IOS #87 Indian Oaks Open - MPO/MA2/MA4/FPO/FA2/FA4

PDGA logoSaturday, September 9, 2017 at Indian Oaks in Marengo, Illinois
Pro C-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament


About this tournament

Singles - 2 rounds of 21-holes from concrete tees. Temp holes will be played from grass or pavement tees. Number of holes subject to change depending on weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. All divisions will play the same tees and basket locations for both rounds.

REGISTRATION/CHECK-IN (note new times!):
7:30-8:30 AM, Players Meeting: 8:45 AM, Tee Time shortly thereafter. There will be a 1 hour break for lunch. If you do not check in by the appointed time, there is a possibility that your spot will be given up to another player!


*Save $5 off the prices below when you pre-register!
Saturday Divisions (9/9/17)
MPO Open Men - $55.00
MA2 Intermediate - $40.00
MA4 Novice - $40.00

FA2 Intermediate Women - $35.00
FA4 Novice Women - $35.00

Save $5 off the prices below when you pre-register!
Sunday Divisions (9/10/17)
MPM Masters - $55.00
MPG Grandmasters - $55.00
FPO Open Women - $55.00
MA1 Advanced - $40.00
FA1 Advanced Women - $40.00
MM1 Adv Masters - $40.00
MG1 Adv Grandmasters - $40.00
MS1 Adv Sr Grandmasters - $40.00
MA3 Recreational - $40.00
FA3 Recreational Women - $40.00
MJ1 Junior - $28.00 (trophy only)
FJ1 Junior Women - $28.00 (trophy only)

1/2 In For Pros - $30
Trophy Only for Am's - $28

Refund policy

The Illinois Open Series follows the refund policies and procedures as outlined in the 2017 PDGA Competition Manual.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Thomas Earhart5954113
2Brian Earhart5856114
3Juan Lopez5964123
4Kyle Opfer5965124
5Gavin Rathbun6165126
6Danny Beauchamp6567132
7Ryan Nyc7064134
8Shawn McCarthy7873151
Open Women
1Holly Finley7170141
2Sarah Mytnik8077157
3Kristi McCarthy7981160
4Annie Oldenburg8387170
5Rachel Braband8687173
6Janet Hershey9194185
7Brandy Salivar9493187
1Luke Hanewall6663129
2Adrian Negrete6268130
2Derrick Ross6763130
2Roman Korol6664130
5Joshua Vanburen6566131
5Nathan Hess6368131
5Tony Ciasto6467131
8Ryan Edwards6667133
8Vincent Vaisnor6667133
10Michael Rubinas6371134
11Brandon Zerfowski6471135
11David Herrera6570135
11Rudy Villarreal6669135
14Josh De Lucio7165136
15Justin Barnes6968137
16Timothy Stern6969138
17Jaime Martinez7168139
17Joe Klenck7069139
19Dan McMillin6575140
19Matt Ryan6773140
19Uncle Steve Polnow6872140
22Aaron Foster7071141
22Chris Kijak7170141
24Jason Turtle Hibben6973142
24John McGowan6973142
26Dan Klenck7469143
27Daniel Harrington7272144
28Michael Niklinski7573148
29Pheonix Cheatham7970149
30Kevin Fanning7377150
31Jordan Zacek7679155
32Benjamin Garrett7880158
1Garret Hobbs6372135
2Derek Lovell6577142
2Steven Gouletas6676142
4Jeremiah Zimmerman7470144
4Jonathan Ludemann7173144
6Andy Paulausky6779146
6Dominic Fioretti7274146
8Logan Bruner7573148
9Chad Zurek7475149
9Corey Copen7277149
9Scott Gauger7376149
12Patrick Larson7773150
13Matt Casey7280152
13Ron Huebner7577152
15Michael Brugger7281153
15Michael McCormick7578153
17Jerry Ayala7877155
18Aaron Haffey8175156
18Raymond Noska7977156
20Bill DiPuma7780157
20Brian Coons7780157
22Michael "T" Therkildsen7682158
23David Fairhurst8080160
23Fred Schwartz7882160
23Russ Morgan7684160
26Stanley Filczer8576161
27John Andrist8181162
28Mike Serdar8381164
29Orville Bryant II8580165
30Jonathan Noska7987166
30Jordan Taylor8185166
32Shawn Wilson8681167
33Mike Krupicka8587172
34Sam Keopraseuth8491175
35Michael Cottle8493177
36Justin Karcz9490184
Novice Women
1Meghan Cwiok9394187