmann5654110
4Daniel Arismendi5656112
4Darrell Echoles5458112
4Kevin C Murray5557112
7Jonathan Phillips5756113
7Scott Dimig5657113
9Doug Barnes5958117
9Seth Munsey5958117
11Cory Lucas5860118
12Wesley Finley6060120
13Lynn Werth6359122
14Alex Tyler6759126
14James Stafford6462126
16Brett Jordan6566131
17Jesse Aves57-57
Intermediate Women
1Meagan Mcclinchey6368131
2Theresa Funk6671137
3Deona Werth7267139
4Brianna Reeves69888957