HopeCity Par 2

Saturday, July 8, 2023 at HopeCity DGC in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament


How It Works
PAR2 is a casual, unsanctioned tournament with nine to eighteen holes 180 feet and under. The goal is to run at aces, card 2’s, and have fun. Whoever scores the lowest round wins. Players must use the provided discs in their players pack for all throws. It is a great way to promote the sport of disc golf, involve all skill levels, and have a great time!

1 round of 18 holes.

Course Layout:
Holes are 180' and under. All holes are Par 2.

Entry Fees:
Entry fees are standardized at $30 USD. Entry fees include one full round of play, and the included Player's Package.

Player Package:
The PAR2 Player's Pack consists of:
(x1) A3 300 GLOW
(x1) P Model US or P Model S (based on availability) - Custom PAR2 stamp
(x1) M Model S - Custom PAR2 stamp
BP4 - Backpack Bag

Player's are required to use the discs included in the Player's Package, and only these discs.

Prize Package:
The prizes winners of each of the divisions.

*This is a possibility depending on registration and scheduling
PAR2 Replay
TD's are encouraged to offer Replays. A replay is a second, third...round that is $5.00.

Refund policy

Thomas Canfield is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


HopeCity DGC
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