King Bastard Memorial

Sunday, April 9, 2017 at Lakeshore in Ypsilanti, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

This is a singles event being played at lakeshore disc golf course. We will be playing a total of 28 holes. This event is a special event in the name of a great contributor to the sport and our group. William Gilbert was a good man and we want to honor him by giving away a state championship berth in this year's tournament! It was because of him that were even able to give those out to you guys. So lets have a great time in his memory and hopefully get the chance to hear someone call you a bastard! Lol

Registration opens at 8:00am and closes at 9:00am.
Players meeting at 9:10am
Tee off at 9:30am

$5 raffle tickets for a Black Hole Pro basket
$5 for 1 ticket
$20 for 5 tickets

The cost of this tournament will be slightly different than our others. This tournament requires a $15 minimum donation to the family for your participation. In return for your donation you will receive a king bastard Memorial Tournament decal. Along with the decal we will be offering up the most amount of prizes we have ever had thanks to our sponsorships that we have been working so hard to make happen. We will be giving away tons of plastic, towels , stickers and many other odds and ends. We also will be holding some Raffles and side games as well for some interesting prizes. Big thanks to the Throw Shop for helping this club make this tournament possible as well as Detroit disc company, Holden's party store in Milford, Nick Oliver with the plastic Ninjas, Commotion Design, and any additional sponsors that are still in the works!
Because this is a memorial event we will be putting all funds to a charity for Bill. We will have extra handouts as well as the Michigan State Championship berth to be handed out as prizes rather than cash payout. And so you know that the money is going to a good cause and what that cause is Becky has asked us to try to raise enough money to sponsor a couple women in the National championship being held here in Michigan in 2018. Our goal is to at least send two women this year as well as help Becky and her family in any way we can! Keep in mind as well this tournament is open to anybody and everybody who is willing to help make this event huge. So share with your friends and any other disc golfers you may know.

Refund policy

Disc NutZ DGL is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


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Final Results


Drew Asel$36.00 for Hole D on The Ponds (Original), Short Tees 24 (A-F)
Trevor Leszczynski$36.00 for Hole 13 on The Ponds (Original), Short tees
Round 1: Lakeshore - The Ponds (Original) Short tees, 28 holes, par 86
1Bob Barker7676
2Drew Asel7878
3Mike Tuthill7979
3Trevor Leszcynski7979
5Zack Colosimo8181
6Cory Gray8282
6Dale Dotson8282
8Alex Skillman8585
8Steve Simison8585
10Jihwan Kim8585
11Brad Chartier8686
12Jonathan "BREEZE" Brzys8787
12Mario Ramirez8787
12Ryan Shoner8787
15Jacob Belmas8888
15Joseph Contratto8888
15Sean Mannooch8888
15Steven Cadwell8888
20Tim Rouse8888
21Justin Cova8989
22Chad Fluegge9090
23Jake Billings9191
23Jared Utke9191
25Matt Clark9191
26Joe Kesling9292
27Jared Wilson9393
28Paulie "P-Dawg" Whitmore9494
29Raymond Yaworski9494
30Brad McMillin9595
31Brandon Anderson9696
31Dane "Mounty" Racicot9696
31Jason Cassidy9696
34Adam Sullivan9696
34Lance Dehnbostel9696
36Mark Neiger9898
37Jon Tumath9999
37Paul "GROOT" Feeny9999
37Rusty Gross9999
40Marvin Denison100100
41Drake Ruhberg100100
42Casey "Sensei" Maloney102102
43Robert Lowe106106
44Nick McPhee107107
45Matt Canter107107
46Nick Mcphee107107
Round 1: Lakeshore - The Ponds (Original) Short tees, 28 holes, par 86
1Phil Turner8585
2Marc PaBear Prud'homme8787
3Mike Troczynski8888
4David Holliday9090
4Mike Curry9090
4Robert Schnitker9090
7James Gaves9191
8John Langston9292
9Sam Richman9494
10Jonathan Crayne9595
10Matt Neal9595
12Teddy Smith9797
13Stephen Swafford9999
14Chris Smith100100
14Evan Lewis100100
14Patrick Corey100100
14Ryan Draheim100100
14Steve Clark100100
19Jeffery cole101101
19Monty Wonnacott101101
19Shawn Gregory101101
22Patrick Michael102102
22Steve Bow102102
22"Lightning" Don Bush102102
25Jason Erwin103103
25Jimmy Roberts103103
25Nick Senett103103
28John"Victim" Levitt104104
28Justin Mondoux104104
28Matt Wright104104
31Matt "Ranger" Deornellas105105
32Ryan Foust106106
33Travis Elkins107107
34Josh Flewelling108108
35Jason Johnson109109
35Thomas Shahin109109
37Kevin Washburn111111
38Alijah Denison114114
38randy paulson114114
40Nick Tuthill119119
41LJ Guy121121
42John Gilbert122122
43Mike Franklin127127
Round 1: Lakeshore - The Ponds (Original) Short tees, 28 holes, par 86
1Sara Johnson9797
2Samantha Roberts100100
3Jen Cloke119119
3sherry schmits119119
5Jammie Prophett124124
6Becky Foley Gilbert126126
7Kali "First Lady" Staebler130130
8Felicia Calhoun132132
9Linda Allen138138
10Jeanette Singer140140
11Kendra Bush158158
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