Indoor Disc Golf Experience - Rockford IL - Presented by Discraft

Saturday, February 1, 2020 at Mercy Health Indoor Sports Complex in Loves Park, Illinois
Disc golf singles tournament

Indoor Disc Golf Experience - Rockford IL - Presented by Discraft graphic


Tournament DirectorJeff Showers
Tournament DirectorJoe Michel

About this tournament

We are happy to announce the Indoor Disc Golf Experience is coming back to Rockford
Saturday night at 10pm

This will be a regular Ace Race style event where you get 2 shots for points on each hole.

Players may form their own groups of 6. If you don't have a full Group we will group players together to make a full groups.

Metal hits 1 point
Chains 2 points
ACE 3 points

Winner of each division is the highest point total.

Advanced Over 920 Rated
Amateur Under 920 Rated
Juniors 15 or under
Wom. Advanced over 800 Rated
Wom. Amateur under 800 Rated

Players must be present for all prizes, trophies, and raffles.
You can have a friend claim your trophy or raffle items only.
Note we no not ship any, winning prizes, raffle prizes, or trophies after the event.

Check in 8pm - 9:45pm

10pm Players meeting

Start after players meeting

Featured guest: Adam Hammes

Band: Lionel from Rhythm Kings

Vendors will be on site so you can load up for the 2020 season.

Register now to secure your spot.
If you're interested in a long sleeve or hoodie please check if your size is available during your online registration.

Shirts and Hoodies are discounted with your registration.
During the day of the event all shirts will be $15 and Hoodies $25 up to XL and $2 more each additional size up from that

The event logo will be printed on these items.

We ask everyone to bring either a disc or monetary donation of $5 to go to the E.D.G.E. program. The educational disc golf experience, helping grow the sport with our youth.

Refund policy

Visual Eclipse is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.
Refunds are in full by January 27th.
After that refunds are not allowed but purchased players pack can be shipped to those that couldn't make it but players must cover shipping. Please e-mail us if you cancelled and purchased an item to be shipped, Please include your address.


Final Results

1Adam Hammes26.00
1Michael Lara26.00
3Evan Petrovic25.00
4Jordan Giedd24.00
5Brandon Theriault23.00
6Daniel Thornton20.00
7Matt Nawrocki20.00
8Donavon Ferguson19.00
8Scott Hulsebus19.00
10ChArLeS HoLz18.00
11Dean Llanas17.00
11Paul Kenny17.00
13Anton Schrader15.00
13Jonathan Jurries15.00
15Rhys Loso13.00
16Charlie Jepsen12.00
16Jordan Kondrath12.00
16Ryan Swendrowski12.00
19Cody Robertson11.00
19Josh Hamm11.00
21Barry Maxwell10.00
21Brent Jacobs10.00
21Peter Lawrence10.00
24Michael Korpela10.00
25Jimbo Gosinski9.00
25Seth Maxwell9.00
25Sidney D Hunter9.00
28Steve Bien8.00
29Brad Skinkis7.00
29Kevin Bradley Derrick7.00
31Benjamin Gallo6.00
31Brad Eakle6.00
31Scott Franke6.00
34Brendan Corcoran5.00
35Samuel Weber4.00
36Joseph Multerer
36Matt Parks
36Robert Obenauf
36Ryan Farias
Junior 15 and under
1Jimi Gosinski9.00
2Brayden Spangler4.00
3Elliot Loso3.00
Recreational Women
1Cristina Carlstrom9.00
2Leah Vandenbranden8.00
3Dana Brewbaker8.00
4Notorious Brie7.00
5Nora Balayti7.00
5Rebecca Walden7.00
7Kathy Newkirk7.00
8Courtney Spangler5.00
9Denise Carpenter4.00
9Tiffany Hallett4.00
11Ebet Garcia3.00
12Carolyn Robertson3.00
12Delaine Albert3.00
12Hannah Nicolas3.00
15Alyssa Martinez2.00
15Jaime Havenar2.00
17Amy Cornell
17Janna Flasch
17Joni Denker
20Tracie Mullen
20Valerie Wilbourn
1Reece Krider30.00
2Matt Obenauf26.00
2Nate Gibbons26.00
4Reuben Duchow25.00
5Tony Mccord24.00
6Michael Castiglione23.00
7Brandon Lane21.00
8Randy Moughan21.00
9Eric Ledvina20.00
9Noah Dougherty20.00
11Josh MENTA-HEART20.00
12Bret Miller19.00
12Jason Janczak19.00
14Brett Schommer19.00
15Eric Ceruti18.00
15Mike Sheddan18.00
15Teddy Tatge18.00
18Alexcey Victorov18.00
19Dalton Pendergrass17.00
19Donovan Livingston17.00
19Ger Thao17.00
22Jason Rauen16.00
22Nigel Sommer16.00
24Chee Vang15.00
24Geordi Hall15.00
24Joseph Miller15.00
27Russ Morgan15.00
27Travis Johnson15.00
29Antonio DiazDeleon14.00
29Jason Porter14.00
29Matthew A Lane14.00
29Sean Parazaider14.00
29Travis St Clair14.00
34Josh Fleming14.00
35Brian Larson13.00
35Christian Felleti13.00
35Jonathan F Fritz13.00
35Ken Bremer13.00
35Lewis Possehl13.00
35Shawn Gareiss13.00
35William Robinson13.00
42Cade Olson12.00
42Chase Hayes12.00
42Chris Schneider12.00
42Derek Foderaro12.00
42Francisco Lopez12.00
47Buck Walden11.00
47Patrick Jokela11.00
47Scott Rajski11.00
47Trenton Babcock11.00
51Barry Newkirk10.00
51Mike Ewan10.00
51Richard Mccord10.00
51Scott Wenstrom10.00
51Spencer Kessler10.00
56Aaron Hallett9.00
56Dan Buckler9.00
56David Hoffman9.00
56Glenn Wagner9.00
56Thomas Hackler9.00
61Aaron Hayden8.00
61Albert Siegener8.00
61Duncan Rein8.00
61Rick Ahlgren8.00
61Trevor Deppe8.00
66Carlos Cruz7.00
66Diego Vargas7.00
66Hunter Wenstrom7.00
66Jake Sampe7.00
66Jon Clausing7.00
66Jordan Osorio7.00
72Chad Cusick6.00
72Evan Fitzgerald6.00
72Max Steinberg6.00
72Mike Isham6.00
72Raymond Noska6.00
72Robert Morales6.00
72Scott Lee6.00
72Stanley Filczer6.00
80Aaron Loso5.00
80Brent Reuter5.00
80Josh Hinrichs5.00
80Logan Eppard5.00
84Dan Eppard4.00
84Kyle Lackey4.00
84Paul Bielec4.00
84Samuel Martinson4.00
88Brad Lasseigne3.00
88Jason Wilbourn3.00
88Troy Bednar3.00
91Brian Hill2.00
91Miguel Rangel2.00
93Alessandro Caruso1.00
93Carlos Diaz1.00
93Wesley Martinez1.00
96Eduardo Vivero
96Jason Cosley
96Jason Holmertz
96Joni Cunningham
96Nathan Traver
96Paul "Chachi" Knodle
96Phil Schaser
96Rich Gibbons
104Nate Boggs