Johnson Hills Open - Amateurs - Presented by GCDGA

PDGA logoSaturday, June 3, 2023 at Johnson Hills Park in Anderson Township, Ohio
Amateur-only C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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PDGA C-tier Early registration for GCDGA members will open April 10th @ 8pm. Early Bird Sponsorship Registr ... more
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Pete Caldwell    6 days ago

2nd round tee off is at 2:30.


Preston Mackell    June 1 at 11:50pm

Are you going to be sending out an email with information about the tournament on Saturday?

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Jake Tancer   June 2 at 4:12pm

I came off the wait list at about 9 am this morning - could you send the email to me as well if you've sent it out already? I haven't seen it yet. Thank you!

Paul Jones   June 2 at 6:54pm

Not sure if emails were sent out yet, but I did not receive one. I believe my email address is correct..

Jack Shaw   June 2 at 9:10pm

I did not receive one either

Kyle Proctor    June 1 at 1:28am

Currently three are only 2 in the ma40. With all spots being full with the tourney play with only 2 players? Or will we have to move divisions?

Preston Mackell   June 1 at 12:22pm

I am 48 years old. I am currently registered with the ma4 my age is the only thing that qualifies me to be in the MA 40 only because I am fairly new to the sport having only played it a year or two but if they need somebody who is at least 40 years old play in that division I’ll be willing to switch divisions, if need be

Pete Caldwell   June 1 at 3:52pm

Since we mix divisions for first round, it won't matter if you just let us know at HQ in morning what division you 2 or 3 guys want to play in. We can change it on website, there.

Paul Jones   7 days ago

I may want to switch to MA40 as well. I tried just now using the edit link, but it didn't go through as the instructions suggested.

Aaron Figley    May 21 at 9:01pm

Ok so I’m new to the scene, maybe this is a dumb question- will there be a refund if i sign up on the waitlist and don’t get in? Thanks

Pete Caldwell   May 22 at 2:51am

Yes, except for the service fees from online pay site.

Paul Jones    May 3 at 6:04pm

Are the baskets currently in the positions they will be in for the tournament?

Pete Caldwell   May 3 at 11:48pm

No, the plan is to have all baskets in their JHO positions in about a week.

Justin Tribbey   May 4 at 10:55am

Curious to see what we end up with! Some of those long baskets are tough!

Pete Caldwell   May 4 at 4:32pm

All baskets were moved to the long positions today. Except for # 12. # 11 is being moved this week - the sleeve was damaged by a tractor and is being replaced.

Joseph "José" Czech    April 21 at 2:30am

the company i work for is potentially interested in sponsoring. any info i can give them?

Pete Caldwell   April 25 at 12:58pm

Sure! Any sponsorship is appreciated. For $100 they can display their banner/signage at the HQ area and near Hole #1 and they will be credited on tournament communications - websites, Facebook, emails, etc. Contact me for any requests.

Preston Mackell    April 11 at 7:05am

How come it says registration is $25 and with my GCDGA membership I’m supposed to get $5 off which should make it $20 but when I go to check out it is charging me $43.29?

Tony Vincent   April 16 at 11:04pm

Sorry for the delayed reply. Please explain what you mean by getting $5 off? The GCDGA membership can help you get $5 off of a PDGA membership, but not off of individual events. Right now is the early bird registration that costs an extra $5 for sponsorship. This is way I am confused as to why you a ... more

Preston Mackell   April 17 at 2:01pm

I appreciate the response. I am sorry I misunderstood the $5 off thing. I was finally able to see a break down of the charges. I am going to register I’m just waiting till the 24th to save the $5. I’m a poor preacher lol

Tony Vincent   April 17 at 10:13pm

All good. Just checking.

Pete Caldwell    April 11 at 2:28am

If you joined the GCDGA, the member code for early signups is in your welcome email. Several people have asked and when they reread it they found it.

Preston Mackell   April 11 at 3:17am

How come it says registration is $25 and with my GCDGA membership I’m supposed to get $5 off which should make it $20 but when I go to check out it is charging me $43.29?

Brock Emrick    April 11 at 12:09am

I never received the early registration code

Brock Emrick   April 11 at 12:28am

Wow nvm I have it

Tim Chandler    April 10 at 4:02pm

How fast does this event normally fill up?

Pete Caldwell   April 11 at 2:26am

Last year it filled pretty quickly, but this year it is 2 days, so it will probably fill slower. Keep an eye on registration.

Kyle Gibbs    February 28 at 1:16pm

Will this event be sanctioned?

Pete Caldwell   February 28 at 2:38pm

Yes - it will be a C-tier.