IOS #124 Forest City Frenzy presented by Discraft

PDGA logoSat-Sun, June 1-2, 2024 at Anna Page Park in Rockford, Illinois
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

IOS #124 Forest City Frenzy presented by Discraft graphic
Added cash $3,000


Tournament DirectorMike Krupicka
Asst Tournament DirectorTom McManus
Merchandise DirectorDanny Strine

About this tournament

The IOS #124 Forest City Frenzy is June 1 & 2, 2024. This A-tier event will be held at Anna Page Park and Ingersoll Memorial in Rockford, Illinois.

This event is brought to you by Discraft, the world leader in disc sports, as the title sponsor for this event. Discraft has long supported the Illinois Open Series tournaments. The Rockford Convention and Visitors Bureau is a major sponsor and has provided significant backing for this event. With with additional support from the Rockford Park District, the Rockford Disc Golf Club and Shop Ledgestone, we are excited to once again run an A-tier in Rockford.Other sponsorship opportunities are available; please contact us for more information.

Pros will be paid out 40% with $3000 Added Cash.

Amateur player pack:
- 2 Tournament stamped discs
- $25 voucher for merchandise from Shop Ledgestone's huge onsite store.
- Discraft branded Tomahawk Sunglasses
- Grip6 Belt
- Car sunshade
- Water bottle
- Divisional CTPs included
Players who checkin on Friday will be able to hand pick their tournament stamped discs.

This event is offering 1 MPO and 1 FPO spot. The top finishers who are not already registered for Ledgestone will get a guaranteed spot to register in the event (you will still need to pay the entry fee). If this person cannot compete, or does not want the spot, the qualifying spot will go to the next highest finisher

Registration for sponsors opens on January 31 at 7:00pm
Registration for all other players opens February 21 at 7:00 pm.

The current course plan (subject to change). All divisions play 2 rounds on Saturday and 2 rounds on Sunday.
Pool A: MPO, MP40, MP50, MP60: East, West, and South
Pool B: MA1, MA2: East, West, South, and Ingersoll
Pool C: MA3, MA40, MA50: East, West, South, and Ingersoll
Pool D: MA4, FPO, Am Women, MA60, MA70: East, West, and Ingersoll

Refund policy

Illinois Open Series is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
We follow the PDGA refund guidelines. See section 1.03 of the PDGA competition manual. Note sponsorships and the nominal $5 waitlist fee are non-refundable. There is a $10 handling fee on all refund requests.

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Austen Bates53574852210$1,250
2Nick Gill55585154218$830
3CJ King58555155219$598
3Ian Burchett52535658219$598
5Coltin Ferguson58575354222$415
5Mike Conlee55575654222$415
5Nick Robinson56605353222$415
5Thomas Earhart57565455222$415
9Dalton James Hastings51595657223$340
10Dylan Lhotak54585557224$308
10Jon Borzick55585259224$308
12Chase Neuweg56575656225$285
13Yehuda Shenvald55555957226$270
14Christian Olsen52635755227$260
15Justin Hurajt56625555228$245
15Ryan Kramlik58595556228$245
17Ryan Stilson53595859229$230
18Alexander Anderson58595855230$225
19Izak Mcdonald57585957231$213
19Jesse Peterson61585557231$213
21Sam Moyer58605756231
22Ben Peliotes59545960232$204
23Adrian Chevalier60595856233
23Zack Finwall57596057233
25Trevor Aaby60625657235
26Evan Bestor61655654236
27Colby Robbins57635861239
27Daniel Beck60606059239
27Kyle Roley60635858239
27Stephen McCracken61665557239
31Adam Latella59635761240
32Nick Fairley58576165241
33Jacob Roley58675761243
33Michael Clark59646060243
35Andrew Lohse59685859244
36Andrew Wilks64625663245
36Ian Berkshire60666158245
36Justin Karcz66655856245
39Ron Turner63616262248
40Evan Hart62666160249
41Jordan Bustos62705862252
41Patrick Mertz60656364252
43Kyle Darge66665864254
44Daniel McCachern63656863259
45Jacob McGee63706463260
46Abram Spires68716264265
47Ethan Fowler64676770268
48Mitchell Crowley657563-203
49Ezra Laemmle6665--131
49Justin Cutter6368--131
51Jeremiah Dwyer64888--952
52Javy Rodriguez65---65
1Adam Halford59625857236$382
2Fred Vroman60616068249$255
3Zac Zac61626467254
4Patrick OBrien67747070281
1Joseph Tomecek56675867248$319
2William Zgrabik62765565258
1Charles Richard56695565245$288
2Barry Maxwell61724771251$190
3Chris Bianchi61735565254
1Addison Woodard50564955210
2Ceci Vollbrecht51554956211$507
2Darcy Barlow53495356211$507
4Kacie Glade54545254214$315
5Lexi Marx54565059219$265
6Taija Lehtinen55615257225
7Jackie Grammer55595458226
7Tracy Knippel54565660226
9Erin Havok56595861234
10Rebecca Weis64718074289
1Frank Dore61505855224$121
2Zach Seymour62535455224$87
3Aiden Gajewski62525556225$72
4Josh Garcia63535657229$61
4Ryan Stoneback59506258229$61
6Ian McNamara65545757233$52
7Nick Foley63565758234$48
8Brant Kling62576255236$45
9Jacob Jouris62566059237$43
10Gordie Roscher65556059239$40
11Jack Rudzinski68525764241$38
11Kevin Lemens63576061241$38
13Noah Doedens61586261242$36
14Kendel Chopp68565861243$34
15Ben Sabourin63616357244$33
15Keone Westfall64616257244$33
17Lance St. Clair66625661245$31
18Eliot Pickhardt68585862246$9
18Peter Domeracki70575762246$9
18Trevor Deppe68536263246$9
21Ben Willis67566460247
21Trevor Scott68596060247
23Alex Kuhl63576167248
23Tyler Fitzl67566263248
25Blaine Parson60536869250
25Charlie Quigley66586660250
25Christian Adams69626158250
28Andrew Paulausky66596462251
29Ben Matlock67616262252
30Brenndon Smith65626169257
31Jacob Cain71646459258
32Kyle Speck66676467264
33Tom Samborski75576769268
34Sam Surufka67626972270
35Austin Esterly74717163279
36Brett Sprecher71---71
1Chris Burkhart50526150213$92
2Matt Larson48536349213$67
3Matt Anderson52576149219$55
4Keith Longino57556447223$48
5Marcus Mann49566356224$43
6Donald Knuckey50517054225$40
7Hang Lor52576652227$37
8Bruce Witzenburg56546653229$35
9Buck Walden51626753233$33
10Paki Uili50607252234
11Anthony Spartz56646352235
12Brad Hiemstra54627155242
12Eli Tiffin52607456242
14Dan The Man Czeslawski55607058243
15TR George55627654247
16John Woodard63667357259
17Kenneth Braswell57677957260
18Tj Wincapaw57888--945
1Danny Whittaker52546053219$62
2John Molenda56586552231$44
3Ad Rock Desamero53546956232$37
4William Borzick56636655240$32
5Darin Chansky60587152241
5Donovan Livingston55607254241
7Scott Wenström57617054242
1Roger " PhotoGuy " Tranowski52565155214$54
2Tim Cerven57575160225$39
3Gilles Ban53595856226$32
4Rich Gibbons61636070254
5Hector "Pa" Rivera-Melo67696169266
1Ron Huebner57625662237$25
1Michael Jungbluth71546158244$121
2Austin Thomas69586256245$80
2Caleb Franklin64596062245$80
4Kyle Kirkegaard67595962247$63
5Antonio Diazdeleon69566162248$56
6Jackson Woodard68566362249$50
6Sam Walden66606360249$50
8Alex Janke63596266250$43
8Billy Kelley64596067250$43
8Jeremy That Cheatin' Lefty Wagie66596461250$43
11Ben Martin67576265251$38
11Korey Quade71606060251$38
13Nate Panek68606364255$35
13Shawn Pitts63636465255$35
15Clinton Copple63626764256$33
15Michael Massengill69606463256$33
17Hector Rivera-Melo62586572257$31
18Fidel Montoya-Servin70616067258$16
18Nate Gibbons68616366258$16
20Jared Dillon71626165259
20Logan Eckes69586468259
22Jesse Cowman73596664262
22Trenton Babcock69606172262
24Chaz McGee64666865263
24Christopher Olsen64626671263
26Jeff Krueger72616566264
27Travis Stclair77586566266
28Matthew White74656564268
29Armando S Vera70646669269
30Matt Wybraniec70637271276
31Cody Thostenson80666665277
32George Andrae73637171278
33Todd Scorza79626870279
34Francisco Esquivel76677477294
35Thomas Hackler94876568314
36Bryce Tucker78---78
1Kelson Woodard50546350217$132
2Jake Harper56536550224$94
3James Geiger56556648225$73
3Kevin Arriaga53566551225$73
5Vincent Pastore58556449226$61
6Alex Strecker48596951227$52
6Gage Gronau49556756227$52
6Paul Buss54606350227$52
9Paul Defontaine52546755228$46
10Brandon Rivera-Melo52557448229$44
11Eric Decker53567051230$41
11Joe Gibbons53586653230$41
13Rob Gross55606254231$39
14Dalton Pendergrass55576654232$36
14Michael Castiglione49596559232$36
14Sergio Ramirez53607049232$36
14Steve Pinner58606252232$36
18Drake Smith55606553233$33
19Hunter Kapp56606553234$32
19Victor Gonzalez53576559234$32
21Andrew Krieger52616953235$29
21Nicholas Hobson57636451235$29
23Chris Galindo51626855236
23Travon Brown53616359236
25Joe Gittleson56616852237
25Matt Schmidt55547157237
27Austin Montgomery55587154238
28Matthew Haynie55686751241
29Chase Fisher56646854242
30Ryan Nichols53597853243
31Cody Robertson56577655244
32Russell Grammer56646858246
33Jesse Patoka62617058251
34Corbin Martin53657460252
35Jay Minty Noska59677751254
35John Reese54677558254
37Alec Denecke62646962257
38Matthew Stachura62627361258
39Thomas Szwankowski61688255266
40Sean Friel58678062267
41Devin Colbert6169888-1018
42Tyler Kuborn6161--122
43Nathan Knutsen6163--124
44Joshua Perkins5474--128
1Joseph Maffey49555062216$105
2Erik Zetterlund55535258218$68
2James Baxter54545258218$68
4Ryan Decker52575655220$53
5Kayden Decker56574959221$48
6Steven Currier55565459224$44
7John Horton57565459226$41
8Jacob Schroeder58555363229$38
9Richie Fowler57595560231$36
10Ivan Barragan57635062232$34
10Landon Mendez60635257232$34
12Allen Shores60575462233$16
12Chad Bergeron61595360233$16
14Edward Solger59595561234
15Michael Fitzgerald57625660235
15Zachary DeSalvo60595660235
17Cory Davie59585862237
18Carlos Vera58605367238
19Tim Smith64605660240
20William Rundle62636168254
21Miguel Peña65686064257
22Dan Jensen66716071268
23Craig Wojak5964888-1011
24Arthur LeDoux6863--131
1Sara Deppe55565256219$62
2Madison Borzick55575863233$44
3Mara Neal56575863234$37
4Katy Gimma58586063239$32
5Dani Broege62605762241
6Bobbi Kilian Hovey57656065247
6Dani Rohrer64635961247
1Shelley Carden59625966246$56
2Anne Actis61665968254$44
3Brandy Salivar67726570274
4Alyssa Livingston76767583310
1Nicole Franklin59615562237$58
2Anna Wilbourn59595665239$42
3Lisa Heggen58655466243
4Murielle Grover58696166254
1Valerie Wilbourn58686169256$44
2Laverne Shaw66746068268$16
3Amy Heilman63716675275$16
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