IOS #88 Forest City Frenzy

PDGA logoSaturday, October 14, 2017 at Anna Page Park in Rockford, Illinois
Pro C-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament


IOS #88 Forest City Frenzy graphic

About this tournament

Singles - 2 rounds of at least 18 to 20 holes from concrete/rubber tees. Temp holes will be played from fly pad or pavement tees. Number of holes subject to change depending on weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.

Tentative Course format:

Pool A: TBD
Pool B: TBD

7:30-8:30 AM, Players Meeting: 8:45 AM, Tee Time shortly thereafter. There will be a 1 hour break for lunch. If you do not check in by the appointed time, there is a possibility that your spot will be given up to another player!


Prices below are for pre-registration only.
Add $5 if registering morning of event.

All Divisions Play the Same Day (10/14/17)
MPO Open Men - $50.00
MPM Masters - $50.00
MPG Grandmasters - $50.00
FPO Open Women - $50.00
MA1 Advanced - $35.00
MM1 Adv Masters - $35.00
MG1 Adv Grandmasters - $35.00
MS1 Adv Sr Grandmasters - $35.00
FA1 Advanced Women - $35.00
MA2 Intermediate - $35.00
FA2 Intermediate Women - $35.00
MA3 Recreational - $35.00
FA3 Recreational Women - $35.00
MA4 Novice - $35.00
MJ1 Junior - $23.00 (trophy only)

1/2 In For Pros - $25
Trophy Only for Am's - $23

Refund policy

The Illinois Open Series follows the refund policies and procedures as outlined in the 2017 PDGA Competition Manual.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Thomas Earhart513889
2Josh Graham6139100
2Juan Lopez5941100
1Barry Maxwell6143104
2Randy Moore Sr6147108
3Thomas Barnum6843111
1Dan Schlitter523890
2Joshua Van Horn564197
2Ryan Stilson603797
4Tyler Kobylarz613798
5Rich French6141102
6Adrian Negrete6340103
6Bronson Mintun6340103
8Jordan Giedd6347110
Advanced Grandmaster
1Roger Tranowski6239101
2Peter Etscheid6442106
3Carl Spray6445109
3Tom McManus6544109
5David Barber6743110
5Ken Sherlock6842110
7Michael Stefanic63-63
Advanced Senior Grandmaster
1John Cleaveland7249121
2Robert Pitlock7150121
3William Graves7355128
1Michael Pereslucha524294
2Pheonix Cheatham583896
3R.J. Billings524597
4Brad Miller554398
4Michael Rubinas544498
6Justin Taylor5849107
7Billy Rodgers5850108
1Lucas Grod523789
2Jon Carlson533992
3Trevor Aaby524496
4Timothy Bruchman564197
5Matt Oldenburg574198
5Tim Jones584098
7Brad Cook5842100
7Michael Phillips6040100
9Christian Trejo5645101
9Travon Brown5744101
11Steven Beard6240102
12Alex Jones6243105
12Derrick Zimmerman6144105
12Thomas Kuzniar5946105
15Alex Seminary6145106
15Daniel Golden6244106
15Justin Deresinski6442106
15Michael Niklinski6640106
15Skylar Osterberg6244106
20Andy Paulausky6443107
20Ian Yelton6641107
20Steve Brown6146107
23Dakota Holz6147108
23Dave Lancaste6345108
23Paul Buss6246108
23Seth Maxwell6147108
27Gene Glenn Jr6841109
28Brendan Corcoran6149110
29Jason Turtle Hibben6645111
30Derek Lovell6646112
31Brandon Dluzen64888952
32Collin Estes65888953
33Shawn McCarthy62-62
1Raymond Noska5551106
2Jay Meier5948107
3Michael McCormick5751108
3Tyler Feldheim5949108
5Fred Schwartz6149110
5Ron Huebner6149110
5Stanley Filczer6149110
8Michael Brugger6349112
9Cody Hooper6152113
9Eric Phelps6647113
11Aaron Haffey6153114
11James Miskell6153114
13Jayd Meyers6451115
14Bret Miller6156117
14Russ Morgan6255117
16John Andrist7248120
16Michael Kennedy7050120
18Drew Lawrence6655121
18Shawn Wilson6358121
20Jonathan Noska7252124
21Daniel Elmore6859127
22Mike Gingotta65888953
Advanced Women
1Emily Tucker6246108
Intermediate Women
1Kristi McCarthy67-67
Recreational Women
1Ashley Aurand7451125
2Jessica Bye7453127
3Brandy Salivar7851129
3Donna Norman7554129
5Emily Gundry8253135
6Denise Carpenter7759136
7Tracie Mullen7761138
8Khrisa Miskell8658144
Junior II - Boys
1Justin Karcz6753120
2Ryan Gingotta85888973