Hoosier Scorcher

PDGA logoSunday, August 9, 2020 at Brown County Country Club in Nashville, Indiana
Pro C-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

Electronic Player meeting Emailed out August 7th 9:15 pm. If you didn't get it, here it is.

Hello and thank you for joining us for the Hoosier Scorcher at BC3! First, join with me in thanking the Shively family for allowing us to play at this amazing property. You’re going to find a beautiful and well maintained course that was built with love of our sport, and community in mind.

Because of this and a million other reasons, please use the trash cans and help us keep this place looking amazing!

Hand Washing

We have a hand washing station. Do not enter the canopy without washing your hands. This is Mandatory. We require clean hands to handle discs for your safety and ours.

Player Packs
Ams, your towel will be available at Tournament central. You will NOT need to check in. You will need to be at your hole at 9:50 and ready for an approximate 10am Tee Off.


Bring… water. You’ll need a lot of water. This course is demanding and requires some serious energy. We will have some water at Tourney Central. We require clean hands to reach into the cooler. You can find the hand cleaning station by the cooler. We will not have water on the course. You will need to plan for this.

Snacks are also a great idea. It’s a long course. 24 holes will wear on you. It’s an endurance run on some of the prettiest hills in the state in my opinion.

Missing Player Protocol
If one of your card mates doesn’t show up and you only have two players, split up and move one forward, and one backward. It’s unlikely but that’s protocol for this event. If you have 3 players, tee off when it’s time. If a player doesn’t show up it’s par plus 4 until they arrive. If they don’t, no problem. I’ll fix that on my end.

Weather Protocol
In the event of storms (fingers crossed also unlikely) we will sound a horn 3 times and have you mark your disc and seek shelter.

If you see lightning but don’t hear the delay STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING, seek shelter and wait for the signal for play to resume. Feel free to contact me at any point with the information below. Safety is always top priority.

Hand Washing

It’s posted twice? I know. It’s that important.

We have a hand washing station. Do not enter the canopy without washing your hands. This is Mandatory. We require clean hands to handle discs for your safety and ours.

AED Protocol
Speaking of. While we don’t anticipate any problems, we are prepared. We now have 2 AED’s thanks to the contribution of many. There will be an AED at Tournament central on the check out station in the black enclosed trailer.

In the event of an emergency the person doing CPR guides the rest. You do not need permission to grab the AED. In an emergency grab it and run.

BC3 Caddy Guide is also attached to this Email.

Hole 6 Ace Bounty!

I hit an ace on hole 6 a few years ago and I believe it still stands as the only ace on hole 6. I feel lonely. Join me and win $200.00 extra on the pool. If two players hit 6, it’s split and so on. If no one hits 6, the ace bounty carries over to our next BC3 event.

If no aces are hit, we will throw off for the ace fund prior to payouts. We will need everyone back to start this.


I’m pretty fast with payouts. If I’m not done when you get back, please hold questions until I’ve finished writing payouts. Your question is important to me, but a smooth event requires smooth payouts. Please help me by allowing me to work quickly.

Live Scoring

One player on your card will need to keep score on the PDGA live scoring app. It can be found at www.pdga.com/score

Our access password is


We will not be utilizing paper score cards. I will have some at Tourney central you may use to have a back up. We will not take them back. PDGA app only. You’ll need to log in at the club house. You may lose signal and that’s ok. The app will continue to function and update when you’re back in range.

You must confirm your score before leaving. Failure to do so causes a delay for everyone.

Hole Assignment

Can be found at the following link:

This may change. Check the link at 9:30 am for any revisions. You must be logged in for it to update.


All Open divisions, Ma1, Ma2 and Fa1 are playing Odds long, even short.

Everyone else is playing red pads.

2 rounds, 24 holes. Round 2 starts an hour after the last card is in. I will post updates at the following link that will show your round two times when I have them. You must be logged in for it to update.


Lastly, I heard something I love from one of my favorite TD’s in the US. Mike Solt.

Mike put it beautifully at GBO.

If you have a good round, come tell me about it. I love hearing about disc golf. If you have a bad round, shake it off. Come tell me about it. But, be good to your card mates. Many of us traveled a long way to enjoy our day and paid good money to play. Don’t be the person that spoils that for someone else.

The difference between a good event and a great event isn’t the staff. It’s not the course. It’s you, the player. Lets make this a great event. I look forward to seeing you all Sunday!

$5.00 of your entry goes to the Brown County Country Club to help maintain this amazing property.
$2.00 of your entry goes to the pdga.
$5.00 of your entry goes to your custom towel valued at 12.00. Neat right?
the rest goes to prize pool payout.

This sanctioned C/B tier will play 24 holes for 2 rounds. You WILL get hot. This is peak season for warm weather here in Indiana. Plan on bringing water. We will have some at tourney central but due to covid 19 restrictions we will not have any on the rest of the course. Please plan ahead.

All Open divisions and FA1, MA1 and MA2 will play Odds Long, evens short.

All other divisions will play red pads.

Refund policy

Chubb Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.