Howard’s Ript Revenge

Sunday, May 16, 2021 at Cold Hollow Disc Golf in Enosburg, VT, Vermont
Disc golf singles tournament

Howard’s Ript Revenge graphic

About this tournament

You will play 1 round of 18 holes at Cold Hollow DGC.

The Howard Ript House Rule:
If you see Howard out on the course at any point in time during your round, the group will swap card hands to the person to their left and those will be your cards for the rest of the round. This is a one time switch. If Howard follows your grouping no need to keep switching cards. Just one time. His rule, not mine.

On Hole 2 there is a pond that everyone will throw over. Just for this hole NO CARD will be played on anyone until everyone has tee’d off. Cards can be played after but not before/during the tee shot. We don’t need people getting a throw mini marker card off the tee and go in the pond or something along those lines. Play it safe and equal for everyone.
(Pond will play as OB for this event)

We have 10 unopened sets of Ript Revenge cards with up to 40 players who can register for the event. That would be 4 person groupings. There will be no less than 4 per grouping no matter the amount of people for even distribution of cards throughout the game.

This is all for fun and to have a good time while throwing/playing a card game. We take pride in hosting fun events for our fellow disc golfers here in Vermont and beyond so no attitudes, cheating, drama, getting angry or anything like that will not be tolerated. This will cause for elimination for the event and could hurt chances of you playing in one of our next events.

Registration opens up 12AM April 15th 2020.

Trophies will be announced in late April and some
Details to come as well.

Thank you all - Team On The Fly Disc Golf

Refund policy

Ian Rooney/Team On The Fly Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.