Invasion of the Birdie Snatchers presented by Lone Star Discs

PDGA logoSaturday, November 5, 2022 at Bad Rock Creek @ Stocksdale Park in Liberty, Missouri
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Invasion of the Birdie Snatchers presented by Lone Star Discs graphic

About this tournament

Welcome to the first (and maybe last, who knows) Invasion of the Birdie Snatchers, a sequel of sorts to the Blue Monster series. While we're letting the Blue Monster take a break this year, who knows, we may be back.

This event is a one round tournament on tee times. All divisions will play the same layout, which includes all the holes at Bad Rock Creek disc golf course. The course will be a 27 hole layout.

Oh! And yes, there will be an intermission, hot dogs, and beer.

Thanks to our sponsor Lone Star Disc! Each player will receive a custom stamped disc from Lone Star, and a couple of other items.

The tentative selection of Lone Star Disc molds include:

Armadillo 1/2/0/1
Jack Rabbit 3/3/0/3
Mockingbird 7/5/-2/1
Warbird 12/6/-1/3
Tumbleweed 10/6/-4/1
Mad Cat 9/5/0/2
Texas Ranger 5/5/-1/1

See you at the Invasion of the Birdie Snatchers!

Refund policy

Duck's KC is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Jason Flook8585$90
2Ryan Marquardt9090$45
3Justin Frey108108
1Tyler Rusboldt8686$60
2Alex Banning8888$35
2Charlie Peters8888$35
2RJ LAWSON8888$35
5Dustin Klein9090$20
6Layne Jones9393$20
7Todd Thurman9494$15
8Alex Mieir9898
9Andrew Arnold102102
9Reece West102102
11Tyler Kollias109109
12Joel Davis110110
13Phillip James121121
14Jesus Lucero125125
1David Kiczek9494$45
2Matthew Jenkins9595$30
3Brad Scott105105$20
4Jason Zorn110110$15
5Daniel Truax112112
6Allan BriTcher114114
7Kevin Schmitt118118
1Buford Baker9696$40
2Stephen C Slocum112112$25
3Jim Geurin116116
4Steve Elliott129129
1Dan Maynard8989$50
2Andy Robuck9393$45
3Alex Slocum9696$45
4David Doemland9797$35
5Brint Hutchison9898$35
6Jeremy Frey9999$30
7Jonathan Eigsti100100$25
8Kyle Kelley102102$20
9Russell Nanney105105$15
10Caleb Chester106106
10Sean Valentine106106
12Aaron Powell107107
13Bennett Doemland112112
13Erik Anderson112112
15Levi Rockhold115115
16Austin White116116
17Ashton Bellah119119
18Jimmy Blundell123123
19Jace Radunsky130130
1Michael Dressler9797$55
2Tanner McWhorter9999$50
3Elijah Britton102102$45
4Brady Connor103103$40
5Justin Becker104104$40
6Garrett Shondelmyer105105$35
7Ben Lyon106106$30
8Austin Hatch107107$22
8Billy Wiser107107$22
8Kevin Amaro107107$22
8Robert Rolette107107$22
12Brendan Bessette108108
12Eric Crandall108108
14Sean Higley110110
15Jacob Sumners111111
15Matt Howard111111
17Conner Creason112112
17Zach Scott112112
19Shannon Hall116116
20Brian Hill119119
20Joshua Lomonte119119
22Michael Hyman120120
23Lawrence Holt123123
24Ed Mccarty132132
1Paul Province113113$55
2Kenneth McWhorter114114$30
2Paris Daniell114114$30
4Gary Johnston116116$15
5JP McIntosh120120
6Nathan Zimmerman121121
7Jerry Mason122122
8Ryan Johnston129129
1Rachel Price108108$15
1Angela Christenson137137$10
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