Keep It Clean! #1

Thursday, May 30, 2013 at Waterloo in Lebanon, Oregon
Ace Race


About this tournament

Work Party for 1 hour on holes 2 and 3 at Waterloo...then 10 cents a shot ace race on a single hole...this time it will be hole #3....there is a minimum entry fee of $2 ...that will get you 20 throws at an ace...the ace attempts will last for 1 hour or until all players have thrown all 20 shots at the end of which any aces will split the total cash pot....if there's extra time more throws may be purchased...all players will rotate every 2 shots....Rec div players will have there own tee pads all others will shoot from regular tees

We will continue this all the way thru the course once a week or maybe a little more often until Waterloo is all fixed up again....when we hit the harder holes in the back we will do alt tee pads to give aces a chance...hope to see a bunch of ya out dont have to participate in work party to enter ace race...but the more peeps we can get to help the better.

Any questions or comments use the talk page for this event or just send me a txt....see ya on the green!


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