Johnny Roberts Memorial

PDGA logoSat-Sun, September 7-8, 2019 at Bird's Nest Disc Park in Arvada, Colorado
B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

Johnny Roberts Memorial graphic
Added cash $1,150


AdministratorKyle Harrigan
Tournament DirectorTom Hamilton
Assistant Tournament DirectorCamden Farmer

About this tournament

The Spirit of Johnny continues this year! Johnny Roberts Memorial will be a 2 day 3 round, singles B-Tier format for 2019. We are excited to continue honoring Johnny with a weekend of disc golf fun, and what we hope to be long lasting memories!

We will be announcing course assignments and layouts as the information becomes available. We are excited to use the Birds Nest and Camenisch Park/Hyland Hills properties to create two layouts that you will not want to miss!

All Advanced Divisions (MA1, FA1, MA40, MA50, etc.) will be playing for payout from Gazebo Disc Golf. All other amateur divisions will be playing for trophy only with a bigger player pack. Trophy places for all divisions (pro and am) will be determined by field size.

Johnny Roberts tournament info (and Johnny Roberts DGC): The Arvada Harvest Festival and Parade are occurring next weekend (9/6-8).
The main concern is:
Parade Closure of Streets from 5:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Sept 7.
Ralston Road will be closed from Independence St. to Olde Wadsworth Blvd. with limited access for parade participants and area residents and businesses.
Allison St. will be closed from W. 57th Ave. to Ralston Rd.
W. 57th Ave. will be closed from Independence St to Allison St, with limited access for parade participants and area residents.
Side streets connecting to Ralston Road and W. 57th Ave. will be closed, with limited access for residents

If you are coming to Bird's Nest for JRM Tournament DO NOT use Ralston in this part of town. You will likely be redirected, but in case you get stuck, don't claim I didnt warn you.

This will also impact the main route to get to the Johnny Robert DGC so if you have a hankering for some short game practice note this closure as well.

Refund policy

Mile High Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. If you need to cancel for any reason, it must be made by following the "Request Refund" link in your email or while logged onto DiscGolfScene under the registered players page. Cancellations more than 14 days in advance from the event will receive a full refund minus a $5 processing and cancellation fee. Cancellations under 14 days from the tournament date will be refunded(less $5 fee) if we can fill your spot, if we are unable to fill your spot, we will work with you to send you the player pack appropriate to your registered division. (shipping costs will apply) If you fail to contact us to cancel your spot prior to the day of the tournament, you will only receive the standard players' package for the event. (shipping costs will apply)


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Tyler Liebman435350146$800
2Robert Nichols415649146$520
3Nick Hanson415455150$372
4Aaron Gossage455551151$308
5Mitch Sonderfan445357154$233
5Patrick Blazek465454154$233
7Chad Larson485453155$177
7David Stepp504758155$177
9Alexander Krause475554156$152
10Kyle Griffin485752157$127
10Ryan Foose525352157$127
10Shawn Sullivan455557157$127
13Shad Green505454158$108
14Josh Bergquist475755159$92
14Leonard Miller495456159$92
16Lance Trott495457160$73
17Alec Noble475856161
17Cory McGrath495557161
17Jeff Bradshaw495755161
17Josiah Griffin525653161
21John Collins515556162
21Joshua Sappenfield515259162
23Anthony Salamanca495955163
23Noah Newman495757163
25Mike Gomez485957164
26Adam White505857165
26Connor Mitts495957165
26Ethan Boyd496254165
26R.J. Montano476355165
30Tristan Lucerne486159168
31Ricardo Martinez525959170
31Scott Leader525860170
33Anthony Ippolito496460173
34Jacob Payer506163174
35John Seng576359179
36Corey Ahlers-Brown566164181
37Jason Hefkin556370188
38James Sherman53678881008
39Tanner Schwab61658881014
40Tyler Kirkpatrick4965-114
Pro 40+
1Jason Heimark475857162$300
2Matthew Monczka476156164$165
3Jonathan Siska506057167
4Scott Wiant516157169
5Travis Stowell506361174
Pro 50+
1Geoff Hungerford495660165$300
2Christopher Keener506461175$129
2Dan Beer536359175$129
4Danny Pring546462180
5Paul Hooston536665184
6Michael Hendler537163187
Open Women
1Sammie Jo Guerrero526467183$232
2Andrea Eaton586866192$140
3Sandra Richardson577264193
4Angelina Videtto606967196
1James Ivory555055160
2Jacob Roley564957162
2Nicholas Garcia575055162
4Jonathan Kamm564958163
5Salvador Ross585355166
5Steven Silver575257166
7Derek Anderson575456167
8Corey Block614859168
8Heath Michael604959168
8Kyle Harrigan575061168
8Luke Myers565161168
12Ryan Butel595357169
13Tony Dziuba595260171
14Clint Rosen575857172
15Maxwell Kemp605163174
16Joshua Martin664861175
17Eric Frazier615462177
18David Straight644966179
18Russ Birdsall665756179
20John Reed625866186
21Sean Griffard735462189
22Nicholas Capson695776202
23Austin Weik6254-116
23Maxwell Karnes6155-116
Amateur 40+
1Lawrence Taylor604859167
2Derek Peavey625259173
2Rob Gilmore625259173
4Brandon Bartlett615460175
5Derek Bricker635560178
5Johnny Okun635461178
5Truc Nguyen655063178
8Nathan Lochner625463179
9Chris Walters655263180
9David Poniatowski635859180
9Jeff Borden615861180
12Daniel Lewis705761188
12Shawn Gower616067188
14Raymond Packingham636264189
15Joel Chirhart695469192
16Michael Oz Oswald646069193
17Manuel Trujillo705772199
18Brandon Nelon6858-126
Amateur 50+
1Richard White536264179
2Scott Gardner566261179
3M. Travis McAlexander576063180
4Scott Taylor577069196
5Mark Sharpe597268199
6Brian Agnes587471203
7Mike Webster647569208
8John Hunter588472214
9Bob Kroha708577232
10Les White5677-133
Amateur 60+
1Gary Haney695971199
2Larry McCourt726072204
3Ron Leader886984241
4Ronnie Ross837888249
1Robb Park545957170
2Justin Fern605061171
3Cameron Waugh585362173
4Chris Nordmann625260174
5Joshua Mondragon625360175
5Toeknee Shoopman625162175
7Mike Cahill615560176
8Matt Urich645461179
9James Rodriguez625665183
9Jay Simpson675660183
9Kyren Waugh625962183
12Jesse Koch-Laskowski695362184
13Cole Squire695761187
14Geoffrey Hilt695764190
15Daniel Heacock655770192
16Daniel Elsen675968194
17Marcus Winkelman70628881020
1Christian Collins615063174
2Brian Porter625762181
3Jeffrey Norvell685665189
4Callum Dorey685668192
4Philip Silva675768192
6Chris Collins695768194
7Taylor Stevens636272197
8Kerry Collins676071198
9Jeff Jones706072202
10Kyle Romero685879205
11Matt Batrowny766275213
12Daniel Meyers765979214
13James Tepper846674224
Advanced Women
1Liz Torok606965194
2Christina White607574209
3Chelsee Beck588079217
4Leslie Chandler658377225
5Melissa Rosen668188235
6Lauren Johnson63--63
Junior 15
1Brandon Ross806568213
2Bennett Poniatowski916677234