KCFDC: Un Cauchemar à LaBénite

PDGA logoSunday, April 3, 2022 at LaBenite DGC in Sugar Creek, Missouri
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

KCFDC: Un Cauchemar à LaBénite graphic

About this tournament

This is a one round, flex start event using the tentative Kansas City Flying Disc Challenge layout. As this is a "no frills" flex start, there are no trophies and is no player pack; the event is a practice run through the KCFDC tournament course and a fundraiser for that event.

The layout will be published in the comments section, and a map will be in the pictures section.

As this is a flex start, you may start any time between 8:30 am and 2 pm. Cards may be 3, 4 or 5 players. Cards may mix divisions. You can build your own card or I can put you on a card.

Payouts for professional players will be through check or PayPal.

Payouts for amateur players will be through Dynamic Discs - Kansas City (in store), Truly Unique Disc Golf (in store) or Maverick Disc Golf (internet option, but in store works too).

Results and payouts will be posted to Disc Golf Scene (this page) Sunday night or Monday morning.

As this is a flex start one round event, there may be ties for first place.

Refund policy

Michael Krueger and Nightmare Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


LaBenite DGC
Sugar Creek, MO   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/56987
1Zach Moses5858$70
2Brett Becker6161$32
2Dan Perkins6161$32
2Jake Bowen6161$32
2Joe Hesting6161$32
6Ashton Kroenlein6262$15
7Brett Lance6363$10
7Danny Roman6363$10
7Gavyn Brand6363$10
10Sergio Valenzuela6565
11Matt Perry6666
11Ryan Holmes6666
13Jordan Hinck6767
13Mark Komoroski6767
15David Allen6868
15Mario Ortiz6868
17Benjamin Sorensen7070
17Fabian Venegas7070
1John Thompson5959$45
2Fred Smith6262$20
3Dick Parker6464
4Duane CD Steiner6767
5Jason Norris7070
1Charlie Peters6262$65
2Colin Dujakovich6464$40
2RJ LAWSON6464$40
2Thomas Ostaszewski6464$40
5Dan Maynard6565$30
5Steven Karpovich6565$30
7Jeremy K6666$20
8Luis Gardea6767$20
9Casey Hunt6868$15
9Jayme Wallingford6868$15
11David Klasser7070$5
11Matthew Long7070$5
13Bubba Suchanek7171
13David Rhodes7171
13Justin Frey7171
13Steven Snider7171
17Jonathon Oakes7272
17Justin Brown7272
17Kyle Kelley7272
17Miles Bradley7272
21Colin Mauch7373
22John Cullen7575
23Dj Christopher7676
24Nick Wilson8080
1Derek Broockerd7171$40
2David Colbert7474$25
3Mike Alfaro7575$15
4Dylan C Dear7777
5Roman Davis7979
6Chad Kelley8080
1Dennis Calentine6666$40
1George Price6666$40
3Brent Siemers6767$20
4Bill Shinoski6868$15
5Phil Ellis6969$10
6Joseph Crowther7171
6Travis Fittro7171
8Jack Lowe7373
8Wayne Johnson7373
1Buford Baker6565$25
2Gary Johnston7272$15
3Kenneth McWhorter8282
1Dennis Hall6363$45
1Lawson Smith6363$45
3Emilio Sanchez6464$40
3Todd Thurman6464$40
5Colter Bryant6565$35
6Larr Whaley6666$30
6Phil Schmeltz6666$30
6Travis Wentworth6666$30
9Sean Bucklew6767$25
10Cooper Triebsch6868$20
10Quinton Schneck6868$20
10Tyler Bushman6868$20
13Rhami Ansari6969$15
14Cody Smith7070$5
14Tim Kerns7070$5
16Bob Horne7171
16Eric Jacobsen7171
16Spencer Stonestreet7171
19Austin White7272
19Cody Falke7272
21Austen Schulmeister7373
21Nickolas Wood7373
23Jonathon Rinehart7575
23Nathan Longwell7575
23Terry Parnell7575
26Colin Wieneke7777
26Marshal Mallett7777
28Ross Jackson7878
29Jonatan F Mejia7979
30Leo Jurgeson8585
1Matthew Budke6464$45
1Todd Bushatz6464$45
3Alejandro Olmo-Payton6565$40
3Kyle Rock6565$40
5Cruiser Nichols6666$38
6Billy Wiser6767$35
6Tom Yeradi6767$35
8Jack Daugherty6868$32
8Peter Jenkins6868$32
10Colby Jones6969$30
10Matthew Aholt6969$30
10Tanner McWhorter6969$30
13Art Squire7070$25
14Aaron Shockey7171$23
15Mitch Yoder7272$20
15Ryan Feldkamp7272$20
15Stefan Hutchison7272$20
18John Myers7373$10
19Jeff Shields7474$8
19Kyle Shillings7474$8
19Nate McFail7474$8
22Edward Gaffney7575
22Justin Becker7575
24Brad Wampler7676
24Cal Shillings7676
24Nick Pope7676
24Wyatt Urzendowski7676
28Chris Davis7777
28Jake Gilmore7777
28Josh Fowler7777
31Greg Haefner7878
31Kyle Davis7878
31Mark Fangmann7878
31Mason Amrine7878
35Tucker Williams7979
36Michael Shinneman8080
37Joshua Goble8383
39Josh Lipscomb8787
40Daniel Sylva8888
40Jeremiah Mead8888
42Adam Metz102102
1Rachel Price7575$25
2Anna Hare7979
1Danielle Long Calentine9898$15
1Meredith Bushatz7979$25
2Kayley Baack8181
1Tomi Cordova111111$15
1James Barry6969$25
2Aidan Ellis7272$15
3Brody McBee7676
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