KCFDC 2023: Duck's Flexible Friday

PDGA logoFriday, May 26, 2023 at Water Works Park in Kansas City, Missouri
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

KCFDC 2023: Duck's Flexible Friday graphic

About this tournament

The final warm up for the Kansas City Flying Disc Challenge!

Water Works Park will be set up just as it will be used for the main event.

This is a "no frills" one round flex start event. There are no player packs and no trophies.

Amateur payout will be through Duck's Flying Discs - Kansas City.

Pass-through fee per PDGA rules:
$2/player PDGA fees
$3/player KCDG fees
$2/player TD fees
Additional fees for portapotties, if necessary, will be added to the pass-through fees.
See https://www.pdga.com/news/pdga-official-rules-disc-golf-competition-manual-updated-2023, section "Tour Standards" and Pass Through fees.

Refund policy

Duck's KC is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Water Works Park
Kansas City, MO   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/65405
1Woody Hass48$106
2Marcus Cathey49$71
3DW Hass50$53
4Erik Bolton51$35
4Jason Flook51$35
4Mychael Washam51$35
7John Wildman52$24
8Jacob Berger53$19
8Alex Mense53$19
11Alex Banning54$7
11Jason Berg54$7
11JT Nixon54$7
11Jared Stoll54$7
15Shawn M Bareiter55
16Benjamin Giebler56
16Blake Houston56
18Chris Lockard57
18TJ Thurman57
20Aaron Fowler58
20Troy Smart58
22Kobee Austria59
22Jitt Belcher59
22Alex Mieir59
22Christian Ramirez59
26Bryan Schottman60
26Ian Stone60
28Bryan Hahn61
29Charles Peters63
1Jeff Lee54$16
1Steve Stansberry58$31
2Jake Carmack67
1Colby Koehn52$35
1Kaleb Sheffield52$35
3David Klasser54$18
3Dustin Klein54$18
3Dan Maynard54$18
6Chris Hempfling56$7
6Noah Schopper56$7
8Andy Robuck58
9Mario Ortiz59
10Connor Jones60
10Ronald Ringgold60
12Logan Heer61
12Paul Nesmith61
1Matthew Jenkins56$11
1Bryan Rezen56$20
2David Heese68$11
3R Ray Bessette73
1Brody Rezen51$33
2Joe Heater56$29
3Kyle Kelley57$27
4Ryan S Burris58$19
4Roman A Davis58$19
4Jeremy Frey58$19
4Nathan Longwell58$19
4Will Stubbs58$19
9Cole Blaise60$7
9Tanner Burton60$7
11Matthew Lingner61
11Nick Robb61
13Ben Bodie62
13Patrick Lancaster62
15Jimmy Blundell63
15Josh Johnson63
17Edward Gaffney64
18Zach Grover69
18Michael Lane69
1Rob Martin57$32
2Jack Daugherty58$30
2Eric Stephens58$30
4Dustin Heese59$26
4Lukas Stone59$26
6Brendan Bessette60$22
6Alex Jacobson60$22
8Kyle Davis61$17
8Jeremy Emily61$17
8Marc Gardner61$17
8Jonathan VanSickle61$17
12Mason Amrine62$13
13Christopher Carmack63$7
13Logan Harder63$7
15Jeffrey Greeenfield64
16Jake Gilmore65
16Tyler Jacobson65
16Desmond Shaull65
19Nick Walkinshaw66
20Patrick Shaner67
20Jeremy Slaughter67
20Jeramy Tipton67
23Frank Bower68
24Jonathan Borne71
25Graham Lingl72
26K Sterling74
27Spencer Coleman81
1Rachel Price61$21
2Maya Ringgold74
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