Ice Breaker Ice Bowl

Saturday, February 18, 2023 at The Breakers in West Olive, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

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Tournament DirectorLeah Cole
Tournament Directorchad Cole
Tournament DirectorAl Haaksma
Eagles Wings Disc GolfZachary Smith

About this tournament

Welcome to our 3rd Annual Breaker's ICE BOWL! We are partnering with Eagles Wings Disc Golf to bring you a great event.

This One Round Singles Shotgun Start will be Trophy Only and no payouts will be given, but all proceeds go to the Gateway Mission.

CHECK IN and LATE REGISTRATION is located in the Student Ministry Building on the back right side of the church. There will be signs pointing the way. It is between holes 10-11.

FIRST 50 People to sign up get a Ice Bowl Stamped Zing Mini!

$5 Ace Pool
$5 50/50 Cash CTP
$1 Mulligans - $1/ea up to 18.
$1 Raffle Tickets


1.) ACE POOL: ($5) Ace pool will be paid out based on the number of aces throughout the day. Winner(s) must be present to win. If there are no aces then there will be a CTP throw-off.

TBD: Disc Baron has placed a BOUNTY stating that anyone who hits an ACE on hole 9 will receive $100 if you pay in an extra $2 (Which is also donated to the Mission).

2.) 50/50 CTP: ($5) If you pay in for this CTP then you will participate in a Throw Off after the conclusion of the round to determine the winner. Since the ground will be frozen, we opt for a throw off with everyone together.

3.) MULLIGANS: ($1/ea UP TO 18) Mulligans will be an Honor System. Please tell your card how many you purchased before you play. You may purchase up to 18 Mulligans and you are welcome to use ONE Mulligan per throw. You must use your Mulligan throw, your previous throw is abandoned.

4.) TROPHIES & RAFFLES: Winners must be present at the end of the tourney to claim their prizes or designate someone to collect them.

$1 Raffles tickets will be sold for the Ice Bowl Merch that will be raffled off at the end.
You may also bring canned food or NEW socks and underwear to donate and each pair will get you a raffle ticket. Example: a pack of 6 socks/cans gets you 6 tickets.

5.) TIES: If there is a tie there will be a throw-off. Players not present for the tie-breaker will be given the lower place in the tie.

6.) OB & LOST: There are no Out of Bounds and no Lost Disc penalties in play. If it lands on the pond then DO NOT RETRIEVE IT, but you may throw from the ponds edge. Just play from your last marker if your disc has been lost.

7.) Instead of additional CTP's we will be doing a Win Your Card CTP on Hole 6. The person on your card that gets the CTP will win a prize.


The Gateway Mission is a Christian organization focusing more on their services that are offered to the homeless to help get them off the streets. They are growing and expanding so our donations are needed even more as they grow to support more people. They also have a specific program to help train job skills to get a good job, and they help them get housing which is tough in this area. There is also a new building going up to help restore cars and they will teach mechanical skills to use as a trade.
For more info you can check out their website:

* So many amazing things are donated every year! If you have something new to donate from your business feel free to connect with me and I'd love to advertise for you!

Refund policy

The Breakers is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


The Breakers
West Olive, MI   Get Directions



Saturday, February 18, 2023
- 9:00am
- 9:15am
Last minute purchases for Mulligans, Ace, 50/50 and Raffle Tickets.
9:15amPlayers Meeting
9:30amTee off shotgun start
12:00pmAwards and Raffle at the end of the round

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$20.00MA1Mixed Amateur 1
$20.00FA1Women's Amateur 1
$20.00MA2Mixed Amateur 2
$20.00FA2Women's Amateur 2
$20.00MA3Mixed Amateur 3
$20.00FA3Women's Amateur 3
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