Kanawha Valley Freeze Out Hunger

Saturday, February 3, 2018 at Coonskin Park in Charleston, West Virginia
Disc golf singles tournament

Kanawha Valley Freeze Out Hunger graphic

About this tournament

This is a fundraiser for hunger and proceeds will go to the "Feed My Sheep Program".

All participants will receive free Sure Grip Disc from Gateway. This will be the first year playing on a golf course. 18 holes - max 5 players per hole and requests for players on specific holes will try to be honored if you preregister.

The following link is a list of preferred food items :

There will be mulligans that can be purchased for fundraising purposes. $1.00 per mulligan and $20.00 max for the tournament. Each mulligan purchased will enter you into raffle. Also at $10.00 and $20.00 level there will be choice of free shirt, disc or other miscellaneous gift for donating to a worthy cause.

Current Groups -

1. ) Caleb Newsome, Steve Bircheat, , Jeremy Tomblin, Kris Plona

2. ) , Brian Bane, Bill Judy, Alex Francis, Abigail Sullivan

3. ) Jonathan McQuerrey, Casey Smith, Brooks Gillenwater, Reese West

4. ) Adam Wood, Kevin Mayer, Deborah Chun, Tyler Moss

5. ) Dan Kay, David Darby, Trip Showen, JF Lucaria

6. ) Clay Dunlap, Jesse Blair, Kris McGraw, Ryan Marshall

7. ) Jason Frame, Bob Frontz, Al Beane, Charlie Beane, Rob Milam

8. ) Brandon Hudnall, Reid Pierce, Jimmy Burdette, Scott Fields

9. ) Gregory Casto, Gidean Casto, Carter Patton, Jason Rogers

10.) Isaiah Moss, Ron Boggess Bradley Boggess. Jeremy Boggess

11. ) Tim Shaver, Richard Knapp, Justin Knapp, James Harward

12.) Brandon Maynard, Rebecca Maynard, Chris Sommerville

13.) Michael Coker, Erin Coker, Jodi Jackson, Scott Jackson

14.) Jamie Fultz, Travis Copen, Jacob Fredeking

Refund policy

Kanawha Valley Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Coonskin Park
Charleston, WV   Get Directions

Final Results

1Dustin Pratt4848
2Jeremy Tomblin4949
2Kris Plona4949
4Carter Patton5050
5Greg Ellis5151
6Jesse Blair5151
7Gideon Casto5252
8Chris McGraw5252
9Travis Copen5353
10James Harward5353
11Wesley Muncy5454
12Clay Dunlap5454
13Adam Wood5555
13Steve Bircheat5555
15Ryan Marshall5757
16Caleb Newsome5757
16Matt Newlon5757
18Brandon Hudnall5757
19Tim Shaver5757
20Gary Davis5757
21Jacob Fredeking5858
22Justus Robinson5858
22Sam Crowder5858
24Brian Bane5959
25Scott Fields5959
26Brian Jeffers6060
27Jeremy Donohew6060
28Abigail Sullivan6060
29Mike Corica6161
30Bill Judy6161
31Brandon Maynard6161
32Jonathan McQuerrey6161
33Richard Knapp6161
34Sean Beyer6161
35Michael Coker6262
36Collin Crowder6262
37Isaiah Moss6262
38Gretchen Corica6363
39Joe Anderson6363
40Jason Rogers6464
41Scott Jackson6464
42Rob Milam6464
43Bob Frontz6464
44Matt Daniel6464
45Jamie Fultz6565
46Gregory Casto6666
47Al Beane6666
48Dan Kay6767
48Trip Showen6767
50Cristopher Somerville6767
51Jimmy Burdette6767
52David Darby6868
53Alex Francis6868
54Justin Knapp6868
55Jodi Jackson7070
56Jason Frame7070
57Kevin Mayer7373
58jF Lacaria7474
59Colby Brogan7676
60Bradley Boggess7676
60Ron Boggess7676
62Reid Pierce7777
63Jeremy Boggess7878
64George Kessler7979
65Charlie Beane9191
66Erin Coker107107
67Casey Smith110110
68Reese West113113
69Deborah Chun-0
69Rebecca Maynard-0
69Tyler Moss-0
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