Kastaplast Bingo Blast at Alex Clark

Saturday, October 13, 2018 at Alex Clark Memorial in McKinney, Texas
Disc golf singles tournament


Kastaplast Bingo Blast at Alex Clark graphic

About this tournament

No day of registration is available. All packs have been claimed.

Kastaplast Bingo Blast is a 2-disc event, played in bingo style! The format brings a touch of chance into disc golf and allows you to embrace your playful side! With three levels of difficulty on the bingo boards, beginners will have a shot at beating the pros!

Instead of a traditional scorecard, you will get a bingo board with the 18 hole-numbers spread out in all the boxes of the board. If you manage to clear five holes in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row, you have a BINGO!

For the player package we have selected two of our most popular discs: K1 Kaxe Z and K3 Reko. Both designed to handle a big variety of situations that you will face during a round. A stylish Bingo Blast stamp has been designed for the discs.

And yes, there will be prizes, CTP-competitions and lots of fun for anyone with a playful mind!

Since these will be ordered form Europe registration closes a bit earlier than usual.

The bingo boards
The boards come in 24 variants, divided into three levels of difficulty. Within each group of four players, try to avoid handing out identical boards (same board number). For info on how to use the boards, see ‘How to play Kastaplast Bingo Blast’ below. Even though the players may choose levels freely, you will need to do some guidance. We have put together some guidelines for the levels, also found below.

Klosest to pin (KTP)
Two of the 18 holes should be selected by the organizer as “Klosest to Pin”-holes. Pick holes that have suitable fairways, allowing players to move and stick the Klosest to Pin-sign into the ground, as the leader changes.

Winners and prizes

After the round, collect the two KTP-signs and all bingo boards (but give them back as souvenirs afterwards). Follow these steps when announcing the winners:

1: Winner of First Bingo (wins a “Winner of Kastaplast Bingo Blast” disc).
2: Winner of Total bingos (wins a “Winner of Kastaplast Bingo Blast” disc).
3: Winner of Boxes cleared (wins a “Winner of Kastaplast Bingo Blast” disc).
4: Winners of Klosest to Pin (both win a “Klosest to Pin” disc).
5: Raffle. Draw 2 bingo boards that have one or more bingos (each wins a Kastaplast disc).

Refund policy

1776 Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.