Infinite Discs Beehive Classic

PDGA logoThu-Sat, July 14-16, 2022 at Schneiter's Bluff Golf Course in West Point, Utah
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Dave Armour    July 14 at 12:42am

I did not receive the email - UI have checked my junk and inbox. Could I get it resent to me possibly?

Shawn Swapp   July 14 at 12:54am

Check it now. For some reason it put some numbers at the end of your email address

David Nelson    July 13 at 6:29pm

Anyone know how to set up a tee time for tonight to play at schneiter's bluff?

Alan Amos   July 13 at 7:53pm

Just call them, you can do it over the phone.

Scott Belchak    July 13 at 5:15pm

I must have registered after you sent the caddy book. Can you email to me? Or post link to it on disc golf scene? Thanks!


Matt Odenwelder    July 13 at 3:30pm

Perfect thank you


Matt Odenwelder    July 13 at 12:54am

Which tee pads being played at the fort?

Shawn Swapp   July 13 at 3:04am

I just emailed out the caddy books earlier today. Check your junk mail it check you email on disc golf scene and make sure it is the correct one

Caleb Hubbard    July 12 at 11:11pm

Hey Shawn I saw earlier that the time to register for the tournament ended at 8 pm tonight and now it’s not letting me register. Is there anyway I can still sign up for the tournament? Thank you for your time.

John Ashworth   July 12 at 11:27pm

Same, it said 8pm earlier today, now it says it closed at noon. I would still like to sign up.

Dustin Hanson    July 11 at 1:19pm

I tweaked my back and won't be able to play. Should I withdraw? It doesn't look like there is a wait-list.

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Dave Armour   July 11 at 11:08pm

Dang Dustin I was looking forward to throwing with you again!

Dave Armour   July 11 at 11:09pm

Get better soon!

Dustin Hanson   July 13 at 4:55am

Thanks man. I was looking forward to this as well.

Matt Davis    July 8 at 5:22pm

Could I get a relative tee time for the MA2 field on thursday/friday? Gotta make sure I can adjust my work schedule accordingly and would love to get an estimate soon. Thanks!

Dave Armour   July 13 at 12:36am

Tee times are up

Zack Brown    June 29 at 10:25pm

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it. Can I get my refund issued please?

Shawn Swapp   July 5 at 2:59pm

Sorry to hear it. The Refund has been submitted.

Nick Huld    June 28 at 3:39pm

Is check-in exclusively on Wednesday or is it possible to check in on Thursday?

Shawn Swapp   June 28 at 3:42pm

Actually we are shifting gears on the check in. Check in will now be on Thursday at the fort, just before your tee time. I will be sending out an email shortly with more info.

Nick Huld   June 28 at 3:43pm

Awesome! Glad to hear it since Wednesday was going to be tough to make work easily. I'll keep an eye out for the email! Thanks, Shawn!

Dave Armour    June 28 at 5:40am

Where will the Am 40 Division be playing on Thursday?

Shawn Swapp   June 28 at 3:42pm

All divisions will play the Fort on Thursday.

Dave Armour   June 30 at 6:01pm

Gotcha, got confused by an answer to a question earlier in this thread. Thank you for clarifying

Austin Pettit    June 15 at 7:17pm

I have to work Thursday and Friday that week. Any idea of tee time windows for MA1 on those days? Later in the day or early morning?

Shawn Swapp   June 15 at 7:38pm

Not sure yet. It will take most of the day on Thursday to get through the tee times at the Fort. Tee times on Friday will start at 11am

Sean Castagnoli    May 20 at 1:40am

What layout will be played at the fort ? Gold or blue ?

Shawn Swapp   May 20 at 1:58am

There will be a mix of gold, blue and red tee pads. I will post the layouts when the event gets closer

Jeff Sordahl   July 12 at 3:38am

Has the Fort layout been posted? Hoping to get a practice round in Wednesday and this will be my first time there. Thanks.

Jeff Sordahl   July 12 at 3:40am

Never mind found it on udisc

Billy Pyfer    April 27 at 11:22pm

Players packs?


DB Dronoff    April 27 at 5:46pm

For the hole sponsors, when will you be reaching out for a logo or wording for the signs? Cheers!

Shawn Swapp   May 4 at 6:37pm

Probably about a month before the event. Thank you for sponsoring a hole!

Kyle Hunter    April 22 at 7:01pm

I was told that Thursday and Friday rounds for the amateurs would be later in the day? like after 2 pm. I have work till about 1 those days and my being able to sign up depends on the schedule for Thursday and Friday. Can you confirm this, please?

Shawn Swapp   May 5 at 4:54pm

Thursday rounds at the fort will go all day starting in the morning. Friday rounds at the Bluff will start at 11Am and the saturday rounds will depend on what division you are playing. The higher divisions wont play until the afternoon at the Bluff, where the other divisions will play at Davis Tech in the morning.

Justin Watts    April 8 at 1:58pm

I was not able to find the Fort layout for the first round in the Caddy Book. Is the layout described somewhere else?

Shawn Swapp   April 9 at 2:39pm

The caddy book hasn't been finalized yet. I'll make sure to let everyone know once it's finalized.

Justin Lee    April 8 at 2:11am

How soon until the schedule is posted?

Shawn Swapp   April 8 at 2:40am

Hey Justin! You can find the schedule at

Sean Castagnoli    February 24 at 1:04am

When is signups for this ?

Shawn Swapp   February 24 at 2:21am

Most likely sometime in April. Stay tuned!!

Shawn Swapp   April 4 at 5:53pm

April 15th

Greg Barber    February 7 at 3:12pm

Will this be a sanctioned event?

Shawn Swapp   March 15 at 7:29pm

This will be a PDGA B tier Event