Kastaplast Bingo Blast

Saturday, June 8, 2019 at Park Circle in North Charleston, South Carolina
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

How to play Kastaplast Bingo Blast
The following info should be passed on to the players during the introduction...
The only discs allowed on Kastaplast Bingo Blast are the two discs from the player package.
The bingo board
For each hole on the course there is a number on the bingo board. Below each number you
will find what you need to score, at worst, on that hole to clear that box. Circle it.
If you manage to clear five holes in a row; horizontally, vertically or diagonally… you have a
bingo. Feel free to shout “BINGO!”. In the ‘First bingo’-box you should write how many holes
you had played to get the bingo. The round then continues as usual, and you may get further
After the round you should also put down the total number of bingos and the number of box-
es cleared, before handing it in to the TD (you will get it back afterwards).
All boards have six Golden Holes, where the hole number is featured twice but with different
score requirements. If scoring the lower of the two, you will clear both boxes. If scoring the
higher, clear that box only.
The center box is a free space, counted as a pre-circled box that can be included in bingo
rows. This box should also be counted when you summarize your round in ‘Boxes cleared’.
Scoring an ACE means you get bingos on all rows of five, that are in line with the current box
horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Depending on the placement of the box on the board,
and whether it’s a Golden Hole or not, an ace will give 2-6 bingos.
Three levels of difficulty
The boards come in three levels of difficulty. You may pick the level of your own choice. How-
ever, it will be most fun if you find the board challenging.
Klosest to Pin (KTP)
Hole __ and __ are closest to pin holes. If your disc manages to stay closer to the basket than
the current KTP-leader, move the sign to mark your spot and write your name on the backside of
the sign. Only your first throw from tee is valid for KTP. The hole is then played as any other hole.
Winners will be announced according to the results in your score boxes and the Klosest to Pin-
signs. There will also be a raffle for further prizes.

Refund policy

Casey Lee is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


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