Hub City Summer League- Week 4; Tyger River

Monday, June 27, 2022 at Tyger River in Duncan, South Carolina
Disc golf singles tournament

Hub City Summer League- Week 4; Tyger River graphic

About this tournament

Summer Points League is back!
June 6th thru July 25th
Off week July 4th

This year we will go back to our traditional shotgun start on Monday night!

So all tags will be in play week by week!

Check in will start each week at 5:20
Players meeting at 5:45
Tee off at 6pm

All Sign ups will be done through Disc Golf Scenes. No cash will be allowed.

Registration will open the next day after every week. So Tuesday at 8pm registration will open for the next week!

Each week will be limited to the first 72 players due to a shotgun start weekly!

Weekly payouts will be by divisions and we will have a end of the league payout!

Pros: $12 to play each week
Ams: $7 to play each week

$2 going to PDGA and Club
$1 to end of league payout
Rest to Weekly payout

Optional each week:
$1 Ace
$1 Birdie Pool (will run all league)
$1 Cash CTP

I will be set up in the parking lot across from 10/18

Layout for Tyger will be:
Hole 1: Main
Hole 2: Main
Hole 3: Long
Hole 4: Short
Hole 5: Main
Hole 6: Short to Red (Par 4)
Hole 7: Main
Hole 8: Short
Hole 9: Main
Hole 10: Long
Hole 11: Short to Red
Hole 12: Main
Hole 13: Short
Hole 14: Main
Hole 15: Short (Par 4)
Hole 16: Long to Yellow
Hole 17: Short
Hole 18: Main (Par 5)

OBs will be as Follows:
All Paved Surfaces and Beyond
Tree Line on 10 and 11
Fairway Divider to the left and beyond on 10 and 18
Tall Grass on Holes 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 and 18
Marked 2nd Island on hole 17

Paths to Yellow basket on 11 are OB.
Path to the Red basket on 16 is OB.

Path in-between Islands on 17 are OB.

Divisions we will have:

To qualify for the season finale which will be a 1 round C tier at Holston you must play at least 3 weeks throughout the League!

Refund policy

Hub City Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


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