Innova USDGC Doubles Qualifier Presented By Dark Ace - St.Louis

Saturday, July 29, 2023 at Carrollton Park in Bridgeton, Missouri
Disc golf doubles tournament

Innova USDGC Doubles Qualifier Presented By Dark Ace - St.Louis graphic


Tournament DirectorGeorge Fiorini
Tournament DirectorAlex Neupert

About this tournament

It's time to get back after it St.Louis! We firmly believe that the greater St.Louis area has some of the best disc golfers out there and we want the world to know it! Let's pack this out and send our best out to Winthrop to bring home the gold!

The USDGC Doubles Main Event is an amateur disc golfer's only opportunity to play the famed Winthrop Arena Course decked out in all its USDGC Pageantry. If you want to test your mettle on one of the most challenging courses in the world this is your chance. So get qualified and let's see how you and your partner fair in the arena!

Player Eligibility:
All players must meet one of the following criteria in order to be eligible to compete in the USDGC Doubles Main event:
The Player is not a PDGA member or does not have a player rating and has never accepted cash in a PDGA event.
The player has an Amateur Player Classification with the PDGA - meaning the player is classified as an amateur and plays in amateur divisions for prizes instead of cash. If a player plays in a Pro division and accepts cash at any time, they become classified as a Professional member. An Amateur class player has either never accepted cash, or if they have, they have later met the criteria to be reclassified from Professional back to Amateur with the PDGA.
A mixed group of pro and am-class players is not allowed.
Players who qualify as a team must play together as a team in the main event. No substitutions, no exceptions.
All qualified players must register online by Sunday, September 11th. No exceptions.

How qualifying for the main event works:

1-14 Teams = 1 Team qualifies
15-24 Teams = 2 Teams qualify
25+ Teams = 3 Teams qualify

1-4 Teams = 1 Team qualifies
5-9 Teams = 2 Teams qualify
10+ Teams – 3 Teams qualify

All skill levels are encouraged to participate and may receive a disc, but only the top amateur divisions (usually Men’s and Women’s “Advanced”) will be competing to qualify for the main event. Aside from the disc, there will be NO payout at this event.

Refund policy

Dark Ace Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Endicott Park
St. Louis, MO   Get Directions

Final Results

AM Men
Round 1: Carrollton Park - Main course Carrollton Classic Gold Layout, 18 holes, par 67
Round 2: Endicott Park - Main course St. Louis Traveling League NOCO Week #6, 18 holes, par 55
1Bert Eich
Brett Elam
6144105 (-17)
2Andy Robuck
Josh Cheung
6048108 (-14)
2Chandler Murdock
Shea Murdock
6048108 (-14)
4Alec Weatherby
Curtis Fialka
5950109 (-13)
5Andrew Muthonjia
Fredrick Muthonjia
6449113 (-9)
6Norm Shoults
Steve Kuntz
6253115 (-7)
7Carter Brocato
Dean Frossard
6056116 (-6)
7Koty Whitaker
T.C. Brown
6353116 (-6)
9Brad Schmit
Nicholas Durrell
6652118 (-4)
10Andrew Noelker
Ben Havelka
6653119 (-3)
10Bryce Coday
Cole Jackson
6455119 (-3)
12Austin Gilbert
Phineas Gilbert
6959128 (+6)
13Shelby Luetkenhaus
Tyler Luetkenhaus
7860138 (+16)
14Jordan Femmer
Kimberly McCormack
7762139 (+17)
15Adam Maxey
Michael Heffernan
64-64 (-3)
16Alex Haas
Christian Reed
65-65 (-2)
17Anthony Hake
Camiel Claeys
66-66 (-1)
18Brad Brammeier
TJ Durham
68-68 (+1)
18Dalton Rainwater
Richard Rainwater
68-68 (+1)
20Andrew Maxey
Jimmy McGrath
70-70 (+3)
21Alan Robinson
Jacob Robinson
71-71 (+4)
21Max Foley
Steven Gibbons
71-71 (+4)
23Alex Schrautemeier
Andrew Schrautemeier
72-72 (+5)
24Matt Thiele
Paul Province
74-74 (+7)
25Matthew Jones
Tim Jones
76-76 (+9)
26Corey Hopkins
Tyler Hopkins
85-85 (+18)
AM Women
Round 1: Carrollton Park - Main course Carrollton Classic Normal Layout, 18 holes, par 64
Round 2: Endicott Park - Main course St. Louis Traveling League NOCO Week #6, 18 holes, par 55
1AnnMarie Faust
Hayley Elam
6455119 (E)
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