Kayak Point Open - Supported by Innova

PDGA logoFri-Sun, July 7-9, 2023 at Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort in Stanwood, Washington
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament


Tournament DirectorAnthony Hawley
Ass TDTyge Spane

About this tournament

The 2023 Kayak Point Open will once again be part of PackEx Cup. The PackEx Cup is a series of events being held throughout the Puget Sound area. To find out more information, or to sign up to be a part of the PackEx Cup Series, visit: https://www.packexdiscgolf.com/packex-cup

This year's event will be a 3 day A-tier event. All amateur and pro divisions will be playing one round each day. Junior players will be playing Saturday and Sunday only.

-MPO, MP40, and MP50 will play two rounds of golds and one round on reds
-FPO, FP40, MP60, MA1, MA2, MA40, MA50 will play one round of golds, one of reds and one of greens
-MA60, FA1, FA2, FA40 and MA3 will play two rounds of reds and one round of green
-FA3 and MA4 will play two rounds of greens and one round of reds
If the Blue course is complete by early June, the layout assignments will change

-Pros will be playing for net entry fee + $3,000 added cash (hopefully more!)
-Novice and Junior divisions will receive a larger player pack and will be playing for trophies (No Scrip). All other Ams will receive a player pack and will be playing for scrip.
1st place in each division will receive a trophy.
Net Entry = Entry - Greens fees ($24) and PDGA fees ($3)

The carryover ace pot from the past three events will also be up for grabs! You must buy-in to the ace pot to be paid out

Division caps will be adjusted one month before the event to fill waitlisted divisions. Players promoted from the waitlist will have 72 hours to pay before the they are removed and the next person is promoted.

Thank you to our Event Sponsors:
Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort

Refund policy

Refunds as of June 1st will incur a $10 fee and will follow all PDGA refund policies.

Anthony Hawley is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/64991
1Axel Olson585056$1,265
2Carter Ahrens585157$865
3Mikey Barringer605357$630
3Colin Bryant595160
5Kirby Snyder575262$535
6Tyler Schrock595162$435
7Cameron Messerschmidt585461$365
8John Babb605759$305
8Nicholas Duran665258$305
8Jason Einfeld585365$305
11Kieran Atkinson665358$245
12Isaac Strom645460$225
13Corban Phillips625166$205
14Taylor E655263$190
14Jarod "Dr. Disc Golf" Paul615762$190
16Trevor Loftin635563$165
17Huntington Coats635663$155
18Tyler Ahrens635466
18Nick Allar625467$70
18Caleb Joiner655266$70
18Jeremy Sauve635466$70
18Jason Van Proyen615963$70
23Phillip Raschkow665466
24Brandon Mcnew665467
25Atticus Abraham656063
26Corey Lemieux635868
26Max Spears685665
28Braden Demark685865
28Tyler Kunkel685964
30Mark Anderson695568
30Tom Corella695865
32Chris Shank686065
33Josh Fitts696164
34Blake Burgess696066
34KJ McLean646368
36Logan James Mclaughlin705571
36Jeremy Sigrist685672
36Sylvain Verrier705769
36Gorgie Zaragoza725569
40Zane Sather685872
41Bill Razey675776
42Marco Reyes736268
43Noah Newman766266
44Dave Ellenwood726471
1John Anderson634858$600
2Kenny Clark605458$420
3Dana Etienne665862$285
4Damion Bohling675565$200
4David Fielding615670$200
6Mike Wills685766$120
7Jonathan Baker705965
8Rex Gaoaen715867
9Erich Weitmann656172
10Nathan Alwin716068
11Ryan Kristoffersen726266
11James McLaughlin656174
13Peter Walke706170
14Gustavo Avalos705775
15Robb Gunn676274
1Ming Vang645365$400
2Scot Ranney695769$255
3Chris Hartmann766066$185
4Shane Egeland715775$130
5Steve Bell726072
6Wayne Kuntz715876
6Steve Sandvik715975
8Jamie (chivo Loco) Coble725976
1Kurt Bayne516365$230
2Don Clark58999-
1Sofia Donnecke526961$380
2Gabrielle Lee517061$220
3Alison M547365
4Danielle Keen537968
1Brandie Myers547662$305
2Jennifer Rice587870$180
3Lori Beierle588371
4Cyndi Baker6090999
1Josh Blue466455
2Steven Verver496752
3Austin Roberts476756
4Asher Weideman506358
5Bryan Heald496657
6Jack Stewart486758
7Jacob Baker516459
8Mitchell Dorman496660
9Dylan Albrecht507156
9Jayson Gregory496761
9Taylor Lucas516561
9Ryan Pitchford496860
13Nick Greco527056
13Colin Quinn527155
15Nate Wallen497159
16Taylor Livingston536860
17Dan McMillin496964
18Taylor Sharpes517063
18Reece Snider537061
18Devon J Zueger507460
21Alexander McAbee527658
22Brandon Hubbard537659
22Brian Powell577061
24Matthew Nerland507564
25Chris Lowe577263
25Mario Sarinana517566
27Brett Utschinski537862
28Jesse Paul537269
29Jeff Maison627162
30Jordan Karavias577564
31Knight Ring567764
32Drew Parrish567865
33Aurrick Sparling607072
34Rylan Snider678882
35Andrew David57999-
1Ben Phillips526758
2Daniel Burke507158
3Luckie Bigelow526762
3Adam Hill506962
5Justin Dam526863
6Seth Minick527162
7Jacob Briere527065
8Adrian Atman527066
9Ace Nelson497371
10Forrest Furbush518361
11Chris Griffith528267
11Robert Payne587865
13Michael Buist568169
14Joshua Ulstad608973
15Cory (sexy Beast) Stoffer709476
1Jason Martin516759
2Tom Rohrer516760
3Tom Nelson556758
4Jeff Rich547357
5Chris Grandy527363
5Steven Cajun Kent547262
7Robbie Mapes577265
8Jimmy Archer597565
9Theodore Everson III607864
9Ray Gries587767
11Casey Cass657968
12Andy Salkield61999-
1Chuck Knudson586368
2Tom Bogusz577068
3Bertrand Webster606869
4Joel Gleghorn597069
5Stephen Rolling656968
6Frank Thomson617273
7Don Anderson607378
8Matt Bogusz697779
1Joel Gleghorn III486853
2Levi Read516357
3Nathan Campbell516558
3Charlie Couch526755
5Morgan Hart516361
5Cameron R Sphung526855
7Michael Kirby556358
8Brian Le526659
8Jules VanAusdeln536658
10Alex Couch467260
10Zackery Johns506860
12Maurice Morrison526958
13Oliver Depina506862
13Adam Desimone536562
15Wilson McLean506764
16Brian Armstrong506765
16Brodie Whitcomb546860
18Aaron Young527358
19Brian Witter546862
20Jon Arnold516965
20Jordan Parker517361
20Everett Powers576761
20Sam Schumer536963
24Sean Fithian527163
24Spencer Sawyer547557
26Alexander Kamps576961
26Darren McGuire527164
28Kevin Villaruz597162
29Dan Champney557167
29Rob Cyr566968
31Michael Mahmoodi577563
31Joshua Wymyslo547764
33Adam Hudson577267
33Alexander Paschal507967
33Travis Schuermann577366
36Michael Warriner577467
37Christian Read567473
38Justin Paul617868
39AJ Hansen5170999
39Dennis Wiebe6085999
1Aidan Persons506162
2Steven Schnitzer506560
3Christian Hernandez506165
3Alex Logsdon536261
5RJ Stidham546363
6Cory Kaldestad526465
6Evan Stagliano546364
8Eli Little596360
8Josh Morgan526169
10Mark Hansen566662
10Derek Shiu516469
12Sean MacGugan596462
13Rich Bryant556764
13Isaac Zais546864
15Austin Persons556768
16Jeff Bagley576767
16Christian Laney626762
18Justin Myser606967
19Marshall Denton547172
19Michael Kahlig596672
19Alex Neary596771
22Joon Kim576973
23Nate Bogusz587375
24Nathan Dilworth617771
25Matt Swankie54999-
1Jonathan Scott Lothrop515853
2Ethan Knespel566655
3Dreydon Hendricks576659
4Dax Fielding566861
5Collier Mayo586762
6Vic Brancacio557459
7Matthew Hargrave597062
8James Komara627360
9Chase Sanville617362
10Kane Remmereid637361
11Joshua Fernandez607169
12Kent Mocabee657667
13Brian Spain64888-
1Vanessa Steffny626668
2Daisey James587468
1Shayna Schuermann648472
1Caroline Edwards627475
2Sarah Kaldestad607779
3Amber Johnson627779
3Alicia Mednansky657875
5Samantha Wallen688083
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