IDGC Amateur Championships Sponsored by Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, August 14-15, 2021 at International Disc Golf Center in Appling, Georgia
Amateur B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

IDGC Amateur Championships Sponsored by Dynamic Discs graphic

About this tournament

The International Disc Golf Center is happy to bring you the 2021 IDGC Amateur Championships! The event is a 2 day 3 round B-tier. This Amateur event will provide players with an opportunity to compete on three of the best courses in the southeast.

This will be a true amateur event.
All division winners will receive a custom wrapped Dynamic Discs Patriot Basket.

General registration goes live on June 15th at 8pm EST

Pool Information

The event will be capped at 144 players split into A Pool and B Pool.

A Pool will consist of MA1, FA1, and MA40.

B Pool will be MA2, MA3, FA2, FA3, MA50, and FA50.

Each pool will be capped at 72 players and division caps will be in place until July 15th.

After July 15th remaining spots within each pool will be filled by waitlisted players. Pools will not increase beyond 72 spots.

Course Assignments

These are subject to change, but will only change if a course is deemed unplayable due to flooding or storm damage. Basket Layouts for Steady Ed and Jim Warner will be announced August 1st and are also subject to change due to course damage or unsafe conditions after that date.

Course Layouts
Steady Ed Headrick Memorial: Fifty-fifty layout

Jim Warner Memorial: OG Layout

A Pool:
Day 1 am: Shotgun Start on Steady Ed Long Tees
Day 1 pm: Shotgun Start on Jim Warner Long Tees
Day 2: Tee Times on WR Jackson Short Tees

B Pool:
Day 1 am: Shotgun Start on Jim Warner Short Tees
Day 1 pm: Shotgun Start on Steady Ed Short Tees
Day 2: Tee Times on Steady Ed Long Tees

Players Packs

$158 MSRP
DD Paratrooper backpack bag
Stainless Steel Can Keeper
DD Sportsack
DD Hat
Quick-Dry Towel
Reusable Scorecard
DD Drawstring Bag

Title Sponsor - Dynamic Discs
Hydration sponsor - Attorney Marcus Barnett - The Disc Golf Lawyer

Refund policy

IDGC is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. Please follow the link below for more information.

PDGA Refund Policy
1.03 Withdrawals and Refunds

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Alex Burke615667184
2Asher Samsel615471186
3Josh Pifer615868187
4Arturo Guzman596069188
4Matthew Clark595871188
6Patrick Yoe596169189
7Clay Guthrie596368190
7Eddie Ryan606070190
9Justin Richardson616269192
10Arek Robinson596074193
10Christopher Browy576769193
12Brandon Carpenter616370194
12Riley Scheyder616370194
14Scott Kemsley606372195
14Todd Boiter626568195
16Brandon Rollins656073198
17Tommy Patterson616969199
18Dustin Lee616079200
19Lake Clark646474202
20Chad Buxton596381203
20Jonathan Smith676571203
20Matthew Beckett636377203
23Joseph Stapf616380204
24Cole White706571206
25Bruce Moschetti II676872207
25Jacob Huffman716373207
27Nate Hensley646482210
27Noel Leseueur676380210
29Dylan Arnold656086211
29Jacob Shepherd656680211
29Josh Dean706576211
29Sascha Vogel666778211
33Brent Palmer706479213
33Felix Vega736674213
33Ryan Trotter696381213
36Jesus Cisneros696877214
36Peter Bray Mercil716380214
38Joji Castillo677079216
39Mike Thomas677081218
40Harrison Nickels736384220
41Julian Thompson717083224
42Matthew Buxton746685225
43Harrison Huynh737281226
44Devon Talend736888229
45Devin Humphries688083231
46Collin Pike6366-129
47Logan Swann88888-976
48Martin Kniffin64--64
49Charlie Bostwick---0
49Heath Rankin---0
1Brian Yoe605978197
2Conrad Norwood686379210
3Mel Dickerson626981212
4Matthew Williams686482214
5John Baker747174219
6Weston Shirley676885220
7Jose Martin717281224
8Omar Nadi747482230
9Jason Robertson65888-953
10Phil McDonald---0
1Scotty Coxville585659173
2Kurt Spivey616062183
3Brian Spencer626263187
3Matt Flynn625966187
5Jim Newell675964190
6Jason Smith625772191
7Robert Hadley706663199
8Darryl Vilano---0
1Steven Zhang565367176
2Dalton Mundy615660177
3Solon Spencer635561179
4Adam King615267180
4Steven May605466180
6Enrique Tomas635761181
6Mason McKay635959181
8Joshua Bartlett615764182
8Justin Farrow605765182
10Michael Benson635667186
11Carlin Grant606265187
11Hunter Connell575773187
11Kevin Gilreath606067187
14Hunter Sonnenberg625967188
15Matthew Brobst595971189
16Allen Hall665767190
16Peter Crivello616267190
18Bo Carlson636169193
19Andrew Reich665872196
19Brett Blair696364196
21Charles Cline716070201
22Bubba Poole745475203
23Jace Harris715777205
24Eddie Brown646579208
25Austin Wehunt6659131256
1James Holton616159181
2Cody Justice655664185
3Hal Mundy645567186
3Mitchell Rash606264186
5Gabriel Kleschick635767187
6John McGreevey655965189
6Zachary Humphries625968189
8Judson Martin675667190
9Morgan Padgett626168191
10Blake Raymond666165192
10Quillan Ogle626070192
10Tony Brackett646266192
13Alexander Lopez686066194
13Noble Jennette646268194
13Seth Copenhaver646169194
13Tom Tabor706163194
17Anthony Spencer646368195
18Jarrad Self686168197
19Jacob Brown686369200
19Spencer Carter656174200
21Douglas Atkins696373205
22Jeff Samsel696474207
23Michael Rooney756469208
24Corey French697071210
24Gilbert Young725979210
24Greg Frazier736374210
24Nicholas Estabrook746670210
28Parkes Giunta746579218
29Kaleb Knight776880225
30Danin Fluke816484229
31Griffin Self777182230
32Brandon Trotter817181233
33Jesse Burt757392240
34Blake Muncy68--68
1Brooke Luokkala767187234
2Tara Richardson777893248
3Elizabeth Cipar838094257
4Alexis Lee928091263
5Halie Patterson8382101266
6Haely Arnold---0
1Stephanie Murray827580237
2Katie Thompson857186242
3Julie Coxville798097256
4Brittany Rankin---0
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